Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Rudy, Ron, Andrew and Jason

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The interchange above between Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) and Mayor Giuliani (R-NY) shows a deeper cut in the American Body Politic between the Left and the Right than between Republicans; However, Rep. Paul is taking the Left here.

The Left is more then willing to believe in the conspiracy theories about 9/11 (heck, they peddle these theories on Pacifica radio every fund drive) and Rep. Paul is willing to follow. And, Andrew Sullivan, blinded by his hate of Conservatives is following the Left. The Left, from the International Socialists down to the most local Democratic party, believe that the current Administration had something to do with 9/11. What Rep. Paul did was give in to the Lefts views and make them viable.

I have been around Government and Politics my whole life. Because of that, I don't believe in conspiracy theories, but I do believe in my country and my party. However, I don't ever remember Sullivan knocking on doors or cold calling for any Republican candidate before 2004. His issue is "Gay Rights." Great. However, Sullivan believes the public should be force-fed by the courts. That is not Conservative. If Sullivan was truly a Conservative, he would want his issue passed by the Congress and signed by a President and confirmed by the Supreme Court.

Since Sullivan is backing Rep. Ron Paul in the GOP Primary and has very few friends on the Right, he is prepping for a jump to the Left in 2008. But the Left is filled with people who want the Israelis to be pushed into the Sea like the Heathlander (also British). Does Sullivan wish to associate with people who wish death upon the Jews? That's who is in the bargain.

There are good Bloggers on the Left who make bad posts which can damage the Body Politic. Jason, who seems like a nice guy, can say some impolitic things. If Andrew associated more with Jason (and tempered his spirit a little), I would believe Sullivan's conversion. But the Left are filled with more Anti-Semites like the Heathlander then partisans like Jason.

If Rep. Paul had any chance in the primary, he ended it last night by following the Lefts line about 9/11. Giuliani acted like a true New Yorker and called "Bullshit" to Rep. Paul. Maybe Andrew Sullivan can explain why the Democrats are acting like isolationist John Birchers instead of Wilsonians?


  1. Once again, thanks for the linkage. I only take exception to a couple of things in this post. One is that I'm no partisan. I've said numerous times that the democratic party is the one I hate the least of the two. At one point a very long time ago I may have considered myself a democrat (though I gave that up even before my year-long stint working at the DNC), but they've let me down way too many times (and working at the DNC during election 2000 really cemented that for me).

    Secondly, do you even take yourself seriously when you paint the entirety of the left as being anti-semitic? I know you are very personally and emotionally involved in the Israel/Palestine conflict issue and I think that that has severely clouded your logic and judgment on it, and only rational minds are going to be able to stop the killing on both sides.

    As for my post, I know my post about Falwell wasn't particularly nice. Sometimes I go out on a limb to be provocative, but this one came quite naturally. If there's ever been a corpse that deserved a kick to the head, it's Falwell. If any of that Bible stuff is true, Jesus is breaking his foot off in Jerry's ass as we speak for all of the wack shit he's done in his name.

    OK, one last thing... is wanting to get out of a war we have no business being in really isolationism? I don't see any other examples of anything to suggest that. I don't hear anybody in either party saying we need to get out of Afghanistan. But I'm hearing a lot of talk of isolationism blowing out of the right wing echo chamber. Despite being a republican activist, you seem smart enough to rise above that kind of bullshit. I guess it's a matter of which is more important to you, your party or honesty.

  2. Anonymous7:33 AM PDT

    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog this morning!

  3. Paul is a moron and so is McPain. Rudy is no good, but I liked his rip on Paul.

    Romney is the man, period.

  4. Forget Romney, he's nothing but a snake oil salesman. Duncan Hunter is numero uno!

  5. The slate of candidates on both sides of the aisle leeave much to be desired.

    Is it me or does it seem as though the intellectual ability of the candidates declining with each passing day?

    I often feel that slate of candidates thus far presented reflects an increasing tendency towards mediocrity in the political arena.

    Have United States political parties become the patron saints of the mediocrities?


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