Monday, October 02, 2006

For my regular travelers of the Valley

This is for my regular readers (Hello Zeeland, MI! Hello Ireland! Hello Austin, Houston and Dallas, TX, Hello Sunnyvale, CA!, Hello Flushing, NY (my birthplace)! and Hello to my Los Angeles readers!).

As you can see above, the picture is of a samurai committing Seppuku (ritual suicide). My apologies for not writing that much, but when the personal side gets busy (in a bad way) , I can't focus on the Valley. Things have calmed a bit, but I have a question for you, my faithful readers....

1) What do you like about the Blog?
2) What don't you like?
3) What do you want to see?

And, if you, my faithful readers, can bring just two more people in, that would be great. By my birthday (December 16), I hope to have at least 35 - 50 regular readers. Email me or call (you know who you are) or comment. I want to hear what you think.

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