Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Endorsements (2) -- November 2012 Southland Candidates

To make things better, change starts from your locality -- your town, your city, your block.

If you want to make something, start right where you stand and convince your friends and neighbors.  If you cannot win your own block, apartment building or subculture, its hard to change the world without an Army behind you.

1970 Governor Reagan re-election

Or, as I like to say, "You cannot fight City Hall. Alone."

Here are some people who will change America out of the status quo of the Age of Contraction.

Ready? Go!


President/VP: Romney-Ryan 2012 -- President Obama could have been Mayor Bradley, instead, he became Mayor Dinkins.  That's not the Right's fault.  The fault, dear Left, is in thine own eyes and how you treat your Electoral opposites during Governing years.  (There will be a Blog post about this post election).

Plus, Romney-Ryan are a mixture of Moderate Republicanism (Romney) and Fiscal Conservatism (Ryan).  Social issues will take a backseat to the Economic and foreign policy issues in this Administration. 

1980 President Reagan re-election


Senator -- Elizabeth Emken -- why is it harder to unseat Feinstein rather then Boxer? Feinstein plays well with others on Capitol Hill, Boxer does not.  Expect Boxer to be thrown out in the next CA Senatorial cycle.


DA -- Alan Jackson. I've met him, and I was impressed with his seriousness and skills.  He does not look for the cameras, he looks for the wins in court.   The best type of politician.  

Convention battle 1976 (Reagan v. Ford)

State Senate

Due to Prop 14 there is a limited amount of candidates who made the Top 2 in the State Senate and State Assembly.  Here we go!

SD 21: Steve Knight (Antelope Valley);

SD 25: Gilbert Gonzalez (San Gabriel Valley);
SD 27: Todd Zink (Western San Fernando and Northern PCH Cities);
SD 29: Bob Huff (San Gabriel Valley and the OC);

State Assembly
(**See Prop 14 notes above)

SA 36 Ron Smith (Antelope Valley);
SA 38 Scott Wilk  (Santa Clarita);
SA 41 Donna Lowe (San Gabriel Valley);
SA 43 Greg Kirkorian (Burbank/Glendale);
SA 44 Jeff Gorell  (Thousand Oaks);
SA 46 Jay Stern (Western San Fernando Valley)* I know him -- nice guy who is a teacher from LAUSD. he would do well for Education policy and Constituent service. VOTE FOR JAY STERN!  

SA 48 Joe Gardner (Glendora and Covina);
SA 52 Kenny Coble (Pomona, Chino and Ontario);
SA 53 Jose Trinidad Aguilar (Downtown and Gateway Cities);
SA 54 Keith McCowen (Century City, Culver City and Crenshaw District)* Another friend I wholly endorse.  If you live in his district, Vote and support Keith McCowen. He will bring "real change" to the Assembly!

SA 55 Curt Hagman (San Gabriel Valley and Yorba Linda);
SA 57 Noel James (South El Monte and OC);
SA 58 Patricia Kotze-Ramos (Commerce, Downey and Cerritos);
SA 63 Jack M. Guerrero  (South Gate);
AD 70 Martha Flores Gibson (Long Beach)

1966 Reagan (1st campaign)

Congressional Districts
CD 23 Kevin McCarthy
CD 25 "Buck" McKeon
CD 27 Jack Orswell
CD 28 Phil JennerJahn
CD 32 David Miller
CD 34 Stephen Smith
CD 38 Benjamin Campos
CD 39 Ed Royce
CD 47 Gary DeLong


CD 29 David Hernandez  (I) * Also a good friend
CD 33 Bill Bloomfield (I) * my district

And finally, because I like backing underdogs:

CD 30 Brad Sherman (D)  -- if Sherman wins, the democratic party machine that has done nothing for the San Fernando Valley will finally listen. if you like the status quo in the San Fernando valley, vote for the 74 year old Berman.

And that's it!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

G-dspeed Janeen Caudillo (8/16/79 - 10/19/12)

The middle of the week, I received some bad news.  A good friend, a sweet person, my friend Janeen passed away.

We all laughed and joked at the top of the Monte Cristo.  I joked I had a crush on her, she had a crush on my friend Ron, in the end, I was hoping my friend Ron would start dating her.  She had inner and outer beauty. She even helped me get Right in the Dark started by adding her signature.

I'll shut up and let the pictures talk.

G-dspeed, Janeen.  You and your smile will be missed. :{

Janeen and I

Kissing the Camera


Ron and Janeen
Looking charming for the Night Crowd
Chillin out down in the Monte Cristo Parking Lot

Laughing with friends -- Janeen (far L), Ron (Mid R) and the Thompsons (Mid R - far R)
Two Janeens for the price of one picture!
In the cold of Winter, Janeen always came with  a smile!

The light that burns twice as bright burns for half as long - and you have burned so very, very brightly,
-- Tyrell to Roy Batty, Blade Runner

Only the Good Die Young by Charles F. Kane
And your race is run
And I am the one who is left behind,
To pick up the pieces of what’s left behind,
Only the good die young.

It must be true because you could have so many years left,
You could have more of your life to give,
But the fates decide, and maybe for the best
That only the good die young.

Although our time was short,
I saw you through your life
And now I must carry on with mine
Because only the good die young.

We don’t want to see you go,
But sometime we might have to just let go,
We don’t want to say good bye,
But in the end

1956 -- The Last Time the New York Times Endorsed a Republican.

Today, like clockwork, the New York Times endorsed another Democrat for the Presidency.

The last Republican ever endorsed by the NYT occurred in 1956 (and 1952):

The Last Time the NYT was Bi-partisan in its Outlook

And I quote:

What the NYT does not understand is no Republican in Congress trusts President Obama since he cannot even understand (like the NYT) the differing branches of the GOP and what each Congressional Republican individual goal.  Budgeting requires trade; what is Obama offering?

In my lifetime, their have been Four Moderates at the top of the ticket.**  If the NYT cannot recognize who the moderates are within the GOP, then they have no reason to be bothering Our Candidates and Elected Officials. 

If there is a President Romney, it is time to dis-invite the NYT from any Press Room till they figure out that America is a Two Party system.  And if there is a Republican Congress (House and Senate), it is time to ask if there is collusion between the NYT and the DNC.

My question: Have you avoided anything since 1956?

** The Four Moderate POTUS candidates:

1976: President Ford
1988: President Bush (pere) [Thanks DEK!]
2008: Senator McCain
2012: Governor Romney 

UPDATE 6:52PM PST: Welcome Insty Readers!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Endorsements (1) -- November 2012 Props

It's that time of year! The time where Californians (and Angelenos) vote to directly affect their Government.  

If you need a good neutral guide to Ballot Propositions around the country, let me recommend Ballotpedia.  I use it too.

Here are the Valley's (along with the CRP and RPLAC) recommendations:

CA Props

Prop 30 -- Governor Brown's tax raising prop.  These are the ways to scare business' and investors from the State of California.  Raise funds on millionaires (again!); And these taxes will be added retroactively.  To make the ballot prop even worse, it claims to support schools, but there is no direct pathway from Taxes to schools. 
Valley: NO

Prop 31 -- Change the budgetary cycle into a Two year Cycle.  Allow Line Item by the Governor and allow Counties to change regulations.  This follows how the US Congress does it, and allows disestablishmentarianism of Over-regulation..  I love this Amendment!
Valley: YES!

Prop 32 -- If the Democrats were really opposed to Citizens United, they would support this prop.  If you want to change the status quo of a failing state, the Democrats would support this.  Instead, the opposition to this Prop is a replay of those who already control the state (using INGSOC tactics to scare voters from voting on it).  The question is: Are Democrats truly opposed to Citizens United or do they fear giving up power of a failing state? 
Valley: YES

Prop 33 -Lower Car Insurance rates if you're a great driver.  For some reason, Democrats oppose this.  What is wrong with better drivers getting rewarded by their Insurance company?  Bueller?
Valley: YES

Prop 34:  Overturn Death penalty in California.  Because of the California State Government alliance with the Prison Guards Union and the ACLU, there has been no Death penalty used for decades.  Charles Manson, anyone? How about using it first before overturning it?
Valley: NO

Prop 35 -- Stop human trafficking.  Increase prison time for those who traffic in people.  If you vote No on this, both Democrats and Republicans will oppose you.  And even worse, the Valley will send Crawlers after you. 
Valley: YES

Prop 36 -- Changing "Three Strikes," Another try again.  Does it work? Look below:
Valley: NO

Prop 37 - Labeling Organic food.  We already are hurting farmers in the Central Valley by shutting off the water.  Now, we want to over-regulate anything that is grown in our state?!?
Valley: NO

Prop 38 -- Tax funds earmarked ONLY for Education.  Accountability which is missing in Governor Brown's proposition is found here.
Valley: YES

Prop 39 - Tax on multi state business.   Talk to me on this prop when CA Unemployment is below 3%.
Valley: NO

Prop 40 -- Re-work State Senate Districts. 
Valley: YES

County Props

A -- Do we make the County Assessor appointed? I am against this because the Assesor should be accountable to the voting public. 
Valley: NO

B -- This is the one my friends around the country they wish they could vote on in their neighborhoods.  Sorry, its an LA Thing. 
Valley: YES

J:  Adding taxes that might pay for public transport.
Valley: NO

By Sunday, I will lay out candidate endorsements.  Let me know if you use this as your guide. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

President Obama Lost the Most Important Supporters on 9/11/12

When I did my report on Ambassadors and Appointments during Watergate in 1995, I met Bruce Laingen and others who survived their "stay" at the American Embassy in Tehran for the 444 days.

What did I learn?

Embassy ground is American Ground.  

Or read this from Vienna Conference on Diplomacy (1961):

Article 22
1. The premises of the mission shall be inviolable. The agents
of the receiving State may not enter them, except with the consent of
the head of the mission.
2. The receiving State is under a special duty to take all
appropriate steps to protect the premises of the mission against any
intrusion or damage and to prevent any disturbance of the peace of the
mission or impairment of its dignity.
3. The premises of the mission, their furnishings and other
property thereon and the means of transport of the mission shall be
immune from search, requisition, attachment or execution.

So, President Obama did not care about International law when it came to 9/11/12. 

When Ambassador Christopher Stevens was killed in Benghazi (a province in Libya, away from the capitol) with no protection, there was one other group who were also attacked in the Fires of 9/11/12 -- the Intelligence Agencies. 

View Muslim Protests by John Hudson in a larger map

During the debates, President Obama took credit for killing Osama Bin Ladin.  Did the President think there would be no "blowback?" (a term used by the Democrats during the last Administration)

The President stopped reading the Presidential Daily Briefings [PDB] long before the attack -- President Obama was concerned with re-election, not Governing.  The night of the attack, he went to sleep.  The next day, he went to a fundraiser in Las Vegas. 

The PDB's are compiled by our Men and Women in the Intel Agencies, and President Obama ignored them. 

To win elections, you need coalitions.

To Govern, you need coalitions and then you need to give individuals cover when times are rough or your Word is useless.

The one group of people no one has mentioned during this Election are the American Intelligence networks, in the Beltway and Overseas. 

Say what you will about President Bush (and the Democrats have), but he backed his people up.  Old School politics, don't leave your allies in a bind.

My question to those who work in the Dark: Do you, Men and women, of the Intelligence Agencies feel safe with a second Term Obama Administration?   

Well, has President Obama given any response to those attackers other then speeches?  

If our Men and Women in the Outer dark don't feel safe, do you think they would take it lying down?  I think not.

My question: Why has the Obama Administration not supported our Men and Women in the Intel Agencies?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Returning Tomorrow.

The fall of Club Monte Cristo and watching debates with a keen eye (and tracking local Politicos) meant I wasn't Blogging here. 

It took a comic book and hanging out at Disko Nekro (close to my couch pad, but not as cool as the Monte Cristo -- sorry!) among friends to bring me back. 

During the day, I have to drive my Mom to an Industrial Area of Downtown LA (East of California General) and then in the midst of the afternoon, pick her up (it's not a safe area).  This is an area where in the full darkness, you can conjure up a Lovecraftian Great Old One and no one would ever know. 

And even in this Industrial section, 5 miles West of civilization, there are empty storefronts.  Pictures will be shown when my Mom returns West to Baudry.  

 Here are the posts I will try to write in between all this chaos:

1) The Permanent war between the Democratic Party and the Intelligence Agencies;

2) Anger and Epistemic Closure by the Democrats;

3) Winning in LA (2012 Coda);

4) Final Predictions (with Electoral Map!); and

5) The Democrats of the Long Majority ( 1955 - 1995) and Modern Democrats Today -- why they cannot win;

Since I've been gone, I owe at least music and a movie.

First a tune:

Fatboy Slim, Weapon of Choice

And the movie, The Rundown (2003)

And I say, jokingly:

Christopher Walken/Bill the Cat 2012!

Open comment section, talk what you will.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Why Politics Stop Being Politics and became War (First in an Occaisional Series)

Is that a Democrat or Republican coming closer? 
Are we inching towards a second Civil War?

When did Politics get so serious that the opposition (D or R) looks like an At-At in the distance? (see picture above)

Why do Political disagreements between friends have sharper edges during this Election?

At Rasmussen, Chairman Del Beccaro tries to answer these questions (and puts some future posts [in the queue] in perspective). 

Here is the intro:

"Throughout all of history, the larger the stakes the more divided a people and the larger the government, the larger the stakes. This year, the presidential election is taking America to new partisan heights.

"In general, partisan intensity is directly proportional to the number and size of the political prizes we seek. So in the wake of a revolution with so much at stake between the sovereign states and those who wanted a “more perfect union,” partisanship was so intense that history would remember the protagonists as Federalists and their partisan opposites: Anti-Federalists. It is hard to imagine a more diametric battle. It featured political diatribes that make our modern discourse diplomatic by comparison. Of course, 70 years later, our partisan stakes reached their highest peak in American history with the Civil War - when our ways of life were decided not by the ballot but with guns.

"Those and certain other exceptions aside, our differences over the last two centuries have tended to be minimal compared to today. Government at every level was but a drop in the bucket compared to today’s ocean of spending and regulations. Not long after we settled upon or various limited government constitutions, we fought each other less and were therefore less divided because government did less."

America survived the Civil War (a war between the Agrarian slave-holder economy and the Industrial, factory and individual freedom based Economy), but it was also geographical.  The Frontier, common during the 19th Century is closed. So, if tensions flare higher, there is no where to escape the fighting. 

Governments, throughout History, usually Expand, then fall (look at the expanse of the Roman Republic and then the 3rd/4th Century Roman Empire) because of overreach. 

Chairman Becarro continues:

"The rather early lack of government-centric competition between us left our castles nearly unassailed and fostered the Era of Good Feelings, a period which allowed our fifth President, James Monroe, to run for reelection unopposed. An unopposed school board race is rare today. An unopposed presidential election is unimaginable.

"Not coincidentally, we have allowed our government to grow to such an extent that nearly every aspect of our life is either regulated or taxed or threatened with one or the other. On each side of those equations is a willing adversary seeking benefits or attempting to deprive others of theirs. In the middle are ambitious politicians amplifying if not promoting the competition for their own power or graft.

"So we find city councils everywhere deciding the scope of your property rights including the size of our former castles. At the other end of the spectrum, the federal government restricts and regulates the mattress on which we sleep, the food we eat, the cars we buy, the fuel we use to get to work, the rules that apply at our work, the TV we watch after work and the light we turn off at night - not to mention the manner in which our children are taught. In between are state governments rushing to fill the vacuum of virtually every freedom we leave unattended.

"Each such regulation or tax is to someone’s detriment and another profit. We take that competition to new heights in our tax code, which long ago abandoned its principal purpose, i.e. to raise money, in favor of political favoritism."

Why did Obamacare wake the Tea Party?

Because, if Government can weigh in on your Health, it can weigh in on what you do in your life.  If alcohol becomes the next cigarettes (i.e. Democrats next Hated Lobbyist Group), how soon before clubs and bars (i.e. Local Commerce) has to shut down?   

The Kelo case by SCOTUS is another example of others defining how you (yes, YOU!) live your life.  Whether your city uses Eminent Domain to for a new business (to help the cities tax base) or for altruistic reasons ("You don't need your home, we can put a [BLANK] here instead!"), your livelihood vanishes in place of the State.  

When the Government (Federal, State and Federal) is manageable and not expansive, the fight for control tones down.  Government is not a prize but a way to help the public do things business' and individuals cannot do.  And because it is a prize for Democrats, they are free to attack (with racial and misogynistic terms) those who oppose their candidate, like actress Stacey Dash

And the Final part of the must read post:

"Today, our national sport may well be businesses fighting each other for tax breaks or monopolistic protections. Consumers sanctimoniously seek relief from the protection those businesses purchase and then turn around and seek more regulation against their neighbors and the very businesses that they claim charge them too much.

"In simple terms, for everything government does it pits people and/or businesses against each other for ever more benefits or protections, and the more government taxes, regulates, licenses or spends, the more fighting there is. Given that overall state and federal government spending and debt is in the tens of trillions, we should understand the height of our problem and the length to which this partisanship will extend.

"The 2012 election highlights our partisanship. Despite two years of non-stop campaigning, our candidates have fought to a draw. Even our vice presidential candidates garner an equal 44% in a recent Rasmussen poll. Not coincidentally, nearly half of Americans pay no federal income taxes, and most of those who do are crying foul over government spending

"Of course, we are not alone in this tired play of history. From historian Will Durant we read: "Isocrates, old and rich, complained in 353 B.C., 'When I was a boy, wealth was regarded as a thing so secure and admirable that almost everyone affected to own more property than he possessed . . . now a man has to be ready to defend himself against being rich as if it were the worst of crimes.' " You see, what is new is really rather old."

The American system is not, if your neighbor has more then you -- he is taking from you.  It is, each person can rise individually (and bring family along too) if the State does not interfere in every part of our lives.   

Election 2012 is bringing along Raw feelings.  Why?

It is not just Power of the State reflected in few things; Whomever has Power of the State in 2013 will (with Obamacare in play) have control over every facet of our lives.

Conservatives, Republicans and Tea Partiers value the individual while the Democrats want to use the American Government OVER People.  In the original Star Wars, the Empire disbanded the Imperial Senate to allow regional control.  In the movies, we only see the opposition and not how it affected the day-to-day lives within the Empire.  

Democrats once believed Government would lift those out of poverty into the Middle Class; Modern Liberals talk of the "Poor always being with us,"  If you visit parts of (Democratically run) Los Angeles, the poor remain, and business' remain closed. 

Election 2012 is important because it should not be War between the Politicals but there should be some common ground on how far Government interferes with your life.

My question: Does Government need to be in Every facet of Our Lives? Has it worked anywhere/anytime?
The Power of the State in One Scene

Monday, October 08, 2012

Movie Monday -- Nineteen Eighty Four (1984 version)

It's autumn, the trees change color and the dark comes quick.

Halloween arrives before Election Day, and of course, the Valley is ready.

There are Two posts in the queue that will find its way out this week:

1) Changing DC (An Alternate History of the Obama Administration and Election 2012); and

2) The Private v. Public faces of President Obama;

Now, enjoy a film that cuts to the heart of the Modern Democratic party.

They need Emmanuel Goldsteins and their Two Minute Hates;

They have an Inner and an Outer Party. And the Proles are looked down upon. 

And finally, in the 1984 version, there is some great acting by Richard Burton and John Hurt. 

First a tune for the movie, done by the Eurithmics:

Doubleplusgood, Eurithmics

And now, 1984 starring Burton and Hurt:

See you in the Valley!

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Live Blogging the 2012 First Presidential Debate!

This is where the rubber meets the road folks.

Both men, both philosophies will be given a shot to convince the American audience.

Let the games begin!

I will also be commenting on my Twitter feed as we go, so get ready! (links later)

6:03PM PST: Jim Leherer lays out the rules and the candidates appear.

Q1: What is the difference between each men about jobs?

President Obama [O]: Giving pap speech. Horrible 4 years ago (OF COURSE! Every 4years the economy always goes down!)

Governor Romney [R]:  Anecdotes about current employment situ; How to fix 1) Energy independence 2) Free Trade 3)????????   4) Back small business'

R: Trickle down Government

O: Wants to increase Government without thinking of a way of getting tax revenue.

R: Energy and Free Trade as a way of increasing revenue.

O: Back to Taxes -- cut taxes to Middle Class families. R cannot close loopholes or deductions (and O did?).  Completely ignored sequester!

R: Bring down tax rates to get revenue.  Small business pays Tax Revenue.  This is about jobs.

O: Back to tax rates of Clinton without Government size of Clinton.  97% of small business will not see taxes grow.  Zing to Trump. Stereotype GOP Cuts.

JL: Overtime on Tax/job issue -- but keep going to make it interesting.

R: O Taxes go to 40% -- it costs jobs. Follow Bowles -Simpson.

O: Blaming 4 years ago.....Nooooo! You were hired to fix it.

R: Repeating plan so that O and Media do not misinform the public.

6:25 PM:

JL: Federal Deficit -- how to fix?

R: Critical and moral issue. $1T a year is not moral. More people work, more revenue; More taxes = slower Economy. Going all Dave on the Economy (Remember the movie!) R willing to take heat on cuts.

O: Blaming Bush...still.

R: Why am I not going to raise taxes? Economy is slow, just like 4 years ago.

O: Wants to balance budget...He had 4 years to do that! Now attacking Oil industry (after spending years attacking coal).  Attacks big business but is having trouble raising funds from same.  Look at your rhetoric O! And now attacking Governors!

JL: Entitlements and Social Security

O: talks about 80s fix, not Bush fix.  When I interned in Dan Miller's office, Social security was still struggling.  Romney smiling -- he knows.

R: No changes under either Admin -- Medicare being cut from programs by O.  $1 for every $15 cut.  Obama looking snarky.

O: Medicare to Voucher program, lack of choice by another D.  Medicare is being cut now, still attacking Insurance companies.

R: No change for retirees. Allow younger to choose current or private plan (My Dad like these!)

O: Money has to com from somewhere.  At voucher system, insurance companies will take funds.

JL: Economy -- Federal Regulations (YES!)

R: Free market needs Regulations. (YES!)  Regulation can become excessive and out of date.  Excessive Reg hurts economy.Need to turn over some of Dodd-Frank.

O: The economic crisis was reckless behavior across the board. We need Dodd-Frank.

R: Its been two years, banks failing and mortgage unsure of regulations.

JL: Obamacare

R: repeal Obamacare, it is not affordable for people.Craft plans at State level.

O:  Obamacare works! Attacks insurance companies again.

R: Shows why Americans vote for Governors over Senators.  Executive experience working with smaller Congresses.

O: relying on experts when dealing with individuals? (Does it work? Think Vietnam and "best and the brightest"  This is about Death Panels.

R: Pre-existing covered.  Already covered in marketplace. Key task is to get price down.An appointed board is not effective.  Free people and free enterprise = better.

O: Romney is wrong. Romneycare works. Death panels OK.

R: How to be bi-partisan.  Principles and working with Congress Negotiate.

JL: Role of Government

O:  Talking about Transcontinental Railroad.

R: Role of Government is to promote Life, Liberty. Promote American Military. Tolerance and freedom. Pursue happiness.    America helps those who fall. Individuals can pursue their dreams (Ruin Hollywood open till 5 AM!)

JL: Role of Government

R: Parent + Child should have choices.

O: Budgets matter (Pass one lately?). Cuts in support in Education by Ryan in budget.  (No budget passed the Congress). Demagogue Romney and Republicans.

 R: Government should not pick winners or losers. How do we make Private sector and schools effective?

JL: How to end partisan gridlock?

R: Elected to MA, so I had to get along across the aisle.  Sit down day after elected and meet/discuss and collaborate.

O: Praised current Congress and support having "fights," And attacking Romney.  (Missing the point!)

JL: Closing Statements

O: Pap speech.

R: Look at records.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Words of Wisdom from Da Tech Guy!

Sometimes, you just have to promote the words of another when they hit the same note you're trying to sing.

When it comes to dealing with "The Arab Street," the "Muslim Brotherhood," or "Hamas/Hezbollah,"  these words need to be said.

I'll shut up and let DTG say some words of wisdom:  

"When they came to America the various churches massed in various colonies and based upon their own level of tolerance for other religions, enacted laws restricting the practice of other religions until finally with the adoption of the Bill of Rights in the New constitution (1787) the principle of freedom of religion was firmly established as a national policy.

"We’ve had a few bumps as Catholics in Pennsylvania and Joseph Smith could tell you but by and large we’ve done an excellent job allowing people of any and all religions to practice as they please.

"Islam has been around for quite a while, as a Roman Catholic I see several things good about it, particularly its devotion to regular prayer which is the basis of any devotion to God.

"As an American: I freely welcome you to practice Islam in America. Worship God as you see fit.

"As an American: I freely welcome you to make public your practice, hold festivals, have parades, share cultural events, let your culture be part of ours as so many other cultures have before you.

"As an American: I freely welcome you to use all the freedoms promised to protect religious belief under the laws of the United States and of the individual states to make sure your right to worship is respected.

"As an American: I freely welcome you to make your best case for Islam, explain your religion, proselytize, I invite you to make the finest argument you can that Islam is the best way to get closest to God and to live a better life that you can, both in public and in private.

"As an American: I freely welcome you to make the case against my religion, any other religion or no religion at all. If you say Islam is truth explain why other religions are false or have it wrong in print, in media and on the net.

"As an American: I freely welcome you to attempt to convert people even a Catholic like me. Convert the entire United States if you can 


"As an American...in...America In return I Demand the following:

"As an American: I say you MUST NOT prevent others from Worshiping G-d as they see fit

"As an American: I say you MUST NOT restrict the public practice of other religions, festivals or any other celebration or expression of any other religion.

"As an American: I say you MUST NOT violate the laws of the United States nor the individual States where you live in the practice of your religion.

"As an American: I say you MUST NOT prevent others from making the best case they can, in public or in private, for their religions or religious denominations, nor prevent others from making their case to follow no religion at all.

"As an American: I say you MUST NOT prevent others from making the case against Islam, for explaining the flaws in your belief and declaring that you have it wrong in print, in media or on the net.

"As an American: I say you MUST NOT prevent others from converting followers of Islam nor must you harm those who do. Islam must be able to stand on its own two feet;


"If you do otherwise:

"If you choose to practice and excuse things such as Honor Killing

"If you attempt to pass laws to restrict critique of Islam.

"If you attempt to silence the voices that would argue against you by physical action or vandalism

"If you commit violence against those who would preach another creed even in towns where you are the majority,

"If you attempt to slay those who would choose to leave Islam.

"If actively and material support those who would overthrow this nation and it’s laws or target America & Americans for slaughter.

"Then I say you have broken the compact of America, and I will fight you in word or deed to my dying breath.

"The choice is entirely yours."

As a Jew and an American, I feel everyone should practice (or not practice) supporting their Deity as they see fit. As a Jew, I know parts of Islam want to destroy the ONLY Jewish State in the world; As an American,  I know tolerance is a two way street.  I will tolerate the "Arab Street," of Islam when the Arab League tolerates the existence of Israel. 

And the way they treat women or those not of their faith....Why don't the Liberals stand up and say "This is wrong!"? 

My question: What do these words mean for you?

October 2012 Tip Jar (And a Gothy Muse!)

It's that time again.  

As always, I'm trying to raise $500 -- Please donate. 

Now, for this months Gothy Muse:

As this is October ('tis Gothy season of Halloween and the month before Election Day), time for a Muse who stands out during this time of year.

During the 80's I was a big fan of two sci-fi shows broadcast from Canada: War of the Worlds (BOTH seasons) and Friday the 13th.  I was never a fan of the Jason movies (too predictable, Freddy Kruger had me jump out of my movie seat), but the show was awesome. 

Here was the premise of the show: The last owner of the store made a Deal with the Devil to sell haunted objects, and it was the three members of Friday the 13th (show) that were looking for the missing items before they destroyed people (and/or their souls). 

Louise Robey was one of the reasons I watched the show.  She was a model, then actress, and currently a musician.  She starred in Raw Deal and the Money Pit.  Here is her acting career.

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Now, Louise Robey!

Friday the 13th Characters (Louise Robey, L)
Early Album Cover

 Publicity Shot
At Night, after the Rains...
A Literary Gothy Muse
At the Water
Lady in Red
The redhead with Red Lips 
Robey's Album
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