Thursday, February 23, 2012

The 30th CD Debate at Temple Judea (Election 2012)

Sorry for the delay, but now I'm back!

You can see throughout the video where Berman directs Lowenfeld of the JJLA.

Now, watch and enjoy:

Berman/Sherman v. Reed (Missing Susan Shelley)

Here are some things I noted at the debate:

1) Lowenfeld was directed by Berman. He helped the candidate with questions and allowed Berman to ramble on without checking him.

2) Sherman was the idealist of the bunch; But he seems to be able work across party lines.

3) Both Sherman and Berman are SOPA sponsors.  Berman has no clue how the Internet and Blogosphere work. Susan Shelley can run against that (so should RPLAC)

4) The only way to handle Iran from Sherman/Berman is sanctions, sanctions, sanctions.  How's that work in Iraq?

5) Sherman is willing to go against Obama, Berman is the Establishmenterian (backed by the JJLA). Reed declares "independence," from GOP. Think on that.

6) Berman is boring.  He knows nothing of the Technological future, the damage Obama is doing with Israel and the Valley.  Sherman at least tries.  He understands economics.

7)  Sherman is following the MA Senate race with regards to super PACS -- Berman (with help from Lowenfeld) comes up with excuses, excuses, excuses.  No one called him out on it.

8) If Berman can work across party lines, why can't he get the Federal Highway Bill out of Committee? He can't.  

9) When it comes to Medicinal Pot, Berman was lost.  Sherman understood and Reed also supported.

10) I cannot emphasize this enough, the JJLA questioner, Lowenfeld was in Berman's pocket.  Just watch the video.

11)  Sherman will fight against Obama for Israel; So would Reed and especially Shelley. NOT BERMAN -- HE WILL NOT OPPOSE PRESIDENT OBAMA ON ANYTHING.

12) Berman was old! Shelley (and even Reed) were young.  So was Sherman.  The younger generation understands how the modern world works. I pity the JJLA for backing a dinosaur.

12 Notes for 12 Tribes. 

My question: When will Lowenfeld go fight the anti-semitism of KPFK?

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