Saturday, May 26, 2007

8:00AM weekly round-up

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This was my busy week, so I need to get to some of the news issues I missed:

A) This post generated a lot of heat and fire. If you want to add to the conversation, please comment. Jason, I will post my reply to your question after Monday night.

B) The Iraq funding vote. Now that the funding is there for the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, why did the Democrats in Congress cave on their main issue? Were they lied to? Was there logrolling? Or did Pelosi and Reid become Wilsonians?

C) Venezuela. They own oil and their leader is shutting down opposition media. Tell me again how President Bush has stopped The Nation from publishing, and Radio Pacifica from broadcasting?

D) This weekend in Los Angeles is the start of summer. I promise a couple of light (and funny?) posts before Monday. Get some sun. Enjoy the weather. Remember our Veterans and our troops.

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  1. Fucking Chavez! I really wanted him to put a more friendly face on a system of democratic socialism, to show all these hyper-capitalists that people could choose a socialist system that would work along with a free and open democracy. I was uneasy when he gave himself more extreme executive powers. Now this. Just like I get from the Democrats on a near-daily basis, this progressive leftist has been dealt yet another disappointment.


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