Sunday, May 20, 2007

What's done in the darkness....

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One of my favorite songs by Moby was re-done by Johnny Cash. On Moby's Play, the song was called "Run On"; Cash's title on American V was "God's Gonna Cut You Down." Both songs are from an old spiritual and have one lyric I want you to remember:

"What's done in the darkness will be shown in the light"

This current immigration bill in the Senate is flying through the night. Now, two issues I dread talking about in the Valley is Abortion and Immigration. This post will not discuss abortion; but to paraphrase Dennis Miller, is it too much to ask all those coming into the United States to sign the guestbook?

President Bush is for Senator McCain's bill. Yes, there are some issues I do not see eye to eye with the President on, this is one of them There are other issues, I trust no one that follows anyone 100%. But here is what bothers me:

Senator McCain, is being the Administration's cats paw, and worked out a compromise to get the bill past the Senate (the equivalent already is at House Judiciary committee). However, after the compromise last Wednesday, the bill was crafted Thursday, released to public on Friday and it is to be be debated on Monday [today].

The best crafted bills have sub-committee hearings, public support and at least a week's debate on the Senate floor. Senator McCain is pushing this through without any of the above. The President will sign whatever comes to his desk. As Chief Executive, that is his privilege. But the Senate can be swayed by the public; The House is based on majority rule -- the bill is a done deal there.

All I want is for a public debate on the Bill. If it suceeds, great, get it out of Congress and let the President sign it. If not, let it go the way of the Dubai Ports deal. To influence the process, call up your Senator at (202) 225-3121. And ask that the public be allowed to debate the bill before the Senators pass it in the darkness.

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