Sunday, March 21, 2010

How a Point of Order can save the Republic

Karv, Todd,

Even though I just got back from a Goth club, I'm ready to help you guys stand and fight today. I've read the rules of the Clerk of the House of Representatives and there is a few ways to stop this bill. Having lived with Government Run Health care, I can tell you from experience, it doesn't work.

Ready? Read this first.

1. Force Speaker Pelosi to call a "Committee of the Whole," If she refuses, every Republican member walks out. Immediately.

2. Call a Point of Order for the Clerk to read the Whole Health Care Bill verbatim.

What is a "Point of Order?"

Point of Order - An objection that the pending proposal (bill, amendment, motion, etc.) is in violation of a rule of the House. The validity of points of order is determined by the presiding officer, and if held valid the offending bill, amendment or provision is ineligible for consideration. Points of order may be waived by special rules.

3. If the House Democrats stop the reading, ask to strike words from what was last read. Continue calling point of order to strike words from the Bill.

4. Declare the Health Care Bill is an "Unfunded mandate," and get a ruling by the House Parliamentarian.

5. While this is going on the Floor, negotiate with the "Blue Dogs," and the Stupak 12 for votes against the Bill -- By hook or by crook, STOP THIS BILL AND SAVE THE REPUBLIC!

By this time, it should be Midnight on Monday. When the coalition of "no's," have been achieved (make sure House Whip Cantor works his tail off), call for a vote.

Hope this helps, pass this post around the Hill. Reinforcements are on the way after November.

My question: What other tactics can be used to stop this bill? (I would have supported the Health care reform if they only made it less then 10 pages and focused only on the uninsured, the Democrats didn't, so no support from me).

And this song should get the members on the Hill ready to Fight (yes, Tom Morello is a Leftist, but as he sings, "Whatever it takes," ):

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