Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Trying to do Business with the California Republican Party

As you know, I am working on a dual project: The Southland Fundraiser which Gary Aminoff's group, the San Fernando Valley Republican Club, will sponsor the speaker of the event and the Great Right Wing Hollywood Blogger Meet Up which, Gary, Robert Stacy McCain and I are trying to get State party support.

I contacted Matt Schumsky yesterday to help lay the groundwork for Chairman Nehring's support. My initial call was at 3PM, he said call back at 6. I followed directions, and left a message at 6PM, no reply at all.

Now, since Gary, Robert and I are all Party Men, we want to sit down and discuss the pros and cons at the Magnolia office with the Chairman. One thing that should not be too hard is a return phone call. One of the points not mentioned on paper is that, for the Bloggers, it will be useful to find sponsors. Whether it is Hotels and Airlines. Or, my idea, contact Google.

Does Mr. Schumsky and Chairman Nehring not return calls to sponsors? We are all Party Men, and we want to give them the publicity that comes with the event, the question is why are they scared to try something new?

When you deal with Bloggers, be prepared for publicity. I would rather write here that the Chairman discussed it and said "Yes," but until that point, it gets discussed here. Robert is ready to publicize what happened at CPAC when he discussed it with them, only Gary and I have told him we want to give the State party one more chance.

Tomorrow night, I will be at the LA County meeting to discuss this with Gary Aminoff. And during the day, I will be speaking with RS.

Mr. Schumsky, Mr. Chairman, your move.

UPDATE 3/11/10 12;22PM PST: I just got off the phone with Mr. Schumsky. On Monday between 10 and 11AM, I will contact him to set up the meeting at the Magnolia office. The meeting will take place next week

And we move one step closer.

While I write the next post, enjoy a tune:

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