Thursday, October 05, 2006

The List, Part Two

This is Part I. And now, Part II.....

1992: "President Bush [Pere] is out of touch."
October Surprise: Lawrence Walsh's report on Iran-Contra

1994: "We didn't expect the Republican wave."
October Surprise: No Democrat attacks, however this leads to......

1996: "GOP too extreme"
October Surprise: Clinton White House owning Republican FBI Files. Cricket sounds from MSM.

1998: "GOP has no support for Impeachment"
October Surprise: Speaker to-be Livingston forced to resign

2000: "Gore will win on peace and prosperity."
October Surprise: Bush's DUI arrest of twenty years earlier

2002: "The Democrats will win back Congress."
October Surprise: None -- too soon after 9/11

2004: "Bush [Fils] will follow his father"
October Surprise: Rathergate

2006: "There is a Democratic wave."
October Surprise: Rep. Foley scandal

Can you smell a trend? There would no need for a Media Research Center, if the press had played a more neutral role in 1992. Every GOP candidate and volunteer sees this every election cycle. Who will call the Dems and their buddies in the press bluff?

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