Saturday, March 27, 2010

"All Around You Walls Are Tumbling Down"

The cries of civility by the Democrats after the Health Care Bill are three years late. If you've been reading the Valley, back in 06 - 07, I warned that any door opened by the Democratic opposition against President George W. Bush would be used when the Conservatives, Republicans and now tea partiers occupy the same shoes of the Left from 01 - 08.

Don't like it? Don't start it.

For memories sake, look at Zombietime then come back here. And follow up those pictures with this post. Did you know after the 08 election, someone burned down Former Governor Palin's church? No one was caught. But during the election, someone hacked her email and there were no cries of "stop," by the Left. And do you remember the protests in front of Rove's house? Again, years late with asking for civility.

When there were rumors of the "N word" and the "F word" said to Congressmen crossing through the Tea party protest before the Health care vote, I figured with cameras and audio, the guilty party would be found. Nope. Still no sign.

On the House side (and Senate side), there are underground tunnels which lead to the Capitol Building. Did Speaker Pelosi need to go through a crowd that opposed (and still opposes today), the health care bill. How about wearing all red during the Running of the Bulls? It was for show and the tactics (again, no proof shown via matching video or audio) are being used to silence dissent.

Democrats are very good at dissent and lousy at Governing. Now that the Right is protesting, the Left is shocked. Oh, and here's a hint for our so-called friends in the media: The Tea Partiers are Fiscal Conservatives. The Social Conservatives lost in 06, and the Fiscal Cons are rising in the party (as are National Security Conservatives).

By pushing through Health care reform, the opposition, who heard Bush and Republicans attacked every which way (Hey, Hollywood! How about a movie where a Conservative politician is a hero! Put it on HBO! Be rebellious!), never forgot what happened before 1/20/09.

And I am privy to the consuls of many Conservatives and Republicans in Los Angeles and in DC, and the one thing we don't care about is what color the President is. In fact, we are very happy that an African American made it to the the top spot. So can the calls of "RAAAAACIST!"

We hate President Obama's policies. I know I would buy him a beer and ask him: Whisky tango foxtrot, what do you believe in? And why don't you support Bibi? (but the latter is another post). For the left, it is easier to stereotype the opposition then engage. It's hard, but last I checked we all speak the same language, some with really different accents, but we all love this country.

Trust me, neither Steve Benen or Kathy Kattenberg could ever acknowledge that. That would mean you have to treat your ideological opposites as human beings. I have faith in Ta-Nahisi Coates, all he has to do is email me and I will answer any questions and point him in the Right (yes, double entendre here) direction. While I see the left needing American Emmanuel Goldsteins of the Right, the bridge will never be built.

Now, about that quote on top....that's from my favorite Goth song by Chameleons UK, "Swamp Thing" We are in a new era, the economy is still sluggish and taxes are rising. And the Left feel they can still demonize the opposition while they hold the power of Government. The Left are THE MAN. President Obama is THE MAN.

The next line in the song is "Stop staring at the ground," So Democrats and Liberals, Govern, don't point. Do your jobs.

The walls are crumbling down, those who are smart will not be in the way.

How to stop the cycle? I've already said,President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Majority leader Reid go to the South lawn of the White House and apologize how they treated Senator McCain, Former Governor Palin, Former Vice President Cheney and Former President Bush and promise not to do it again (and mean it), things will cool down.

That effin simple.

Before I post the song, a question: With the heated rhetoric after the health care Bill, what can the Democrats do to cool down the American Body Politic? (Note: read the top, the Democrats opened the door to the rhetoric they are hearing today, so yes, it is laid at their feet)

Now, "Swamp Thing," Enjoy!

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  1. Anonymous12:42 PM PDT

    Your historical view is way too short. Think back to the vitriolic witchhunt against Bill and Hillary Clinton by the right to find the roots of the demonization of political opponents. Think to the Willy Horton ads to look at the modern roots of negative campaigning.

    No one has a corner on exaggerating the oppositions' sins. But refusing to recognize the right's piece in all this is naive at best and dishonest at worst.


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