Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Return and Resurrection: Support the Valley's Favorite Charities this season

Pesach is upon us and Easter is coming. Two holidays that talk of rebirth and renewal.

When I was Bar Mitzvahed at the Western Wall, I met a Rebbe who knew my Nana from the same in the Old Country (Formerly Russia, now Ukraine); That was in 1983. At the Wall, I read the first three Chapters of Exodus. It is the story of a large family going home. Moses, Aaron and G-d lead the way.

I am also friends with many people who celebrate Easter, which is the tale of Jesus (the Christian's messiah) who comes back to life to give a message of Love and understanding.

Unlike other Bloggers, I stand for what I believe in and fight for the cause. Someone asks me how I feel about an issue I tell them (Hint: NOT a Social Conservative, but like them all the same). Why thread the needle when you are a Political Blogger? I don't backstab my colleagues in the Blogosphere or in the partisan trenches. (I'm talking to you David Frum) Loyalty is the first rule of Politics.

Because I follow my beliefs, I am pleased to ask my readers to contribute to these two charities:

1) Freedom House - They support the concept of Democracy Overseas. I supported this concept when I was a Democrat. I was very pleased when President Bush took up the cause. So, please, donate to Freedom House


2) Fisher House - Families of wounded soldiers come here and they comfort their sons or daughters who have been wounded. I found out about Fisher House in 2001 and I am pleased of the work they do. Please donate to Fisher House.

My question: What charities do you support? And did you donate to either?

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Conor Friedersdorf still Hates Israel and Jews

Just a note, I engaged with Conor Friedersdorf on twitter.

All I asked him to do (so I would retract this earlier piece) would be to say (or even better write a post), "Israel has a right to sovereignty, the Jews should have their spiritual home. Andrew Sullivan is wrong,"

Here are my tweets, and here is Conor's.

Spread this post worldwide.

Happy Pesach to my Jewish friends and family, we now know one more person who hates Israel.

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Does Charter Communications Hate their Burbank Customers?

I am a Conservative, Tea Partier,and a Republican. I don't like Big Government dictating what I should buy, but I don't like Big anything without checks and balances. For Government, that requires transparency, for business', that requires competition.

Here in Burbank (my hometown), Charter Communications has a Monopoly on the cable service in this Media Town, so they can treat the residents of Burbank, California with impunity.

Throughout Los Angeles, Time-Warner knows it's audience can go to Direct TV anytime, so they treat their customers better; Charter doesn't care.

I will be (hopefully) doing two moves this year, so I asked Charter to give "basic cable," Now given that California has over 10% Unemployment and many jobs (and residents) are leaving Los Angeles, I would think that a company would do it's best to work with media savvy people who are their customers.

I want Time-Warner, DirectTV and Charter Communications stockholders to hear the answer: N-O. Nope.

Cable is a service that anyone should be able to use (again, I'm not talking HBO, Showtime, etc.), while there is a downturn, while Charter is a Monopoly in a town, any station not a Movie Station should be available to their customers. The basic stations should be that, but in a downturn, people need access to learning, news and information.

Charter, here is a hint: Help your customers help themselves.

Every station below HBO (500) should be part of "basic cable," until Unemployment in Los Angeles drops below 5%. That would require notifying your customers (by phone, in person, snail mail or email) when you change services in a home. NOT telling the customers means there will be bad press (like this Blog post).

As I mentioned, I'm doing two moves. Any company that stands up and treats their customers with respect (like Citibank at Toluca lake when they made a mistake this weekend, they apologized and worked to make it better) will get a shout out.

Charter Communications stock needs to drop to pennies until they make nice with their customers. So stop advertising for "Bundle" service until you figure out how to treat your customers well.

My question: When Republicans win back the Congress this year, will you support a Bill for "A La carte" Cable channels?

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

"All Around You Walls Are Tumbling Down"

The cries of civility by the Democrats after the Health Care Bill are three years late. If you've been reading the Valley, back in 06 - 07, I warned that any door opened by the Democratic opposition against President George W. Bush would be used when the Conservatives, Republicans and now tea partiers occupy the same shoes of the Left from 01 - 08.

Don't like it? Don't start it.

For memories sake, look at Zombietime then come back here. And follow up those pictures with this post. Did you know after the 08 election, someone burned down Former Governor Palin's church? No one was caught. But during the election, someone hacked her email and there were no cries of "stop," by the Left. And do you remember the protests in front of Rove's house? Again, years late with asking for civility.

When there were rumors of the "N word" and the "F word" said to Congressmen crossing through the Tea party protest before the Health care vote, I figured with cameras and audio, the guilty party would be found. Nope. Still no sign.

On the House side (and Senate side), there are underground tunnels which lead to the Capitol Building. Did Speaker Pelosi need to go through a crowd that opposed (and still opposes today), the health care bill. How about wearing all red during the Running of the Bulls? It was for show and the tactics (again, no proof shown via matching video or audio) are being used to silence dissent.

Democrats are very good at dissent and lousy at Governing. Now that the Right is protesting, the Left is shocked. Oh, and here's a hint for our so-called friends in the media: The Tea Partiers are Fiscal Conservatives. The Social Conservatives lost in 06, and the Fiscal Cons are rising in the party (as are National Security Conservatives).

By pushing through Health care reform, the opposition, who heard Bush and Republicans attacked every which way (Hey, Hollywood! How about a movie where a Conservative politician is a hero! Put it on HBO! Be rebellious!), never forgot what happened before 1/20/09.

And I am privy to the consuls of many Conservatives and Republicans in Los Angeles and in DC, and the one thing we don't care about is what color the President is. In fact, we are very happy that an African American made it to the the top spot. So can the calls of "RAAAAACIST!"

We hate President Obama's policies. I know I would buy him a beer and ask him: Whisky tango foxtrot, what do you believe in? And why don't you support Bibi? (but the latter is another post). For the left, it is easier to stereotype the opposition then engage. It's hard, but last I checked we all speak the same language, some with really different accents, but we all love this country.

Trust me, neither Steve Benen or Kathy Kattenberg could ever acknowledge that. That would mean you have to treat your ideological opposites as human beings. I have faith in Ta-Nahisi Coates, all he has to do is email me and I will answer any questions and point him in the Right (yes, double entendre here) direction. While I see the left needing American Emmanuel Goldsteins of the Right, the bridge will never be built.

Now, about that quote on top....that's from my favorite Goth song by Chameleons UK, "Swamp Thing" We are in a new era, the economy is still sluggish and taxes are rising. And the Left feel they can still demonize the opposition while they hold the power of Government. The Left are THE MAN. President Obama is THE MAN.

The next line in the song is "Stop staring at the ground," So Democrats and Liberals, Govern, don't point. Do your jobs.

The walls are crumbling down, those who are smart will not be in the way.

How to stop the cycle? I've already said,President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Majority leader Reid go to the South lawn of the White House and apologize how they treated Senator McCain, Former Governor Palin, Former Vice President Cheney and Former President Bush and promise not to do it again (and mean it), things will cool down.

That effin simple.

Before I post the song, a question: With the heated rhetoric after the health care Bill, what can the Democrats do to cool down the American Body Politic? (Note: read the top, the Democrats opened the door to the rhetoric they are hearing today, so yes, it is laid at their feet)

Now, "Swamp Thing," Enjoy!

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

King Pyrrhus, American Health care and the Democrats: Part 1

When it comes to writing the personal stuff online, I usually quote Red Smith (from the book The Wit and Wisdom of politics (1992 ed.): "Writing is easy. I open a vein and Bleed"

Government Run Health Care affects me personally. To get this post, it helps if you read these next two stories: The Plague year (describing my disease) and Shaking the Disease (describing how Medi-cal failed and Sean Hannity helped).

Part 1 is how the Democrats failed; Part 2 is how the Conservatives and Republicans can win on this field.

If you read Shaking the Disease, you understand how the California State Budget, already in crisis needed those who couldn't, to do with less. I had to make a Devil's choice. I gave up my pills for 4 1/2 months because Medi-cal could not function under the State leadership. Now, they want to make it Federal?! Whisky tango Foxtrot!

Not only do I understand politics and winning elections, but I understand policy too -- specifically, the federal budget. The Federal Government runs more deficits then surpluses. As we on the Right have been asking, where is the money going to come from? Cui Bono?

Right now, business' are scarce and after this law, will jobs too? With no tax base, how will the Government function? Or should we all say Hello to Big O (Brother)? Gilliam's Brazil is becoming reality under this administration.

And as everyone knows on Sunday Night/Monday Morning, the Democrats won on a party line vote (without the Conference Committee):

There was bi-partisanship against the health care Bill.

Any major vote that affects Americans needs Bi-partisan support. The Iraq war vote, NAFTA, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the creation of Social Security were all Bi-partisan. The fault is not with the Minority who opposes, but with the Majority who couldn't sell health care to their opposition or to the public.

When you have extreme majorities in the House and Senate and you're arguing process, you lose. The American public distrusts Big anything (Government, Unions or Business, but the list goes on...), so to do it without following the process (again, where was the Conference committee?) that has been laid down opens up the Democrats to charges of corruption (Cornhusker Kickback or Louisiana Purchase, anyone?). Corruption destroyed the Congressional Republicans in 2006; Never forget Karma has her own way with history and hubris.

Note that I mentioned King Pyrrus in the title. He won the Battle of Asculum but he lost most his troops. "One more victory like that, and we shall be done for," King Pyrruss said after facing the Romans a second time.

The Democrats won. And only the Democrats. If it was really about the uninsured and the pre-existing conditions (plus Tort reform and Insurance Company portability for the Republicans), the Bill would not have been more then 50 pages in both the House and the Senate (if they wanted a "Clean Bill,") And they could have gone to the scary Conference Committee.

But almost 3,000 pages? It wasn't about the sick or the uninsured, it was about the Congressional Democrats giving President Obama a "win,"

My question: Do you feel healthier with this Health Care Bill (which starts in 2014)?

Part 2 is next.

UPDATE 3/26/10 11:22AM PST: Part 2 will be written between next Sunday - Tuesday. Read and subscribe.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Be There April 29 2010 -- Carnival Noir (Updated)

Due to a problem with the Space Time Continuum, I posted Charly's band appearing for April 29, 2009. I would love to ride in the TARDIS, but it hasn't happened yet (or maybe it did happen but I forgot). (Damn time travel issues!).

So, without further ado, Charly and her band, Many of Odd Nature:


I will be there. Will you? Again, enjoy the song:

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

How a Point of Order can save the Republic

Karv, Todd,

Even though I just got back from a Goth club, I'm ready to help you guys stand and fight today. I've read the rules of the Clerk of the House of Representatives and there is a few ways to stop this bill. Having lived with Government Run Health care, I can tell you from experience, it doesn't work.

Ready? Read this first.

1. Force Speaker Pelosi to call a "Committee of the Whole," If she refuses, every Republican member walks out. Immediately.

2. Call a Point of Order for the Clerk to read the Whole Health Care Bill verbatim.

What is a "Point of Order?"

Point of Order - An objection that the pending proposal (bill, amendment, motion, etc.) is in violation of a rule of the House. The validity of points of order is determined by the presiding officer, and if held valid the offending bill, amendment or provision is ineligible for consideration. Points of order may be waived by special rules.

3. If the House Democrats stop the reading, ask to strike words from what was last read. Continue calling point of order to strike words from the Bill.

4. Declare the Health Care Bill is an "Unfunded mandate," and get a ruling by the House Parliamentarian.

5. While this is going on the Floor, negotiate with the "Blue Dogs," and the Stupak 12 for votes against the Bill -- By hook or by crook, STOP THIS BILL AND SAVE THE REPUBLIC!

By this time, it should be Midnight on Monday. When the coalition of "no's," have been achieved (make sure House Whip Cantor works his tail off), call for a vote.

Hope this helps, pass this post around the Hill. Reinforcements are on the way after November.

My question: What other tactics can be used to stop this bill? (I would have supported the Health care reform if they only made it less then 10 pages and focused only on the uninsured, the Democrats didn't, so no support from me).

And this song should get the members on the Hill ready to Fight (yes, Tom Morello is a Leftist, but as he sings, "Whatever it takes," ):

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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Valley Endorses Steve Poizner for Governor of California

This is going to part of a continuing series leading to June 8th, Primary day in California. This post is for the Governor's race; the next Endorsement post will be for the US Senate; There will be a post endorsing one Republican per Congressional seat, and repeated in the State Senate and State assembly seats. OK, all ready?

Let the party begin!

Even before Meg Whitman began to run, I heard some bad stories of eBay through one of my friends whose business depends on it.

Then, I took my trip down to San Diego and Poizner answered my question and then asked for my vote. Twice.

In Los Angeles, Steve Poizner showed up to two meetings I went to, the SFVRC and the LAGOP. Again, he asked for my vote. A Whitman partisan fired some hard questions at Poizner and he volleyed them back. With a smile. All the Whitman partisan managed at the SFVRC was to anger those who would have been interested in voting for Whitman. Whitman hasn't shown up at the SFVRC and answer the hard questions.

This is politics, not acting -- the only way you win in elections (especially in primaries) is asking the active partisans to vote for you and answering their hard questions. The current Governor has never shown up at a LAGOP or SFVRC meeting before elections (or during). His name can be found on IMDB, thus he was known before he ran. If Meg Whitman is trying the same strategy, it will not work.

Hint to all Whitman partisans: She cannot run TV ads without coming to the meetings and answering questions from the active partisans. This is known as "vetting," and the current Governor did not do that. Poizner is doing the hard work.

And if Whitman wins, she will lose against Brown. Why? Brown, unlike Whitman, knows to ask for votes and take hard questions. And if Poizner wins the primary, I wonder, will Whitman campaign for Poizner?

She hasn't shown up at any meetings to answer these questions. Also, at any meeting in the Los Angeles area, you can find Poizner's people ready to answer questions. Not one Whitman partisan has asked for help, support or our votes.

So, because Steve Poizner knows how to do the hard work of getting elected (and he has run statewide before), the Valley endorses Steve Poizner for Governor.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Be There April 29th -- Carnival Noir

As I said earlier, my friend has a band I will promote.

So, say hello to Charly and her band: Many of Odd Nature


I'm going to be there, heck, why not have the First Offical Valley of the Shadow Meet up there. Or if you email me or leave a comment tell me where you think the first Los Angeles meet up should be.

If you know where RUIN/Malediction is, I'll be there. Hope you will be too.

Right now, my life is in the hands of musicians. Those who have my Cell phone number know exactly what that means.

Here is some music by Charly and many of odd nature. Enjoy!

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Saint Patrick's Day 2010

Today is a busy day and I will be posting later. But first, let me wish everyone a Happy St. Patricks day!

Here is a history of the day, and here is a song by Loreena McKennitt. She is a Celtic Singer from Canada, but it fits the mood of the holiday. More news later, for now enjoy the song:

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Self Executing Rule will November

Ever watch Frisky Dingo? It was a very subversive cartoon about a good guy (who was an a*hole) and a bad guy who was the hero of the piece. the good guy, Awesome X, had some backup called the Xtacles.

The Xtacles weren't the smartest of cartoon sidekicks, but they were funny -- but for some reason, the Democrats seem to be doing a great imitation of them. Let's watch the Xtacles in action:

First, the Democrats who were trying to thread the needle by using Reconciliation (used only for Tax, Budgetary and Appropriations). Now the Democrats are allowing Rep. Slaughter of New York promote a self executing rule so the House Democrats will not vote for the Senate version of the health care bill on the House floor.

Excuse me?

If the House Democrats do this, they do not get to say "Boosh," in celebration. Again how hard is it for the Democrats after passing the health care Bill in both the House and the Senate to sit down in Conference Committee and re-vote on the finished bill? For all the talk of the lack of spine in Democrats (by Liberals), for every trick they are using other then following the established order shows they don't really care about Policy, just what makes them look good.

When you have the majority in both chambers and you're arguing process, the battle is lost. When I spoke to Robert Stacy McCain this week, we both agreed this is a Zombie bill. Funny thing though, Pelosi and Slaughter both went to the Supreme Court over the self executing rule. They lost -- but the Self Executing rule was never used for a large bill that will change American health and society.

Why are the Democrats afraid of the Conference Committee? If I was a Republican House and Senate member, I would bring up in every speech.

And if the sausage making process includes the Self executing Rule, we on the Right can say in this election: Democrats are afraid of the American people -- they refused to take it to Conference committee. In fact, whether it was the Cornhusker Kickback or the Louisiana Purchase, the Democrats have done everything but try to win over people to vote for it. Again, why?

Let's see the Xtacles do something right, that is if the Democrats bring the Bill to Conference then vote on it in each chamber:

My question: Why are the Democrats afraid of following correct procedure with the health care Bill? Why are they afraid of the Conference Committee?

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Monday, March 15, 2010

"Smart Diplomacy" is not Winning any Friends in the Mid-east

During my lifetime, Democratic Administrations (Carter, Clinton and Obama) seem to focus on domestic issues better then international ones.

However, every Democrat who is in the White House believes, on sheer will alone, that they alone can change the dynamics between Israel and the Palestinians. Hint: Not one of the Presidents mentioned made life any more "peaceful," for the Israelis.

And now we have Vice President Biden trying to stop the Israeli's from building more homes in the West Bank. Ha! That was followed by statements by Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama himself.

Fort all the talk between 2002 - 2008 on how talking will help with America's enemies, why is being instrigint to an ally (and this isn't the first ally President Obama has done this too -- Look at the UK) part of the Obama Administrations modus operandi?

Yes, the G-dfather movies had a great quote: Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. But do we really want a foreign policy based on a movie?

To top it off, Andrew Sullivan has been writing multiple posts trying to de-legitamize Israels existence with maps. Someone please email Sullivan and tell him that before Israels' existence was a small thing in Europe called the Holocaust where many of my tribe died needlessly.

And again, Conor Friedersdorf is silent on his mentor's anti-semitism.

"Smart Diplomacy," is costing America allies -- will no one tell President Obama "No, you cannot insult our allies,"? Both President Bush's (pere and fils) built coalitions against Iraq, when has Obama built a coalition in his life?

Bibi Netanyahu should stand up to the bullying by this American administration, and Roger Simon wrote a piece asking why American Jews allow Democrats to slide in their support for the original Democracy in the Middle East.

My question: What has "Smart Diplomacy," accomplished?

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Five Years Ago Today

The Valley came into existence. It started with pushing the CREATE BLOG button on Althouse's Blog. This was the first post:

"In the book, The Great Game by Peter Hopkirk he describes the history of the British and Russian Empires during the 19th and early 20th Century (Pre-October Revolution). The British Empire during that time faced their own Waterloo at the Khyber Pass. Your journeyman for this blog is experiencing a transition, not unlike the British in 1919. I am between many things, covered only by the shadows of the San Fernando Mountains; I am between jobs (and looking for a new career), between beliefs (a Jew who enjoys going to Bel Air Presbyterian Church) and worried about my own purpose in life. Through this blog, I hope to find my way, out of the pass and out of the Valley of the Shadow."

So much has changed and so much remains the same. I am now even more firm in my beliefs as a Jew. I still believe in Wilsonianism and even stronger in my defense of Conservatives and Republicans.

The Valley has grown through many iterations:

1st Iteration: Speaking into the wind and marking many deaths;

2nd Iteration: Small Conversation between Malcot, Chessnovice and I;

3rd Iteration: Defending my words and having the Valley turn into a meeting place between Jason, Aurora, Malcot, Chessnovice and I. Yes, I miss those days sometimes;

4th Iteration: Discussing the 08 Primaries with Jason;

5th Iteration: The return and the beginning of the Beltway links (Thank you Dan Riehl!);

6th and current Iteration: I, as the only Conservative Jewish Goth Blogger TM and my words affecting the Beltway, either on the Hill or hitting the target (Sullivan and Friedersdorf). Linked by great Bloggers from the East, Midwest and West Coast and using the Valley as a clearinghouse for the Southland Fundraiser. I enjoy this version too.

I have grown as a person and a Blogger. Through the Valley, I have met many great people: Jason Buckley, Aurora, Malcot, Chessnovice, Donald Douglas, Ann Althouse, Smitty, Dan Riehl(who is on fire tonight), Aaron Proctor, the lovely, talented and inspiring Pamela Geller, Gary Aminoff and Gonzo Journalist Robert Stacy McCain.

Because of the Valley, I will be meeting Mr. Schumsky, chief of staff to the Chairman of the California Republican Party this week to discuss the Southland Fundraiser/Great Right Wing Hollywood Blogger Meet Up, my role in it and at the Magnolia Office.

Personally, I enjoy writing policy posts; But during election years, playing politics is prolific in the Valley. Outside of the Blogosphere, I would love to work in Politics and Policy full time (I am arranging a "Moneybomb" for a candidate out here, more details later), especially on Capitol Hill, Lobbying or a Think tank.

My question: Which posts and iterations did you enjoy reading? What do you hope to see here?

So, to harken back to those early days of the Valley, here is a song from 2006, "Dani California," by the Red Hot Chili Peppers:

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

President Obama, fan of the Unitary Executive

During the Bush Administration, there was scary talk of a "Unitary executive,"

What does it mean?

"The principle of a 'unitary' executive involves only one thing: The president's hierarchical control over implementation ("execution") of federal law."
(h/t: C. Susstein)

What did Senator Obama think of the 'Unitary executive'? Here is what he said during the nomination of Supreme Court justice Alito:

"When it comes to how checks and balances in our system are supposed to operate - the balance of power between the Executive Branch, Congress, and the Judiciary, Judge Alito consistently sides with the notion that a President should not be constrained by either Congressional acts or the check of the Judiciary. He believes in the overarching power of the President to engage in whatever the President deems to be appropriate policy. As a consequence of this, I'm extraordinarily worried about how Judge Alito might approach issues like wiretapping, monitoring of emails, or other privacy concerns that we've seen surface over the last several months."

Now this week we find two stories where President Obama does not respect the Separation of Powers enacted by the Founders in the Constitution.

The first story, by Former Rep. Massa (D-NY) should be told by him:

"I was in the congressional gym, and I went into the showers which, by the way, I for the life of me can't figure out why they took all the shower curtains off the shower stalls in the congressional shower. The last thing I want to look at is my fellow colleagues naked, but they don't have shower curtains down in the gym, and I'm sitting there showering naked as a jaybird and here comes Rahm Emanuel not even with a towel wrapped around his tush, poking his finger in my chest yelling at me because I wasn't going to vote for the president's budget. Do you know how awkward it is to have a political argument with a naked man?"

And the second story is told by Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts:

"When asked about this Tuesday, Roberts said the criticism itself did not bother him."Anybody can criticize the Supreme Court. . . . I have no problem with that," he said.

"He objected to criticism in such a public setting, where the justices had no choice but to sit silently.'The image of having the members of one branch of government standing up, literally surrounding the Supreme Court, cheering and hollering while the court -- according to the requirements of protocol -- has to sit there expressionless, I think is very troubling,' he said.'It does cause me to think . . . why are we there?'"

President Obama has now performed an EPIC FAIL in both Executive leadership and Constitutional law. How?

Let's start with leadership. When you lead people, you always give them a chance, to use the Asian term, "save face,"

Whenever President Obama declares war against someone, be it Fox news, Insurance Companies, Doctors or the Supreme Court, he does not let his opponents have a "Face saving," opportunity -- the next action for those attacked is to return in kind. By being a half-term senator with no lawmaking under his belt (or executive experience), President Obama never learned how to build a coalition.

That will be his undoing.

Now, how does President Obama, Constitutional law scholar, not follow the Constitution?

Read Former Rep. Massa's story again.

Rahm Emmanuel is a former Congressman who works as Chief of Staff for the Executive Branch. There are places to lobby for a vote (and allow face saving as well), but not the Congressional gym. There are offices on the Hill Rahm and his staff can occupy while the House members do their thing, but by breaching the privacy of the House Gym (where staffers cannot go), President Obama is trying to build a parliamentary system, not a separation of powers.

That is one more step to the Unitary executive that Senator Obama said did not belong in American politics.

And the attack on the Supreme Court Justices during the SOTU? How dare the President, again, break with the Constitution. Justice Roberts has a point. The Justices (and anyone else President Obama goes to war with) are not stick figures, but actual live human beings. If he didn't want to be criticized, maybe he shouldn't have run for the job of POTUS.

I wonder what Senator Obama would say about President Obama's attacks on the separation of powers.....

My question: Who was right? Former Rep. Massa and Justice Roberts? Or Prsident Obama? Why or why not?

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Trying to do Business with the California Republican Party

As you know, I am working on a dual project: The Southland Fundraiser which Gary Aminoff's group, the San Fernando Valley Republican Club, will sponsor the speaker of the event and the Great Right Wing Hollywood Blogger Meet Up which, Gary, Robert Stacy McCain and I are trying to get State party support.

I contacted Matt Schumsky yesterday to help lay the groundwork for Chairman Nehring's support. My initial call was at 3PM, he said call back at 6. I followed directions, and left a message at 6PM, no reply at all.

Now, since Gary, Robert and I are all Party Men, we want to sit down and discuss the pros and cons at the Magnolia office with the Chairman. One thing that should not be too hard is a return phone call. One of the points not mentioned on paper is that, for the Bloggers, it will be useful to find sponsors. Whether it is Hotels and Airlines. Or, my idea, contact Google.

Does Mr. Schumsky and Chairman Nehring not return calls to sponsors? We are all Party Men, and we want to give them the publicity that comes with the event, the question is why are they scared to try something new?

When you deal with Bloggers, be prepared for publicity. I would rather write here that the Chairman discussed it and said "Yes," but until that point, it gets discussed here. Robert is ready to publicize what happened at CPAC when he discussed it with them, only Gary and I have told him we want to give the State party one more chance.

Tomorrow night, I will be at the LA County meeting to discuss this with Gary Aminoff. And during the day, I will be speaking with RS.

Mr. Schumsky, Mr. Chairman, your move.

UPDATE 3/11/10 12;22PM PST: I just got off the phone with Mr. Schumsky. On Monday between 10 and 11AM, I will contact him to set up the meeting at the Magnolia office. The meeting will take place next week

And we move one step closer.

While I write the next post, enjoy a tune:

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Monday, March 08, 2010

A Win for President Bush's Wilsonianism

Did you hear about the Iraqi Parliamentary Election?

How President Obama, Vice President Biden or any Democrat wants to take any credit for Iraq is galling to say the least. Don't they remember the protests against the last Administration?

The Democrats used to believe in Wilsonianianism, under President Bush's father and the Clinton Administration. But when President Bush posited the theory of a Democracy in the Middle East to defeat terrorism, the left turned their back.

Some lefty Bloggers will never accept Wilsonianism.

I say three cheers for the Iraqis! Democracy is a good thing to spread in this world.

President Bush was right.

(That's why I say donate to Freedom House every Passover)

My question: In the next Republican Administration (since Democrats do not believe in Democracy overseas), which country should Democracy spread to and why?

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Reconciliation? It Doesn't Mean What You Think it Means

Let's start with Inigo Montoya telling the Democrats on this Hill about Reconciliation:

What is the Congressional meaning of Reconciliation? A process established in the Congressional Budget Act of 1974 by which Congress changes existing laws to conform tax and spending levels to the levels set in a budget resolution. Changes recommended by committees pursuant to a reconciliation instruction are incorporated into a reconciliation measure.

In short, Reconciliation deals with Budget, tax and Appropriation issues. Brenden Nyhan has a very detailed list of when Reconciliation was used since 1980. Read it and get back here.

In every case, reconciliation was used for Budget, tax and Appropriations issues.

The Welfare Bill signed by President Clinton? That was a change in the tax and appropriation rolls.

All of President George W. Bush's Tax Cuts were done through Reconciliation. Those were Tax issues. It falls under the meaning.

And College Cost Reduction Bill? Again, Tax and Budget items.

So, when you have Liberal Intellectuals try to sell you that Reconciliation for the Health care Bill is Kosher -- remember Inigo Montoya's words: It doesn't mean what they think it means.

The Health Care Bill should go to Conference Committee then the finished Health Care Bill goes to a vote in both chambers. If both Majority Democratic Chambers passes the Bill, it goes to President Obama's desk to be signed.

For the Democrats and the left to thread the needle over this Bill, means again, the Democrats don't trust the public or their colleagues. Are the Democrats so insistent on a win that they want to bypass their chambers own rules?

I'm afraid the answer is Yes.

And look at what the Democrats said about President Bush trying to change the rules.

My question: What is the blow back if the Democrats use Reconciliation?

And to help our Liberal friends on the Hill, this is the way a Bill gets done:

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"JSF, where are you?"

I actually received this email from a reader, so let me give you the short, dirty version:

I fell in unrequited love with a girl I liked from Ruin/Malediction. Through a new friend, I reached out and said "Hi," Even wrote some dark poetry to her too.

My outstretched hand met a closed fist, so I was down :{

But I made a friend whose band I will promote in the Valley on occasion :}

Regarding the Southland Fundraiser/Great Right Wing Blogger Hollywood Meet Up, I heard from Ron Nehring on Facebook. I said I would stop mentioning and tweeting his name if he would set up a meeting at the Burbank office. Still waiting on his reply.

And with Gary Aminoff and Robert Stacy McCain, we are discussing another route if Nehring and Co. are blind not to accept the proposal (but I hope he says "Yes,")

Also, I will be talking with a candidate about doing some fundraisers for him (more news Friday).
Since I'm in a Gothy mood tonight, here is a song by Depeche Mode:

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