Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Return and Resurrection: Support the Valley's Favorite Charities this season

Pesach is upon us and Easter is coming. Two holidays that talk of rebirth and renewal.

When I was Bar Mitzvahed at the Western Wall, I met a Rebbe who knew my Nana from the same in the Old Country (Formerly Russia, now Ukraine); That was in 1983. At the Wall, I read the first three Chapters of Exodus. It is the story of a large family going home. Moses, Aaron and G-d lead the way.

I am also friends with many people who celebrate Easter, which is the tale of Jesus (the Christian's messiah) who comes back to life to give a message of Love and understanding.

Unlike other Bloggers, I stand for what I believe in and fight for the cause. Someone asks me how I feel about an issue I tell them (Hint: NOT a Social Conservative, but like them all the same). Why thread the needle when you are a Political Blogger? I don't backstab my colleagues in the Blogosphere or in the partisan trenches. (I'm talking to you David Frum) Loyalty is the first rule of Politics.

Because I follow my beliefs, I am pleased to ask my readers to contribute to these two charities:

1) Freedom House - They support the concept of Democracy Overseas. I supported this concept when I was a Democrat. I was very pleased when President Bush took up the cause. So, please, donate to Freedom House


2) Fisher House - Families of wounded soldiers come here and they comfort their sons or daughters who have been wounded. I found out about Fisher House in 2001 and I am pleased of the work they do. Please donate to Fisher House.

My question: What charities do you support? And did you donate to either?

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