Wednesday, March 03, 2010


"JSF, where are you?"

I actually received this email from a reader, so let me give you the short, dirty version:

I fell in unrequited love with a girl I liked from Ruin/Malediction. Through a new friend, I reached out and said "Hi," Even wrote some dark poetry to her too.

My outstretched hand met a closed fist, so I was down :{

But I made a friend whose band I will promote in the Valley on occasion :}

Regarding the Southland Fundraiser/Great Right Wing Blogger Hollywood Meet Up, I heard from Ron Nehring on Facebook. I said I would stop mentioning and tweeting his name if he would set up a meeting at the Burbank office. Still waiting on his reply.

And with Gary Aminoff and Robert Stacy McCain, we are discussing another route if Nehring and Co. are blind not to accept the proposal (but I hope he says "Yes,")

Also, I will be talking with a candidate about doing some fundraisers for him (more news Friday).
Since I'm in a Gothy mood tonight, here is a song by Depeche Mode:

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