Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tribute to my Mom 2013

Today is my Mom's Birthday (as well as my ex-gf from DC, Rebecca). 

So, Happy Birthday! (to ky Mom and ef-gf Rebecca!)

Before I get to serious blogging, here are some pics of my Mom, wish her a happy Birthday too! 

(She has met the Other McCain and my mentor, Gary and still maintains her Old School Democratic stance which isn't too far from either of my friends)

Now, some pictures:

Mom, enjoying her Red Wine

Outside one her favorite restaurants, Ruth Chris

Chillin' in Malibu!

Cute Hat, with Mom

My Mom is so friendly she can visit the CRP!

Watching her son give his second spech

Living it up at the Santa Monica Pier

Birthday among the Family
Happy Birthday Mom!

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