Wednesday, October 11, 2006

2006 is not 1994

Every election, I place bets. I bet someone at work $10 that the GOP will maintain their control of both Houses of Congress. Another person I bet a dinner on the same issue. Why am I so secure? Read on....

A) "The Army of Davids"vs. the Goliath of Dem media -- The concept was introduced by Glenn Reynolds (instapundit). Even though the GOP control the Federal Government, read any newspaper, watch any broadcast network, go to a university class, or even go to the movies. What will you see? The repeating meme of "Democrats are good, Republican bad." It is the response by the Bloggers that have leveled the playing field. Look at Hugh Hewitt and Powerline's view of the MN-5 and MN-6. The news does not define the election, the individual does. And remember, the MSM is the Democrats best friend.

B) Only 10 years of Control, not 40. I am 35 years old. The New Deal was created in 1935, it is 70 years old. The Generation that supported FDR has aged. Ronald Reagan, the Maud'dib of the Republican movement, also followed the New Deal compact. New ideas are being tried. What do the democrats offer?
C) "The War on Terror" -- JFK believed in muscular democracy against the Communist threat; Do any modern Democrats believe in Wilsonian ideals? Or only Realpoliticks, thus supporting tyrants and allowing trouble to fester?And, after September 11, can we really afford to turn away from Wilson?

D) In 1994, there was a Baseball strike. Now the US is a Basketball, Football and NASCAR nation

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