Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Self Executing Rule will work...in November

Ever watch Frisky Dingo? It was a very subversive cartoon about a good guy (who was an a*hole) and a bad guy who was the hero of the piece. the good guy, Awesome X, had some backup called the Xtacles.

The Xtacles weren't the smartest of cartoon sidekicks, but they were funny -- but for some reason, the Democrats seem to be doing a great imitation of them. Let's watch the Xtacles in action:

First, the Democrats who were trying to thread the needle by using Reconciliation (used only for Tax, Budgetary and Appropriations). Now the Democrats are allowing Rep. Slaughter of New York promote a self executing rule so the House Democrats will not vote for the Senate version of the health care bill on the House floor.

Excuse me?

If the House Democrats do this, they do not get to say "Boosh," in celebration. Again how hard is it for the Democrats after passing the health care Bill in both the House and the Senate to sit down in Conference Committee and re-vote on the finished bill? For all the talk of the lack of spine in Democrats (by Liberals), for every trick they are using other then following the established order shows they don't really care about Policy, just what makes them look good.

When you have the majority in both chambers and you're arguing process, the battle is lost. When I spoke to Robert Stacy McCain this week, we both agreed this is a Zombie bill. Funny thing though, Pelosi and Slaughter both went to the Supreme Court over the self executing rule. They lost -- but the Self Executing rule was never used for a large bill that will change American health and society.

Why are the Democrats afraid of the Conference Committee? If I was a Republican House and Senate member, I would bring up in every speech.

And if the sausage making process includes the Self executing Rule, we on the Right can say in this election: Democrats are afraid of the American people -- they refused to take it to Conference committee. In fact, whether it was the Cornhusker Kickback or the Louisiana Purchase, the Democrats have done everything but try to win over people to vote for it. Again, why?

Let's see the Xtacles do something right, that is if the Democrats bring the Bill to Conference then vote on it in each chamber:

My question: Why are the Democrats afraid of following correct procedure with the health care Bill? Why are they afraid of the Conference Committee?

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