Sunday, February 05, 2012

Romney Played Blackjack and Gingrich played Craps in the Nevada 2012 Caucuses

Elvis Presley, Little Less Conversation (remix)

Nevada is state known for its high religiosity (by the Mormons) and high decadence (vis Las Vegas).  Considering Nevada occured aftwer Bloody Florida, here is what happened:

Orange = Romney/ Yellow = Paul/ Purple = Gingrich 

Romney played here before in 2008, and won.

Romney = Blue/ Paul = Red

Look at the history and present of Nevada:


And here is the population today:

Romney can play in Utah, ID and NV

 Speaker Gingrich did not play in the Caucses in Nevada before, so he did what any first time player does.  He played craps.

Look at the States with High Mormon Population -- that is where Romney will do well.  However, I'm holding my dice for Super Tuesday. 

Stay tuned. 

(Also, if Vicktor and Bettie from Vegas have any tales of the Caucuses, I will promote them here.  Again, stay tuned)

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