Monday, October 08, 2012

Movie Monday -- Nineteen Eighty Four (1984 version)

It's autumn, the trees change color and the dark comes quick.

Halloween arrives before Election Day, and of course, the Valley is ready.

There are Two posts in the queue that will find its way out this week:

1) Changing DC (An Alternate History of the Obama Administration and Election 2012); and

2) The Private v. Public faces of President Obama;

Now, enjoy a film that cuts to the heart of the Modern Democratic party.

They need Emmanuel Goldsteins and their Two Minute Hates;

They have an Inner and an Outer Party. And the Proles are looked down upon. 

And finally, in the 1984 version, there is some great acting by Richard Burton and John Hurt. 

First a tune for the movie, done by the Eurithmics:

Doubleplusgood, Eurithmics

And now, 1984 starring Burton and Hurt:

See you in the Valley!

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