Wednesday, May 30, 2007

In the Trenches with the Christians

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Back at the DNC Anti-Semitism Post, Jason of Washington Interns Gone Bad asked: "So, what do you think about the Evangelical Rights support of Israel as a pawn in their apocalypse fantasy?" Here is my response:

Since Israel's inception, this safe haven for the Jews has been under attack by the Arab neighbors. After the Six Day War, the Arab States started to realize Israel is not going to go away but remain as a state in their midst. When I was bar Mitzvahed at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, the questions to all the Arab States regarding the Palestinian question was: "Where were the Palestinians when they were in Jordan?"

Even though these State entities could not defeat Israel, these same States have kept an Economic Boycott of Israel. Allies for the small Jewish State have always been few and far between. The United Nations, supposedly a bastion of Peaceful Nations declared in the 1970's "Zionism is racism" Excepting the United States, which States stands with Israel?

The Christian Zionists (of which Aurora is one), support Israel's survival unconditionally. Modern Leftists, Liberals and Democrats [LLD] do not see a beleaguered Jewish state surrounded by people who wish to kill her civilians, but as a "terrorist" entity that is filled with war criminals. A friend is someone who wishes you can do better, but will support you. The LLD's do not even make the case for protecting Israel's civilians.

Remember, The quisling Heathlander is a writer on the Daily Kos, which in turn supports the Democrats, who might turn away from Israel during the next attack. The Christian Zionists believe in the words of the Book of Revelations, but it's arrival is no more clear then the date of "Global Warming" or "Climate Change" or whatever it is being called today (And that is a post for another day).

Every generation since the Fall of Rome has seen the Apocalypse coming. Who knows? It might actually happen. Until that day arrives, I like having the Christian Zionists talking about Israel in a positive light. What other nation is doing that? When the LLD's support the right of Israel's existence, then I will listen to their criticisms of the Jewish State. The Christian Zionists want Israel to live and thrive. What do the LLD's represent but criticism and wishful thinking (on the Palestinian side)?

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day 2007

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When my Dad was stationed at the Pentagon during 1965-66 and 1967-68, he roomed with the Honor Guards who watched over the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington Cemetery.

If you take away anything from the Valley, it is that American Institutions must outlive the Partisan wars. Here, at Arlington, there are no partisans, only Americans. Remember the Veterans and Soldiers today, and everyday.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Welcome. Music. Videos.

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Good Morning. Today, I'm bringing in four new Blog to the rolls. Let me introduce them to you and hope you visit their links. Each one is worth a visit. Also, I'm going to link to some good music and a video. First, the Blogs.....

A) From the land of Oz (Australia), the first link is to The Midnight Sun. Aurora first discovered the Valley with the I, Claudius post. I would say Aurora is the Australian Christian equivalent of Pamela Atlas of Atlas Shrugs. However, Aurora, I am having trouble leaving comments on your site. Shoot me an email from Down Under. Otherwise, good supporter of Israel and Conservative Blogger, she joins the Blog roll where Righteous Indignation used to be.

B) Jason, near San Francisco (where The Wizard of Oz is a template for the city) is a Commentator whom I respect because he stands up for his views in the Valley, is a musician and a movie-maker, who Blogs at Washington Interns Gone Bad. Jason made a movie of the same name. Watch it on his website. My only dispute is the fact that he calls himself a "Non-Partisan partisan," I learned from both parties that the only "Non-Partisan partisans," live six feet under. But, he is a strong ally of the Democrats and worth a look.

C) Chessnovice is an erudite commentator and Blogger. He posts at Shades of Grey and Black where issues are brought up at an intellectual level rather then a partisan one (such as at the Valley). He is a friend of an ex-girlfriend and lives down in Texas. Read his blog and comment. Maybe you will learn something new.

D) Norm is blogging for the right reason. He makes beer and wants to fill us in on the details. His blog is Norm's Beer LOG. I know him from work and he put the Valley together. Read it over your next beer.

Now, the music. My friend, John Winquist just broke up his band. However, John and the drummer, James are putting together new material. Follow the link and listen to his tunes. When John gets his new band together, they should be on the Billboard charts within a year. Listen and enjoy.

To enjoy the beginning of the summer, enjoy this video:

Saturday, May 26, 2007

8:00AM weekly round-up

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This was my busy week, so I need to get to some of the news issues I missed:

A) This post generated a lot of heat and fire. If you want to add to the conversation, please comment. Jason, I will post my reply to your question after Monday night.

B) The Iraq funding vote. Now that the funding is there for the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, why did the Democrats in Congress cave on their main issue? Were they lied to? Was there logrolling? Or did Pelosi and Reid become Wilsonians?

C) Venezuela. They own oil and their leader is shutting down opposition media. Tell me again how President Bush has stopped The Nation from publishing, and Radio Pacifica from broadcasting?

D) This weekend in Los Angeles is the start of summer. I promise a couple of light (and funny?) posts before Monday. Get some sun. Enjoy the weather. Remember our Veterans and our troops.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

What's done in the darkness....

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To continue commenting on Howard Dean, the DNC and the Anti-semitism at the Daily Kos, go here.
One of my favorite songs by Moby was re-done by Johnny Cash. On Moby's Play, the song was called "Run On"; Cash's title on American V was "God's Gonna Cut You Down." Both songs are from an old spiritual and have one lyric I want you to remember:

"What's done in the darkness will be shown in the light"

This current immigration bill in the Senate is flying through the night. Now, two issues I dread talking about in the Valley is Abortion and Immigration. This post will not discuss abortion; but to paraphrase Dennis Miller, is it too much to ask all those coming into the United States to sign the guestbook?

President Bush is for Senator McCain's bill. Yes, there are some issues I do not see eye to eye with the President on, this is one of them There are other issues, I trust no one that follows anyone 100%. But here is what bothers me:

Senator McCain, is being the Administration's cats paw, and worked out a compromise to get the bill past the Senate (the equivalent already is at House Judiciary committee). However, after the compromise last Wednesday, the bill was crafted Thursday, released to public on Friday and it is to be be debated on Monday [today].

The best crafted bills have sub-committee hearings, public support and at least a week's debate on the Senate floor. Senator McCain is pushing this through without any of the above. The President will sign whatever comes to his desk. As Chief Executive, that is his privilege. But the Senate can be swayed by the public; The House is based on majority rule -- the bill is a done deal there.

All I want is for a public debate on the Bill. If it suceeds, great, get it out of Congress and let the President sign it. If not, let it go the way of the Dubai Ports deal. To influence the process, call up your Senator at (202) 225-3121. And ask that the public be allowed to debate the bill before the Senators pass it in the darkness.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The new Anti-Semitism: Authorized by the DNC

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Did you watch the speech? Howard Dean, the head of the Democratic National Committee [DNC], spoke last year to the Yearly Kos. I wrote a post about the rising Anti-semitism that can be found the at the Huffington Post, Daily Kos and James Wolcott. Wolcott is behind the Vanity Fair website, and unlike the author here, you cannot contact him. So much for Democratic partisan manliness.

By the way, if there is no anti-semitism within the Democratic ranks, why all the huffing and puffing against "Neo-Conservatives?" Most "Neo-Conservatives" were formerly Jewish Liberals who became Conservative Republicans because they believe more Democracy in the Middle east would stop Terrorism. Does the Democratic party belive in democracy? Or do only Western and North Asian nations deserve to have that honor?

So, why am I highlighting Gov. Dean at the Yearly Kos? Well, with writers at the Daily Kos like The Heathlander, and others in this post citing reasons not to support Israel, will Gov. Dean decry the Kos?

No, he won't. They give the DNC money and volunteers. As long as the Heathlander expresses interest in forcing the Jews towards the sea rather then a two-state solution with both sides, the Kos and the DNC are taking a devil's bargain.

I believe in the two state solution. Let the Palestinians live freely within their state, let the Israeli's live freely within their state. All that I ask is that the Palestinians recognize Israel's right to exist and stop firing Kayusha rockets into Israel. Should the Palestinians get their State yet? No, not until they learn to get along well with their nearest neighbor. If both sides are smart, commerce and socializing will occur. Kumbaya.

Again, why Howard Dean at the Yearly Kos 2006? In case I hear that the DNC has no say over the Kos or no influence or no support. The head of the DNC is at the Kos convention where the Heathlander publishes. What Democratic Blogger will stand up to the Kos?

This post has been authorized by the Valley of the Shadow.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Rudy, Ron, Andrew and Jason

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The interchange above between Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) and Mayor Giuliani (R-NY) shows a deeper cut in the American Body Politic between the Left and the Right than between Republicans; However, Rep. Paul is taking the Left here.

The Left is more then willing to believe in the conspiracy theories about 9/11 (heck, they peddle these theories on Pacifica radio every fund drive) and Rep. Paul is willing to follow. And, Andrew Sullivan, blinded by his hate of Conservatives is following the Left. The Left, from the International Socialists down to the most local Democratic party, believe that the current Administration had something to do with 9/11. What Rep. Paul did was give in to the Lefts views and make them viable.

I have been around Government and Politics my whole life. Because of that, I don't believe in conspiracy theories, but I do believe in my country and my party. However, I don't ever remember Sullivan knocking on doors or cold calling for any Republican candidate before 2004. His issue is "Gay Rights." Great. However, Sullivan believes the public should be force-fed by the courts. That is not Conservative. If Sullivan was truly a Conservative, he would want his issue passed by the Congress and signed by a President and confirmed by the Supreme Court.

Since Sullivan is backing Rep. Ron Paul in the GOP Primary and has very few friends on the Right, he is prepping for a jump to the Left in 2008. But the Left is filled with people who want the Israelis to be pushed into the Sea like the Heathlander (also British). Does Sullivan wish to associate with people who wish death upon the Jews? That's who is in the bargain.

There are good Bloggers on the Left who make bad posts which can damage the Body Politic. Jason, who seems like a nice guy, can say some impolitic things. If Andrew associated more with Jason (and tempered his spirit a little), I would believe Sullivan's conversion. But the Left are filled with more Anti-Semites like the Heathlander then partisans like Jason.

If Rep. Paul had any chance in the primary, he ended it last night by following the Lefts line about 9/11. Giuliani acted like a true New Yorker and called "Bullshit" to Rep. Paul. Maybe Andrew Sullivan can explain why the Democrats are acting like isolationist John Birchers instead of Wilsonians?

Monday, May 14, 2007

Buy-in at the Craps Table

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The first game I played, other than slots, in Las Vegas was at Ballys, was Craps. I learned how to buy-in, where to place the chips, the first win on the dice and the first losses. That night I won $500.00 from a nut of $60.00, but in the current Presidential campaign, there are bigger stakes.

First, the Primary Calender has moved up to the point where America will learn who the candidates are by the Ides of March. Growing up in the 1970's, there was a gap between New Hampshire, Iowa and Super Tuesday. In 1976, Jimmy Carter didn't have name recognition of large amount of funds, but he made it to the convention because of that gap. In 1980, Reagan was able to focus on New Hampshire because of that time Gap before Super Tuesday.

The front loading process destroys that "Black Sheep" of both parties. They can't raise funds or build name recognition after coming in Win, Place or Show. Two traditions have been fully broken in time for '08: Joining in matching campaign funds and releasing tax returns.

Where am I putting my chips for the Presidential Campaign 2008? There is precedent which I follow:

1) The last sitting Senator elected was in 1960. Since 1968, only Governors and Vice Presidents have made the cut because of Executive experience.

2) Since 1972, no President has been elected from the North east. The even money is on Southern, Western or South western states.

3) The last president to only have a B.A. was Lyndon Baines Johnson. Every President since then has had a post-Bachelor's degree in Law.

4) At heart, most Americans do not have Royalist tendencies (except if you swoon over the names Kennedy or Clinton, but that would make you a member of the Press or the Democratic party, but I repeat myself).

Where will I place my bet? On a future gap between New Hampshire and Iowa and Super Tuesday. Oh, 2008? Keep reading.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A Hamiltonian quoting Jefferson

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In my last post, I wrote, "It is intellectually lazy to hate President Bush because as Thomas Jefferson said 'That which is popular is not always right'"

I live in Los Angeles, California, where fads and popularity move the landscape rather then political will or policy differences (that is DC). When Paris Hilton bought a little dog, every aspiring hipster (I was going to say actress, but actresses actually study acting not trends) in LA wanted the little dog too. Imitation shows no originality, no flair.

When I say "It is intellectually lazy," I see a country following Paris Hilton, sorry I meant to say, Maureen Dowd. President Clinton was not my favorite President, however, since I respected the office he temporarily held, I always made it a point to list three things that he should be respected for. I may be partisan, but I know that we live in a two party system. And some people will never vote my way. It's easy to hate, it's harder to try to look across the aisle and say "Why do these people vote for that person?" It is an intellectual game that no Leftist (that includes you, Jason) tries to engage in.

This Hamiltonian quotes Thomas Jefferson saying: That which is popular is not always right. Let's go over some popular trends in the United States. Slavery was popular in the United States from 1600 until 1865. Did that make it right? Treating African Americans as second class citizens in the North and the South was popular from 1865 until 1965. Was that right? Neither of these things were right, but they were popular, just like hating President Bush.

Hamilton believed the tax coffers of the country will come from the urban dwellers whereas Jefferson believed in the farmer. From Nixon onward, America believed in Realpolitik, supporting dictators while maintaining the illusion of peace. President Bush believes that Dictators are what cause terrorism. Do modern Democrats today believe in supporting dictators?

So, my question to the my democratic party readers is two-fold. Email me if you don't want to publicly comment here, if you wish:
1) To stop being intellectually lazy, write three things that president Bush is doing right.
2) Does the modern Democratic party believe it is better to support dictators then promote Democracy?

I will await your replies.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Spring Cleaning

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Many apologies on the long delay between posts, however there is a few things going on.

A) I do have a day job. This week I was on the 8:00AM shift, the busiest one. Next week is the late shift (9:00AM), not much for me to do, but I can post more. The 7:00AM shift also gives me the freedom to post because I leave work earlier. This week, more posts!

B) The Valley of the Shadow got reviewed! Thanks to Brent over at the Weblog Review. If you have a Blog, go there and sign up. My rebuttals to the review:
1) I am not a technician, thus the long page down on the second column. But I do participate in "link exchanges" with other Blogs. The Blog roll is from Stop the ACLU, they were an early linker to this Blog. I am old fashioned, if you support me, I will support you.
2) Donations, donations, donations! When I was in DC, I took a class about fundraising at the National Republican Congressional Committee [NRCC]. I did event fundraising for a non-profit in New York. First thing I learned, you lose if you do not ask. If I can raise the money now, next year, I can say the Valley raised $7,700 on it's own, and the target will be doubled for a military charity. If I raise the money, those donation posts go away until next year.

C) I have been trying to promote the California Encyclicals. To do that, I met Hugh Hewitt at the Los Angeles Book Fair at UCLA. I've been trying to get through to the Los Angeles Times (DC and LA). If you are a reporter, or Party person, I am available for interviewss regarding the Encyclicals.

D) Presidential politics - Yes there were early debates, but what counts for me is the last two debates before New Hampshire. Whoever is left standing have a better shot at making it to the Convention. Have I decided? Watch this spot.

E) Personal notes - I am cleaning my room and preparing for a 3000 mile journey. Like the Encyclicals, I want to help the GOP get another majority around the country. It requires my help. If you are able to help me help the GOP, email me.

F) Comment on this: It is intellectually lazy to Hate President Bush because as Thomas Jefferson said "That which is popular is not always right" Discuss.


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