Sunday, May 27, 2007

Welcome. Music. Videos.

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Good Morning. Today, I'm bringing in four new Blog to the rolls. Let me introduce them to you and hope you visit their links. Each one is worth a visit. Also, I'm going to link to some good music and a video. First, the Blogs.....

A) From the land of Oz (Australia), the first link is to The Midnight Sun. Aurora first discovered the Valley with the I, Claudius post. I would say Aurora is the Australian Christian equivalent of Pamela Atlas of Atlas Shrugs. However, Aurora, I am having trouble leaving comments on your site. Shoot me an email from Down Under. Otherwise, good supporter of Israel and Conservative Blogger, she joins the Blog roll where Righteous Indignation used to be.

B) Jason, near San Francisco (where The Wizard of Oz is a template for the city) is a Commentator whom I respect because he stands up for his views in the Valley, is a musician and a movie-maker, who Blogs at Washington Interns Gone Bad. Jason made a movie of the same name. Watch it on his website. My only dispute is the fact that he calls himself a "Non-Partisan partisan," I learned from both parties that the only "Non-Partisan partisans," live six feet under. But, he is a strong ally of the Democrats and worth a look.

C) Chessnovice is an erudite commentator and Blogger. He posts at Shades of Grey and Black where issues are brought up at an intellectual level rather then a partisan one (such as at the Valley). He is a friend of an ex-girlfriend and lives down in Texas. Read his blog and comment. Maybe you will learn something new.

D) Norm is blogging for the right reason. He makes beer and wants to fill us in on the details. His blog is Norm's Beer LOG. I know him from work and he put the Valley together. Read it over your next beer.

Now, the music. My friend, John Winquist just broke up his band. However, John and the drummer, James are putting together new material. Follow the link and listen to his tunes. When John gets his new band together, they should be on the Billboard charts within a year. Listen and enjoy.

To enjoy the beginning of the summer, enjoy this video:


  1. Hey, thanks for the link, and specifically thanks for not putting me amongst Hewitt, Malkin, et al. I have always considered a partisan to be somebody who puts the good of their party before all else, and under that definition I am definitely not a partisan. My feeling toward the democrats is more like the US support of Saddam or the Mujadeen in Afghanistan. It's an uneasy support of not particularly good people who are fighting worse people. I can assure you that after the way I left my job at the DNC years ago, the Democrats certainly wouldn't consider me a strong ally by any means.

  2. Here via Blog Explosion. Nice blog! Wishing you a happy Memorial Day!

    Burkean Reflections

  3. JSF, thanks for the link. Hope you can get onto my blog now.
    Look forward to seeing you there. Keep up the great blogging.

  4. JSF,

    It is indeed an honor to be included on roll of blogs. I think you will enjoy my next set of posts. They should be rollling off the presses by early next week.


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