Monday, October 01, 2012

October 2012 Tip Jar (And a Gothy Muse!)

It's that time again.  

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Now, for this months Gothy Muse:

As this is October ('tis Gothy season of Halloween and the month before Election Day), time for a Muse who stands out during this time of year.

During the 80's I was a big fan of two sci-fi shows broadcast from Canada: War of the Worlds (BOTH seasons) and Friday the 13th.  I was never a fan of the Jason movies (too predictable, Freddy Kruger had me jump out of my movie seat), but the show was awesome. 

Here was the premise of the show: The last owner of the store made a Deal with the Devil to sell haunted objects, and it was the three members of Friday the 13th (show) that were looking for the missing items before they destroyed people (and/or their souls). 

Louise Robey was one of the reasons I watched the show.  She was a model, then actress, and currently a musician.  She starred in Raw Deal and the Money Pit.  Here is her acting career.

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Now, Louise Robey!

Friday the 13th Characters (Louise Robey, L)
Early Album Cover

 Publicity Shot
At Night, after the Rains...
A Literary Gothy Muse
At the Water
Lady in Red
The redhead with Red Lips 
Robey's Album
Follow this beautiful Gothy Muse's Music. 

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