Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Out from the Summer's Heat, the Valley Opens!

The Heat Rises and JSF Returns!
I go away from The Valley for the summer and the World Burns.

Even worse, the World Burns and it seems there is no one running things.

Either the Universe needs my input here in the Valley (or shaping the world some other way) or my absence created a Hole in Reality that was plugged by everything going on…..

Once can only imagine.

Now, where was I, you ask?

Choose one:

1)  Running from some domestic spies because my name matched a fake name;

2)  Shutting down the Electric Church before they made Cyborgs of Everyone;

3)  Trapped at the End of the Universe looking for Utopia;

4)  Looking for another Computer because my Gateway Computer died in July, and has now resurrected as a MacBook Pro;

5)  Lost in Time, Lost in Space; or

6) Tasked to saving the world from San Dimas.

You guess, I leave with music before the next post!

I'M BACK!!!!

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