Thursday, February 16, 2012

KPFK Hate Speech II: Ian Masters "Dog Whistles," Anti Semitism and Hates Republicans:

If you want to talk Hate Speech, listen to KPFK: They have Morning shows which Hate Israel; Uprising Radio which Hates Jews and non-Liberals (and non-Liberals without an Ivy education) and Alan Minsky is riding this tiger. 

But in the late afternoon, between 5 and 6 PM, they have hired someone who "Dog Whistles," his Hatred for Jews and Israel (and non-progressives).  Like Fareed Zakaria, Andrew Sullivan and Sonali Kolhatkher, their Hatred of Jews is considered fine since they hate Bush and Palin.  Add to this this list, Ian Masters.  He is also an ex-pat. 

Meet Ian Masters:

On his show (like every show on KPFK), he only speaks to people whose views matches his own.  But he thrives on going after Netanyahu, AIPAC and Majority Leader Cantor.  

Hence, the Dog Whistles.  Masters and the KPFK staff don't explicitly say "They hate Jews," but it can be inferred by their (especially Masters and Kolhatkher) targets.    

Why is Hannity and Fox doing better then KPFK and Masters?

Simple, they understand in a two party system to have people from both sides debate the issue.  Masters would never allow on any Republican from RPLAC or the Los Angeles based Tea Party -- it might break his stereotypes in his head. 

Los Angeles has the second biggest population of Jews in the United States -- but that doesn't mean that Alan Minsky supports the ONLY Jewish state in existence.  He allows Masters to use his Dog Whistles against the Jewish State and their supporters. 

Liberals used to be about Free Speech (Masters wants to shut down FOX) and the party of failed haberdashers and teaching school graduates.  

Masters would look down upon both men and he would throw a fit of how Truman and the UN recognized Israel's right to exist.  And since Masters already hates Republicans, he would have hated Kissinger and Nixon's support of Golda Meir in 1973.  

Three people that Ian masters Hates: PM Meir (L), President Nixon (M), Henry Kissinger

My question: Why is Alan Minsky comfortable with the many Jew haters on KPFK? 

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