Friday, September 19, 2014

Future Goals and Dreams (Or the Not-Bucket Bucket List)

Later, I shall be getting the Laptop up to speed, but I need help getting back up to speed……

This is a Tip Jar Plea (The Muse pictures return after the computer rises), so please help me out for this month.  

Why is this the non-bucket bucket list?  While I love the Darkness as a Goth, I was consoled that I was too young to have one…..So thus, future Goals and Dreams.  

I have a belief if you put your dreams and goals out into the Universe, and stick with getting to them, maybe (with help from Providence) it happens.  Never hurt before.

Some relay to work (If you enjoy what you do, it is never work), others to things I want to do.  One last indulgence before I get serious here in the Valley.  

The Work Goals

1.  I want to do Appropriation Policy work in either Sacramento or DC.

2.  There is one fiction novel that wants to get out and a non-fiction book about Politics;  And a third (if I manage to do well) about being in Politics and dealing with Bipolar Depression;

3.  The California Republican Party -- Next cycle I hope to work for you!

4.  Also, I want to earn enough so I don't have to worry where the next dollar is coming from.  Lobbying is also a nice job (Los Angeles, Sacramento or DC on this)

5.  Write paid articles for The Weekly Standard, American Spectator, Breitbart and/or Townhall.

6.  Have an article written about me, as the only Active (and only partisan elected) Goth Republican.  Either in Gothic Beauty or some other Goth magazine.  Yes, I still love the deep and dark.

7. Work for a Presidential Campaign, New Media -- either here in California (Los Angeles, second biggest Media market!) or the candidates Home State.

8. I want write more consistently here in the Valley.  And I'd love to make more money off the Blog writing.  Look to the sidebar for prices.

9. My family has helped in my wilderness time since I fell in 2008-09.  One day, I'd like to give them something nice in return.  That requires (4) to happen. I know I am lucky, even my future brother in law is cool.  (Hell, I'm a Goth Republican in LA: I am as cool as a Bow Tie)

10.  Running for office here in LA or for the State Assembly or State Senate.  That is still being thought and planned out.  The decision will come if some factors come into play.  (No, you don't get to know what they are...)

The Other Stuff

1.  Travel to the UK, I am an Anglophile. I would love to work in the House of Commons for a season.

2.  Being the sci-fi dystopian, apocalyptic B movie lover, a trip to Wasteland Weekend.  "Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves!"

3.  See Depeche Mode, Peter Gabriel, Jimmy Buffett (again) and all of my friends' bands in concert.

4.  One place I dream of going to: Scrub Island with the person I am married.  (That belongs after (10) in the Work stuff).  While there, learn to ride a Sailboat and Scuba.

5. Before marrying, I want to date one of my Muses I have promoted during a Rule 5 here in the Valley.  I would be honored to treat any one of them.  And I have met more then a few. (Who knows, I could marry one of them?!)

6.  Take a trip across the United States from the Santa Monica Pier to my old neighborhood of Forest Hills out to the end of the road at Montauk Lighthouse.  The last time I was there, Agent Cooper went into the Black Lodge.

7. Create an Major Event. Political or whatever.  But something nice, here in LA or DC.

8. Take a boat ride up the Southland Coast.  Take a copter ride around LA.  Stay up and see the sun rise from the Hollywood sign with a Muse.

9. Own a condo, settle down.  Have enough funds to help the poor souls down on Skid Row.  My heart saddens that people have fallen, I could have ended up there.

10.  Learn to be content.  Have a significant other by my Birthday.

Next up, posts on the CAGOP Convention.  I will post again on Sunday, there will be news there and one other place in LA (But I'm not telling....)

My question:  What are your goals and dreams?  What do you wish for?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Out from the Summer's Heat, the Valley Opens!

The Heat Rises and JSF Returns!
I go away from The Valley for the summer and the World Burns.

Even worse, the World Burns and it seems there is no one running things.

Either the Universe needs my input here in the Valley (or shaping the world some other way) or my absence created a Hole in Reality that was plugged by everything going on…..

Once can only imagine.

Now, where was I, you ask?

Choose one:

1)  Running from some domestic spies because my name matched a fake name;

2)  Shutting down the Electric Church before they made Cyborgs of Everyone;

3)  Trapped at the End of the Universe looking for Utopia;

4)  Looking for another Computer because my Gateway Computer died in July, and has now resurrected as a MacBook Pro;

5)  Lost in Time, Lost in Space; or

6) Tasked to saving the world from San Dimas.

You guess, I leave with music before the next post!

I'M BACK!!!!


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