Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Endorsements (2) -- November 2012 Southland Candidates

To make things better, change starts from your locality -- your town, your city, your block.

If you want to make something, start right where you stand and convince your friends and neighbors.  If you cannot win your own block, apartment building or subculture, its hard to change the world without an Army behind you.

1970 Governor Reagan re-election

Or, as I like to say, "You cannot fight City Hall. Alone."

Here are some people who will change America out of the status quo of the Age of Contraction.

Ready? Go!


President/VP: Romney-Ryan 2012 -- President Obama could have been Mayor Bradley, instead, he became Mayor Dinkins.  That's not the Right's fault.  The fault, dear Left, is in thine own eyes and how you treat your Electoral opposites during Governing years.  (There will be a Blog post about this post election).

Plus, Romney-Ryan are a mixture of Moderate Republicanism (Romney) and Fiscal Conservatism (Ryan).  Social issues will take a backseat to the Economic and foreign policy issues in this Administration. 

1980 President Reagan re-election


Senator -- Elizabeth Emken -- why is it harder to unseat Feinstein rather then Boxer? Feinstein plays well with others on Capitol Hill, Boxer does not.  Expect Boxer to be thrown out in the next CA Senatorial cycle.


DA -- Alan Jackson. I've met him, and I was impressed with his seriousness and skills.  He does not look for the cameras, he looks for the wins in court.   The best type of politician.  

Convention battle 1976 (Reagan v. Ford)

State Senate

Due to Prop 14 there is a limited amount of candidates who made the Top 2 in the State Senate and State Assembly.  Here we go!

SD 21: Steve Knight (Antelope Valley);

SD 25: Gilbert Gonzalez (San Gabriel Valley);
SD 27: Todd Zink (Western San Fernando and Northern PCH Cities);
SD 29: Bob Huff (San Gabriel Valley and the OC);

State Assembly
(**See Prop 14 notes above)

SA 36 Ron Smith (Antelope Valley);
SA 38 Scott Wilk  (Santa Clarita);
SA 41 Donna Lowe (San Gabriel Valley);
SA 43 Greg Kirkorian (Burbank/Glendale);
SA 44 Jeff Gorell  (Thousand Oaks);
SA 46 Jay Stern (Western San Fernando Valley)* I know him -- nice guy who is a teacher from LAUSD. he would do well for Education policy and Constituent service. VOTE FOR JAY STERN!  

SA 48 Joe Gardner (Glendora and Covina);
SA 52 Kenny Coble (Pomona, Chino and Ontario);
SA 53 Jose Trinidad Aguilar (Downtown and Gateway Cities);
SA 54 Keith McCowen (Century City, Culver City and Crenshaw District)* Another friend I wholly endorse.  If you live in his district, Vote and support Keith McCowen. He will bring "real change" to the Assembly!

SA 55 Curt Hagman (San Gabriel Valley and Yorba Linda);
SA 57 Noel James (South El Monte and OC);
SA 58 Patricia Kotze-Ramos (Commerce, Downey and Cerritos);
SA 63 Jack M. Guerrero  (South Gate);
AD 70 Martha Flores Gibson (Long Beach)

1966 Reagan (1st campaign)

Congressional Districts
CD 23 Kevin McCarthy
CD 25 "Buck" McKeon
CD 27 Jack Orswell
CD 28 Phil JennerJahn
CD 32 David Miller
CD 34 Stephen Smith
CD 38 Benjamin Campos
CD 39 Ed Royce
CD 47 Gary DeLong


CD 29 David Hernandez  (I) * Also a good friend
CD 33 Bill Bloomfield (I) * my district

And finally, because I like backing underdogs:

CD 30 Brad Sherman (D)  -- if Sherman wins, the democratic party machine that has done nothing for the San Fernando Valley will finally listen. if you like the status quo in the San Fernando valley, vote for the 74 year old Berman.

And that's it!

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