Sunday, October 21, 2012

Returning Tomorrow.

The fall of Club Monte Cristo and watching debates with a keen eye (and tracking local Politicos) meant I wasn't Blogging here. 

It took a comic book and hanging out at Disko Nekro (close to my couch pad, but not as cool as the Monte Cristo -- sorry!) among friends to bring me back. 

During the day, I have to drive my Mom to an Industrial Area of Downtown LA (East of California General) and then in the midst of the afternoon, pick her up (it's not a safe area).  This is an area where in the full darkness, you can conjure up a Lovecraftian Great Old One and no one would ever know. 

And even in this Industrial section, 5 miles West of civilization, there are empty storefronts.  Pictures will be shown when my Mom returns West to Baudry.  

 Here are the posts I will try to write in between all this chaos:

1) The Permanent war between the Democratic Party and the Intelligence Agencies;

2) Anger and Epistemic Closure by the Democrats;

3) Winning in LA (2012 Coda);

4) Final Predictions (with Electoral Map!); and

5) The Democrats of the Long Majority ( 1955 - 1995) and Modern Democrats Today -- why they cannot win;

Since I've been gone, I owe at least music and a movie.

First a tune:

Fatboy Slim, Weapon of Choice

And the movie, The Rundown (2003)

And I say, jokingly:

Christopher Walken/Bill the Cat 2012!

Open comment section, talk what you will.

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