Friday, March 19, 2010

The Valley Endorses Steve Poizner for Governor of California

This is going to part of a continuing series leading to June 8th, Primary day in California. This post is for the Governor's race; the next Endorsement post will be for the US Senate; There will be a post endorsing one Republican per Congressional seat, and repeated in the State Senate and State assembly seats. OK, all ready?

Let the party begin!

Even before Meg Whitman began to run, I heard some bad stories of eBay through one of my friends whose business depends on it.

Then, I took my trip down to San Diego and Poizner answered my question and then asked for my vote. Twice.

In Los Angeles, Steve Poizner showed up to two meetings I went to, the SFVRC and the LAGOP. Again, he asked for my vote. A Whitman partisan fired some hard questions at Poizner and he volleyed them back. With a smile. All the Whitman partisan managed at the SFVRC was to anger those who would have been interested in voting for Whitman. Whitman hasn't shown up at the SFVRC and answer the hard questions.

This is politics, not acting -- the only way you win in elections (especially in primaries) is asking the active partisans to vote for you and answering their hard questions. The current Governor has never shown up at a LAGOP or SFVRC meeting before elections (or during). His name can be found on IMDB, thus he was known before he ran. If Meg Whitman is trying the same strategy, it will not work.

Hint to all Whitman partisans: She cannot run TV ads without coming to the meetings and answering questions from the active partisans. This is known as "vetting," and the current Governor did not do that. Poizner is doing the hard work.

And if Whitman wins, she will lose against Brown. Why? Brown, unlike Whitman, knows to ask for votes and take hard questions. And if Poizner wins the primary, I wonder, will Whitman campaign for Poizner?

She hasn't shown up at any meetings to answer these questions. Also, at any meeting in the Los Angeles area, you can find Poizner's people ready to answer questions. Not one Whitman partisan has asked for help, support or our votes.

So, because Steve Poizner knows how to do the hard work of getting elected (and he has run statewide before), the Valley endorses Steve Poizner for Governor.

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  1. I'm very interested to hear this about Poizner, because all the negative ads from Whitman plus her people "escorting" the press from an event when they started to ask tough questions totally turned me off. I was excited to have a business person like her running, but she so far she's listed a great agenda with no specifics (heck, anyone can do that--the devil is in the details.) I'm going to do some more research about Poizner, maybe he will be the one who can save this crazy state.


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