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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Three Debates

First, watch the Hitchens vs. Galloway debate (both parts). Next, read this transcript between Hugh Hewitt and Andrew Sullivan. Finally, I had a debate this week with a friend from work. There is a parallel in styles between Sullivan, Galloway and my friend. I will explain these differences to Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Hewitt here:

Andrew --

Why do I compare you to the anti-Semitic Galloway? Because, like him, you define anyone who disagrees with you as a heretic (Heretic = Christianist). During yesterdays conversation between Mr.Hewitt and yourself, you were offended by his conservatism and religion. By insulting him, how do you gain supporters of your view?

You act like Galloway by striking on the torture issue and promoting over the din of the conversation. The issue was your book, The Conservative Soul, and yet you did not want to discuss your own book.

My feeling is you are Conservative to a liberal like Arianna Huffington or to a Kossite [By the way, where is your indignation for their anti-Semitic?], but not to a Conservative. How do you explain to a Jewish Conservative that by voting Democrat he keeps the Conservatives honest? The current Democrat party wants to make Israel the new Czechoslovakia. The last time the GOP voted out someone is was Bush's father , that gave us Clinton and the coarsening of the culture. Why should any person from the GOP listen to you? You go to all the Georgetown parties being the "Conservative" everyone loves because your issue is not addressed? That, Mr. Sullivan is petty and the beginning of Fascism.

Mr Hewitt --

Mr. Sullivan did ask some questions, you could have answered. Otherwise, you were open-minded (more then Andrew), but if you answered, his issue would have been re-butted. However, it was your show, and you call the shots.

Since you have actually visited The Valley (I have sent Andrew many invitations, the sitemeter showed he never came), you get much more leniency. We are Institutionalists. The core factor of keeping society from falling apart is the institutions. In an earlier post , I mentioned how I felt about Clinton, yet I was civil and respectful. Clinton and I agreed about 30% of the time, but I still believe in the institution of the Presidency. As do you.

At times you seem Pollyannish and don't focus on winning the local battles outside of Orange County, but at least you talk ideas and strategy. You were civil. Sullivan wasen't.

In my debate earlier this week, I won by default because the other person let everyone know his points within the framework of the debate. Galloway and Sullivan could keep from insulting their opponent. Do that and you join the coarsoning of political talk. I hope to hear from both Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Hewitt regarding my take.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

How the Dems are NOT fighting the GWOT

Sorry for the delay folks, but Car problems + Computer problems = Delay of Blog posts. If you want to help, hit the Tipjar on the side. Thank you. But to continue the theme of this blog on why the D's will not win this year.....

A) Does anyone remember the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing? Did Clinton go up to New York and comfort the wounded? Did he say he will stop them for good? Once they captured the "Blind sheik", he said on the way to prison that they would attack the WTC again. Did the Clinton's listen?

B) Since war was officially declared on the United States on 9/11 (unofficially by Osama Bin Laden on August 1996), what have the Democratic Party and their allies done to support our defense (and offense)? Let's start with the recent leak of the NIE by a Rep. Harmen [D-CA] staffer? How about the New York Times and LA Times release of the SWIFT program? Blocking the Patriot Act? And some more detail on what else the Democrats have stopped.

B1) Remember the line "Politics stops at the Waters Edge?" Well, when Chavez and the Howard Dean sound exactly alike at their disdain for President Bush, something is wrong with the body politic. People vote for people who remind them of themselves. Say what you will for patriotism, it is a foundation for a majority of the middle who votes. When the GOP impeached Clinton, they lost seats. The D's forgot that lesson of the 90's.

We are at war. It wasn't chosen by President Bush, it was started by Osama. Everytime the President says we need to do something to protect ourselves from another attack, the D's counter with another reason not to support the President. If the Dems want to support National Security, support National Security. Disagree, but come up with a solution. Since neither Pelosi or Reid have come up with a plan to deal with the War on Terror, they will not win a majority in either House. In 1994, the GOP had a plan against a 40 year entrenched view.

I challenge all Democrats and otherwise to prove me wrong.
UPDATE: Three Days later and no challangers. Ergo, the GOP will win on November 7.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

2006 is not 1994

Every election, I place bets. I bet someone at work $10 that the GOP will maintain their control of both Houses of Congress. Another person I bet a dinner on the same issue. Why am I so secure? Read on....

A) "The Army of Davids"vs. the Goliath of Dem media -- The concept was introduced by Glenn Reynolds (instapundit). Even though the GOP control the Federal Government, read any newspaper, watch any broadcast network, go to a university class, or even go to the movies. What will you see? The repeating meme of "Democrats are good, Republican bad." It is the response by the Bloggers that have leveled the playing field. Look at Hugh Hewitt and Powerline's view of the MN-5 and MN-6. The news does not define the election, the individual does. And remember, the MSM is the Democrats best friend.

B) Only 10 years of Control, not 40. I am 35 years old. The New Deal was created in 1935, it is 70 years old. The Generation that supported FDR has aged. Ronald Reagan, the Maud'dib of the Republican movement, also followed the New Deal compact. New ideas are being tried. What do the democrats offer?
C) "The War on Terror" -- JFK believed in muscular democracy against the Communist threat; Do any modern Democrats believe in Wilsonian ideals? Or only Realpoliticks, thus supporting tyrants and allowing trouble to fester?And, after September 11, can we really afford to turn away from Wilson?

D) In 1994, there was a Baseball strike. Now the US is a Basketball, Football and NASCAR nation

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The List, Part Two

This is Part I. And now, Part II.....

1992: "President Bush [Pere] is out of touch."
October Surprise: Lawrence Walsh's report on Iran-Contra

1994: "We didn't expect the Republican wave."
October Surprise: No Democrat attacks, however this leads to......

1996: "GOP too extreme"
October Surprise: Clinton White House owning Republican FBI Files. Cricket sounds from MSM.

1998: "GOP has no support for Impeachment"
October Surprise: Speaker to-be Livingston forced to resign

2000: "Gore will win on peace and prosperity."
October Surprise: Bush's DUI arrest of twenty years earlier

2002: "The Democrats will win back Congress."
October Surprise: None -- too soon after 9/11

2004: "Bush [Fils] will follow his father"
October Surprise: Rathergate

2006: "There is a Democratic wave."
October Surprise: Rep. Foley scandal

Can you smell a trend? There would no need for a Media Research Center, if the press had played a more neutral role in 1992. Every GOP candidate and volunteer sees this every election cycle. Who will call the Dems and their buddies in the press bluff?

The decline of Foley and the rise of the "October Surprise"

Let me say first:

1) It's good Mark Foley(R-FL) resigned. Even if he was punk'd, what he did was wrong and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

2) Speaker Hastert should resign as well. As Speaker, he should know what is going on among his own troops. Had Foley dropped out last year, there would not be any question of his leadership abilities.

However, let me also say that this is a trend in elections. I feel like Andy Rooney, but have you ever noticed that the MSM predicts the GOP will lose and then **poof** October Surprise. Let me show you the trends and the surprise. As Brian Glover says in Alien3, "This is Rumor Control. Here are the facts." I'll start from 1992:

---See next Post----

Monday, October 02, 2006

For my regular travelers of the Valley

This is for my regular readers (Hello Zeeland, MI! Hello Ireland! Hello Austin, Houston and Dallas, TX, Hello Sunnyvale, CA!, Hello Flushing, NY (my birthplace)! and Hello to my Los Angeles readers!).

As you can see above, the picture is of a samurai committing Seppuku (ritual suicide). My apologies for not writing that much, but when the personal side gets busy (in a bad way) , I can't focus on the Valley. Things have calmed a bit, but I have a question for you, my faithful readers....

1) What do you like about the Blog?
2) What don't you like?
3) What do you want to see?

And, if you, my faithful readers, can bring just two more people in, that would be great. By my birthday (December 16), I hope to have at least 35 - 50 regular readers. Email me or call (you know who you are) or comment. I want to hear what you think.


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