Friday, February 17, 2012

Please help Some Friends of Friends

Even in a large city like Los Angeles, some scenes are like small towns.

When the news of a Hollywood shooting and arson came across the transom, it affected a lot of people within the LA Goth scene (including some friends who I know)

Here is the news story:
A shooting and fire Thursday afternoon at a house in East Hollywood left two people dead, including the gunman, and three others seriously wounded.
Authorities said the incident was the result of domestic violence. The wounded, two women and a man, all in their 30s, were each shot in the upper torso. They were hospitalized in serious condition, but officials said all three are expected to survive. All were conscious and able to talk, police said.


Two people I know in the Goth scene (friends of mine) know some of the people in the house.

So, I am asking Goths and non-goths alike to please support this charity:

Thank you.

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