Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tribute to my Mom 2013

Today is my Mom's Birthday (as well as my ex-gf from DC, Rebecca). 

So, Happy Birthday! (to ky Mom and ef-gf Rebecca!)

Before I get to serious blogging, here are some pics of my Mom, wish her a happy Birthday too! 

(She has met the Other McCain and my mentor, Gary and still maintains her Old School Democratic stance which isn't too far from either of my friends)

Now, some pictures:

Mom, enjoying her Red Wine

Outside one her favorite restaurants, Ruth Chris

Chillin' in Malibu!

Cute Hat, with Mom

My Mom is so friendly she can visit the CRP!

Watching her son give his second spech

Living it up at the Santa Monica Pier

Birthday among the Family
Happy Birthday Mom!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Presidents Day 2013

I'm back!!!!

A little time away from the Blog to prep for the upcoming cycle (and my role in it). [Also finished doing research on North Africa and things related -- post up soon)

Today, we celebrate Presidents day and then, tomorrow, I shall write a post. 

Enjoy the videos:

See you tomorrow! 

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Congrats Baltimore Ravens for winning the Super Bowl!

Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens for winning the Super Bowl! 

Here was the play of the game for me:

And then came the Blackout, here is what I think happened.....

But, as always, Washington Redskins will be my football team:

How to fix the lack of wins for DC?


Back to Politics tomorrow.

G-dspeed Mayor Koch

"How'm I doin?" 

I grew up in a New York that was falling apart.

Before Mayor Giuliani came onto the scene, Ed Koch went after the corruption in his own Party, then helped clean up New York City.  

Long after their terms have faded away, everyone will remember Giuliani and Koch, not Bloomberg or Dinkins.  



It comes with the food and the activity in the city of my birth.  The reason I don't care about social issues comes down to this:

If you can do the job, I don't care about your social life. Period.  I don't care about your color, creed, religion or what you did in your past, just get things done -- that was Koch. And that's me today. 

Yes, this hard core Conservative Republican, Social Libertarian, Goth from LA will miss the Mayor who made New York a better place. 

Mayor Koch, wherever you are -- you did a kick ass job.

"If you agree with me on 9 out of 12 issues, vote for me. If you agree with me on 12 out of 12 issues, see a psychiatrist." -- Mayor Koch

February 2013 Tip Jar (Again with a Gothy Muse)

It's the beginning of the month -- which means two things:

A) Tip Jar request to help raise $500 (You can use the Pay Pal button over there -->) 
B) Images of a beautiful Gothy Muse.

So, if you can, please hit the Tip Jar. 


This month is a beauty from Italy, Monica Bellucci.

She was in Dracula, Brotherhood of the Wolf (a werewolf movie) and the last two Matrix movies, so yes she qualifies as being within the Goth Muses. Regular Goths love the first two films and CyberGoths love the latter.

So, without further ado, please enjoy the pictures:

From Dracula

Brotherhood of the Wolf

In Matrix Revolutions

Drenched in caviar

Model shot in 1994

Red Riding Hood

Keep following her career here. 

And please hit the tip jar!

Keep reading.  More posts to come!


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