Wednesday, March 24, 2010

King Pyrrhus, American Health care and the Democrats: Part 1

When it comes to writing the personal stuff online, I usually quote Red Smith (from the book The Wit and Wisdom of politics (1992 ed.): "Writing is easy. I open a vein and Bleed"

Government Run Health Care affects me personally. To get this post, it helps if you read these next two stories: The Plague year (describing my disease) and Shaking the Disease (describing how Medi-cal failed and Sean Hannity helped).

Part 1 is how the Democrats failed; Part 2 is how the Conservatives and Republicans can win on this field.

If you read Shaking the Disease, you understand how the California State Budget, already in crisis needed those who couldn't, to do with less. I had to make a Devil's choice. I gave up my pills for 4 1/2 months because Medi-cal could not function under the State leadership. Now, they want to make it Federal?! Whisky tango Foxtrot!

Not only do I understand politics and winning elections, but I understand policy too -- specifically, the federal budget. The Federal Government runs more deficits then surpluses. As we on the Right have been asking, where is the money going to come from? Cui Bono?

Right now, business' are scarce and after this law, will jobs too? With no tax base, how will the Government function? Or should we all say Hello to Big O (Brother)? Gilliam's Brazil is becoming reality under this administration.

And as everyone knows on Sunday Night/Monday Morning, the Democrats won on a party line vote (without the Conference Committee):

There was bi-partisanship against the health care Bill.

Any major vote that affects Americans needs Bi-partisan support. The Iraq war vote, NAFTA, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the creation of Social Security were all Bi-partisan. The fault is not with the Minority who opposes, but with the Majority who couldn't sell health care to their opposition or to the public.

When you have extreme majorities in the House and Senate and you're arguing process, you lose. The American public distrusts Big anything (Government, Unions or Business, but the list goes on...), so to do it without following the process (again, where was the Conference committee?) that has been laid down opens up the Democrats to charges of corruption (Cornhusker Kickback or Louisiana Purchase, anyone?). Corruption destroyed the Congressional Republicans in 2006; Never forget Karma has her own way with history and hubris.

Note that I mentioned King Pyrrus in the title. He won the Battle of Asculum but he lost most his troops. "One more victory like that, and we shall be done for," King Pyrruss said after facing the Romans a second time.

The Democrats won. And only the Democrats. If it was really about the uninsured and the pre-existing conditions (plus Tort reform and Insurance Company portability for the Republicans), the Bill would not have been more then 50 pages in both the House and the Senate (if they wanted a "Clean Bill,") And they could have gone to the scary Conference Committee.

But almost 3,000 pages? It wasn't about the sick or the uninsured, it was about the Congressional Democrats giving President Obama a "win,"

My question: Do you feel healthier with this Health Care Bill (which starts in 2014)?

Part 2 is next.

UPDATE 3/26/10 11:22AM PST: Part 2 will be written between next Sunday - Tuesday. Read and subscribe.

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  1. Anonymous2:59 PM PDT

    The Republicans refused to have a conference committee, because they wanted to force the Democrats in the House to vote on the Senate bill unchanged. It was a brilliant strategy, but ultimately the House Dems wrote their reconciliation bill and passed the Senate bill anyway.

    You can go to RedState and find out more - Jim DeMint is the one who saved our bacon in that case. Scott Brown's election should have been the end of it, but alas, it was not to be.

    Oh, well, we will fight on and repeal the damn thing....

    Teresa Koch
    Fort Worth, Texas

    (I have to post as anonymous, because I still haven't figured out how to select a profile...)


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