Sunday, March 28, 2010

Does Charter Communications Hate their Burbank Customers?

I am a Conservative, Tea Partier,and a Republican. I don't like Big Government dictating what I should buy, but I don't like Big anything without checks and balances. For Government, that requires transparency, for business', that requires competition.

Here in Burbank (my hometown), Charter Communications has a Monopoly on the cable service in this Media Town, so they can treat the residents of Burbank, California with impunity.

Throughout Los Angeles, Time-Warner knows it's audience can go to Direct TV anytime, so they treat their customers better; Charter doesn't care.

I will be (hopefully) doing two moves this year, so I asked Charter to give "basic cable," Now given that California has over 10% Unemployment and many jobs (and residents) are leaving Los Angeles, I would think that a company would do it's best to work with media savvy people who are their customers.

I want Time-Warner, DirectTV and Charter Communications stockholders to hear the answer: N-O. Nope.

Cable is a service that anyone should be able to use (again, I'm not talking HBO, Showtime, etc.), while there is a downturn, while Charter is a Monopoly in a town, any station not a Movie Station should be available to their customers. The basic stations should be that, but in a downturn, people need access to learning, news and information.

Charter, here is a hint: Help your customers help themselves.

Every station below HBO (500) should be part of "basic cable," until Unemployment in Los Angeles drops below 5%. That would require notifying your customers (by phone, in person, snail mail or email) when you change services in a home. NOT telling the customers means there will be bad press (like this Blog post).

As I mentioned, I'm doing two moves. Any company that stands up and treats their customers with respect (like Citibank at Toluca lake when they made a mistake this weekend, they apologized and worked to make it better) will get a shout out.

Charter Communications stock needs to drop to pennies until they make nice with their customers. So stop advertising for "Bundle" service until you figure out how to treat your customers well.

My question: When Republicans win back the Congress this year, will you support a Bill for "A La carte" Cable channels?

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  1. Lindsay Gee2:34 PM PDT

    Let me just say...I have Time Warner Cable in the West Valley and they are no better! I believe it IS a monopoly for the cablers and that's the way they like it. Their response was basically if you don't like it, leave. And someday we will and they'll be begging us to return. Maybe then they'll learn to play nice to their bread and butter!

  2. Regardless of personal politics, I'm all about ala carte cable! I tried to get that 7 years ago when I had a roommate move out and it was either that or NO tv at all.

    Therefore, I've been TV-free since then. I watch everything online...and a lot less of it! I spend more time DOING things, which is nice.

    I've been having issues with Charter here in NC. They don't provide the service paid for with the high speed cable internet...*sigh* but trying to make anyone listen or care is quite difficult!

  3. JSF: Currently Comcast has the monopoly where I live and they are making major changes which require either a digital box, which I HATE, or a digital converter, which I need 5. They are a pain in the butt, but I'm able to get a lot more channels than the basic cable. I'm not very happy about the "change" but I told Comcast and they are working it out with me because I've been with them for almost 30 years. If they weren't willing to do that I would've left and bought a satellite just because I could.

    I don't like when companies have the entire monopoly because sometimes they won't help or don't care.

    I hope this Charter's stock drops to a penny too.


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