Friday, April 30, 2010

Question the Timing

Politics is my bread and butter (just waiting to get paid so it can pay for my bread and butter; Southland Fundraiser news this weekend), I don't believe in conspiracy theories but in the realm of politics and policy (with an intersection of the media), some coincidences are not coincidences.

The day I interviewed with Matt Schumsky at the Magnolia office, we both heard news that the water issue (which was hurting one of the valleys in California) was now fixed for two Democratic Congressmen because the President needed a vote. See, a coincidence that was no coincidence.

And during the Clinton impeachment, how many tales came out about Thomas Jefferson and his mistress as the debate was taking place? Shall I continue?

Now, drilling for oil in America has always been an issue Democrats have always opposed. With the fiscal crisis (and the attacks on Goldman Sachs all at once, again coincidence?)in full swing, how to bring the gas prices down? Hint: drilling and cleaning the oil from domestic areas is a lot easier then importing from the (still) risky region of the Persian Gulf.

Now we have an oil spill in Louisiana and President Obama took his time to address it. Why? Read the first line of the above paragraph.

With the respect of the media at an all time low (because there are no Woodward and Bernstein's during Democratic administrations), the blogosphere questions the Administration.

One more example, when the Obama Administration started to nationalize the banks in 2009, the tea parties came into existence, just like Iran 1953. Because the same playbook that used in Iran 1953 was used by the same agency for the same endgame; say hello to the Intelligence Agencies under fire by Obama and the Democrats. No coincidence.

The Tea partiers and Conservatives will win in 2010 and 2012, because the MSM refused to question the timing.

(h/t Rush Limbaugh for this piece)

My question: Can you think of other examples since 2009 where you can "question the timing?"

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Breakdown of the 30th CD GOP Debate

Last night I saw Five candidates stand up against Rep. Waxman's indifference to Los Angeles.

At this debate at Beverly Hils High School was Larry Greenfield to ask questions; Also Robert Pedersen of the Westside Republicans and Gary "Mr. Republican," Aminoff of the San Fernando Valley Republican Club to support the candidates.

[When the Video is posted of the debate I will put it here]

Now each candidate, I will give my impression and why that person will do well against Rep. Waxman. I will go in seat order, from Right to Left:

Chuck Wilkerson: Mr. Wilkerson is a solid guy, but not the best candidate. He came down on the Right issues, but was reliant on his website for detail a few times. Going up against Waxman, we need a fighter who is knowledgeable about the issues and can get supporters. I call him a mensch, and he belongs in the DoD in the next Republican Administration, but not against Waxman.

Chris Kolski: Mr. Kolski came from nowhere to put himself into the race. He has shown up in a few meetings at the SFVRC at the beginning of 2010, but no one knew him. G-d bless his immigrant story, but when he railed against "Neo-cons," [Neo-cons believe in Democracy Overseas Mr Kolski, Reagan was a neo-con], he lost me for good. No charisma and no one knew his background before he started. Long odds here, but I was very happy that he will back the winner of the primary (as did every other candidate).

Robert Flutie: Now we get to the meat of the program. Robert Flutie, a former New Yorker and fireman, had stories to tell and has a network of people supporting him. He knew how to debate and he is good fiscal Conservative. One of three worth supporting.

**Ari David: Media-savvy, young and Jewish. He is based in Malibu so he knows The Industry and The City. Everyone in the Los Angeles Republican scene knows Ari. He spent the night focused on fighting Henry Waxman, he knows he is not running for higher office. Focused against his target, Ari David is another one worth supporting. When he hits Waxman on Obama's Israeli policy, it will hurt.

David Benning: Well established in the republican scene, and he was the only politician at the Woodland Hills tea party to give a speech. Solid credentials and very funny at times, again the third candidate worth supporting. Another fiscal Conservative.

[**Ari David has offered me his Congressional Chief of Staff position after election day in November; It helps that I have knowledge of the Appropriations process]

The latter three are worth supporting. Waxman will be retired in November.

Please support our Los Angeles candidates!

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Waiting for the Video

Just waiting for the video before I post about the 30th Congressional deistrict Repulican debate.

Once it's up, then I'm writing.

For now, enjoy this video:

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where I Am

Tonight, I will be taking notes at the 30th Congressional District Republican Debate for a Blog post tomorrow Morning. This debate is about who can beat Rep. Waxman. Given the trends this year, the winner should have a home run.

When I return from the debate, I will post Political Anger in America, part 2.

Tomorrow, I would like to be at carnival Noir. If you want to hit my Tip jar to help ($200, $400, $600, $800, $1000), please do. I can use it.

Talk amongst yourselves until I return.

UPDATE 12:06AM 4/29/10: Tired, reading notes from debate and Anger in America, part 1. Please hit the Tip Jar and see you in the AM (after many calls and emails from tonight's debate).



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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Not an Enemy: Goldman Sachs and Arizona

We Americans are good for standing up for each other in time of war (well not really, see Democrats, Iraq), and in peace (again, not really, see Democrats, Election 2000 Overtime) and President Obama unites American too -- OK, I have to stop before I die of laughter. I am ROLFLMAO on that last sentence.

President Obama's earlier job as Community organizer meant he had to fight "The Powers That be," As President, he is the MAN. So are the Democratic Majorities in Congress.

Whenever President Obama chooses an Emmanuel Goldstein (Why do Democrats always do that?), I am always wary. Here is why you shouldn't hate Goldman Sachs and Arizona's new law:

First Goldman Sachs. Has America left the recession behind and is Unemployment below 5% yet? No, so then why are Democrats attacking a major stock trader, investor in domestic companies, and an employer?

The markets dropped today because of the attacks by the Democrats. The Democrats, using the Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC], is trying to bankrupt a company based in downtown New York City. The same Downtown that is missing a large piece of real estate and financial support.

If Goldman Sachs falls, and it will, the Democrats should lose every Wall Street banker and broker in the New York Tri-state area for a generation. And if any of Wall Streeters want to help out the GOP, contact me and I will introduce you to some Los Angeles candidates worth your monies.

However, the Democrats are not businessmen or women, rather then using these hearings to see how to REFORM Goldman Sachs, they use them as scapegoats. No good will come of this. How many ancillary business' are reliant upon Goldman Sachs support? Hello American "Lost Decade," thanks to Obama!

Now Arizona.

If you live in the Southwest United States, illegal immigration is THE issue. How many people cannot find basic work in Los Angeles because you need to be fluent in two languages all over town? Yes, the idea of American English as ligua franca for transactions should not be that difficult to ask for. But in the American Southwest, it is an issue.

Let me be upfront and say, any immigrant, legal (yay!) or illegal, who abides by the law should not have a problem becoming a citizen (Controversial, I know, I am an iconoclast, sorry). However, break any basic rules of the road, such as drug smuggling, rape, murder, etc. their citizenship should be checked and they should leave, never to come back. Period.

Why do the Democrats protect lawbreakers of actual American taxpayers? Arizona is not East Germany. The law simply states, if a someone is caught in a criminal act, then they should be checked for being a citizen. Fair trade. Keep your nose clean and no problems. Again, why are the Democrats opposing the Arizona police?

My question are simple: What will the Republicans gain if the Democrats continue these attacks?

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Political Anger in America, Part 1: Prisoner Zero

There is a lot of talk about the lack of civility by the tea party protesters and the Congressional Republicans against President Obama. All of a sudden anger is the topic du jour of the day.

However, if you have been reading the Valley since it's inception, lack of civility by the Left has been one of the talking points here. Last week, MSNBC's Danny Deutsch started the idea of "Anger in America," but because Keith Olbermann cannot take criticism, it was cancelled. Consider these posts in the Valley what MSNBC could not do.

Political Anger in America did not start on 1/20/09 (most things in politics did not start on that date either), in fact it hearkens back to the attacks on Nixon. The Clinton Impeachment was about history cycling out (the same thing with Election 2000 as the close Republican win to Election 1960 with a close Democratic win). And note in both examples, Republicans did not protest or attack the Left, we soldiered on. When the left were on the losing side, they freaked.

Conservatives see history as a thing to build upon, Liberals see history, not as prelude, but as poultry, something to be improved upon.

That differences of views shows why Conservatives (and tea partiers) who have never protested before, are now active.

So who or what is Prisoner Zero? From the BBC show, Doctor Who, it was the first creature that Matt Smith dealt with. Because it had a perception filter, it could not be seen unless you were looking for it.

The media and the Left are looking for it now. But did they look at it during the last Administration? No. Break through your perception filter and look at Political Anger circa 2003 -2008 (h/t Zombietime).

Now using that same perception filter, look at what Charles Blow wrote:

I found the imagery surreal and a bit sad: the minorities trying desperately to prove that they were “one of the good ones”; the organizers trying desperately to resolve any racial guilt among the crowd. The message was clear: How could we be intolerant if these multicolored faces feel the same way we do?

It was a farce. This Tea Party wanted to project a mainstream image of a group that is anything but. A New York Times/CBS News poll released on Wednesday found that only 1 percent of Tea Party supporters are black and only 1 percent are Hispanic. It’s almost all white.

Without interviewing anyone, Mr. Blow left. He stereotyped the tea partiers (whose sole issue is Government spending) as RAAAAACISTS!

Now read Liberal Columnist Joe Klein:

Questioning an Administration's policies isn't sedition. But questioning an Administration's legitimacy in a manner intended to undermine or overthrow it certainly is. A rally like this yesterday in South Carolina is a good example of seditious speech. It's not illegal--unless actions are taken to overthrow the government in question--but it is disgraceful and the precise opposite of patriotism in a democracy.

Where was Klein and Blow when the target was Bush and Palin?

The anger is not from the loss of 08; Speak to any Conservative or Republican activist, we knew it was a goner election. In fact, most people I know in the Blogosphere and in realtime (at the LAGOP and SFVRC) are proud that America elected it's first African American president.

For the millionth time: We don't like Obama's policies.

But when you have a media that is blind to understand one party in a Two party system, and when those people (tea partiers and Republican activists) feel silenced, well explosions can occur.

Liberals always justify their need for an Emmanuel Goldstein by seeing "Conservatives are evil," not once has anyone apologized for their attacks on Bush and Palin. Again, a lack of perception filter means they don't understand the Right's anger.

Part two is about closed-mindedness, Right and Left.

My question: Which political writers have broken through their own "Perception filter?"

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Busy week -- Health Issues abound

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, personal business interfered.

Suffice it to say, the Southland Fundraiser/Great Right Wing Hollywood Blogger Meet Up was down on Monday, and was back in play on Tuesday (cue Ocean's 13).

And should it not be in play, I researched whom I can take it to, but I think I'll stick with support of the Chairman of the California Republican Party for now. (Thank you Matt Schumsky!)

The health issues, you know them, you read them; started with missing one pill under trying circumstances. Missing one pill (out of two) does not make JSF an active participant in the game of life. Sorry, but it's the truth. Never again.

So briefly: Transitioning back under some health issues and the Southland Fundraiser remains in play. I am targeting the event for late September (after the High Holy days).

Next week I will be at the 30th Congressional District Republican debate. I know the candidates, and I will blog about it afterword. If there are 5 (yes FIVE!) candidates who think Rep. Waxman is vulnerable, then look in your city and town, other Democrats are vulnerable too.

And I am ready to start the first of six Moneybombs for Los Angeles (One a month), just waiting for my business partner to discuss it with me.

The floor is open on any subject. Comment away. Hit the Tip Jar ($100, $200, $300) if you're feeling generous.

So, while I get healthy (and I will touch on the subject I mentioned in the last post), enjoy this video. Of course, it's the great Siouxie and the Banshees:

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Blogging Tomorrow Night

Not in a good place right now, so enjoy the tune until tomorrow night. The post will be about the Democratic Party and their shills unhappiness with dissent. Thank you Greenpeace, Joe Klein, and Charles Blow for giving me another post.

And here is The Cure with "Pictures of You," Live at Wembly in 1991.

Did you really think I was not going to put a Goth song here?

Free speech zone here, say anything, but be civil.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

How Los Angeles Water and Power Gives Los Angeles to the GOP

We are still in Los Angeles week, and the biggest thing that is hitting the city is the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power raising rates 4.8% across the city in July.

Even though any tax rates for the City have to be voted on by the public, the all Democratic run Los Angeles City Council voted for the rate hike.

Mayor Villaraigosa, already weakened by scandal and awaiting appointment into the Obama Administration, backed DWP because he does not have to face the voters again. The City Council is all Democrat since the flood (water issues will pop up in the second cycle of Los Angeles week) and they are never thrown out.

The public, the public employees (teachers, police and firemen) are getting screwed by DWP. There are many empty offfice buildings throughout Los Angeles and many empty storefronts too. Add the DWP rate hike to the mix and bye bye business' and hello Federal Recievership! Why are teachers losing jobs? The DWP IBEW. Why are the LAPD struggling with adding police? DWP IBEW. Why are the firemen being laid off? DWP IBEW.

This November, the Republicans will win many federal offices in both the Senate and the House, and the Tea partiers will help them. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. Why should any Los Angeles Republican House member save the seat of any Los Angeles City Council member whose idiocy brought them into this mess?

If the GOP want to be really smart, let Los Angeles remain at the edge of bankruptcy until 2013 and allow President Palin's administration take the Federal receievership of Los Angeles. Are you Los Angeles Liberals awake now?

Does the City want to help against the DWP? Here's a hint:

1) The Mayor and City Council work pro bono (with no stipends) until Los Angeles is in the black financially.

That's it.

Want to stop DWP?

1) The LAPD should not respond to any call from someone who works at DWP IBEW. The Los Angeles Public should call open season on any DWP IBEW stealing from their hard earned money and the LAPD have no reason to help them.

2) Call a General Strike for everyone on May 5, 2010. Everyone protests in this town, well, every protester who still wants to live in Los Angeles, meet up the Tea Partiers (who believe it or not, share the views on this) and protest at 111 North Hope Street in Downtown LA on May 5th at 10AM. Every Union not DWP IBEW (including the Hollywood unions) get down there and ask why they want to take your money?

Bring the protest inside at 11AM, with support from the LAPD Unions who are hurting too from the DWP IBEW.

Because of the City Council and Mayor Villaraigosa, Los Angeles will be under Federal recievership after 2013. Under President Palin's Federal Recievership.

Unless everyone in Los Angeles votes for Republicans to sit on the City Council next year.

What other solutions do you have against the LADWP?

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

See You in Woodland Hills for Tea Party day!

You can find me here. the event takes place from 5:30PM - 7:30PM

I will be carrying a sign: No Taxation without Representation.

An encroaching Government is steps away from a Caesar, but the opponents of Tea party don't know that.

The link is here.

Tonight's post will be about the City of Los Angeles and......

To be continued....

watch below to undertsand the Tea partiers....

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Moneybomb paused. Los Angeles week Continues!

The Moneybomb is paused -- it will start up again soon (expect to see a repeat of a post when it starts up again).

However, Los Angeles week continues! While I figure out what Tea Party I will be at tomorrow (and plan my next post), enjoy this video:

(This video is NSFW but has a great negotiating scene and great exit scene by Jay Mohr -- this is Hollywood, uncut)

What tea Party will you be at tomorrow?

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Carnival Noir (+ Moneybomb!)

Don't forget to donate to the Terry Rathbun campaign! Election 2010 is here! Let's take the Santa Monica Pier!

OK, while I wait for my Blogging partner to help with the Moneybomb for Mr. Rathbun, let's go Los Angeles Goth. (This is Los Angeles week after all in the Valley!)

Be at Carnival Noir April 29, 2010! I will.



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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Moneybomb for Terry Rathbun Starts Here! Let's take back the Santa Monica Pier!

If you live in Los Angeles, the term "People's Republic of Santa Monica," comes up a lot in conversation. Heck, one of my favorite films, Southland Tales has Justin Timberlake protecting the Santa Monica Pier (and doing a great version of The Killers "All the Things that I've done,").

As a political activist, I don't just think in theory, but in practicality: How do we win back the People's Republic of Santa Monica? Simple, raise money and support a great candidate for the 41st Assembly District of California (whose district includes Santa Monica and points North on the PCH into Ventura County).

How much do we need to raise today to take back the People's Republic of Santa Monica? $650,000 in this moneybomb lasting until Friday Noon Pacific Time. Donate here.

If we can take back Senator Kennedy's seat, we in the Right Blogosphere can take back the People's Republic of Santa Monica.Let me introduce to you Mr. Terry Rathbun, candidate for the 41st AD.

Here is his biography:

Terry was born and raised in Los Angeles County and currently lives in Encino. In 1990, Terry left to join the U.S. Navy and served on active duty until 1999. During his time in the military, he served in theater in support of Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield. In the year 2000, Terry returned home to Los Angeles where he attended college and currently owns and manages his own IT consulting business. Terry is actively involved in the Kiwanis Club of Northridge and coaches youth baseball.

And from Mr. Rathbun himself:

"I am currently involved in a project that brings robotics building to underprivileged youth at an elementary school in the San Fernando Valley"My conservative values are rooted in its 3 major principles:
1. Smaller government
2. Less taxes
3. Personal responsibility"

"As a former military man and a small business owner, I will bring principled and common sense leadership that is needed in Sacramento. It's time that the people of Santa Monica are represented to Sacramento instead of Sacramento and its special interests being represented to them."

I am honored to know Mr. Rathbun. He is everything we want in a candidate: veteran, small business owner, supporter of his community and willing to fight for Conservative values.

Let's raise $650,000 on this moneybomb to take back the People's Republic of Santa Monica. Angelenos and Californians will thank you in November. Again, donate here.The Valley endorses Mr. Rathbun for the 41st Assembly District. Please donate here for the Moneybomb.

And here's a video with Justin Timberlake in the 41st Assembly District, on the Santa Monica Pier:

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

In Los Angeles Politics, there is no School better then the Old School

To get into this post, watch and listen to the lyrics of The Who:

This post came across the transom from my Political mentor, Gary Aminoff:

"Most of you are unaware of the inner workings of the politics of The Republican Party of Los Angeles County (RPLAC). Some of you have signed up to show your support for the so-called “Freedom Slate” of the 42nd Assembly District on Facebook or on their website, I thought you should be informed as to who they really are and what their real expressed intent is.

"Leading the “Freedom Slate” is Rick Williams. Rick Williams is the attorney representing Robert Vaughn. Robert Vaughn is the person erroneously holding himself out as the “Chairman” of RPLAC, and is currently running a shadow group calling itself RPLAC. Robert Vaughn is also the person suing RPLAC and its Executive Board members personally through Rick Williams. The lawsuit seeks a gag order against the elected RPLAC board and also seeks to prohibit them from calling meetings of Republicans in Los Angeles.

"That lawsuit is costing the LA County Republican Party tens of thousands of dollars, just to oppose the lawsuit by filing a motion to strike it as a “SLAPP” – strategic lawsuit against public participation. We understand they are now about to file a motion to enjoin the elected RPLAC Board from calling itself RPLAC, and possibly taking other action on behalf of the party. How many more tens of thousands of dollars of county party money will that cost?

"That is money that should be going to support our Republican candidates to get elected in Los Angeles County, and instead is being used to pay lawyers to defend us in a frivolous lawsuit handled by Rick Williams. We haven’t even gotten to court yet, so the total cost will be much higher. How critical would those funds be today if we could spend them on candidate support, purchasing slate cards, helping with lawn signs and other candidate support, instead of spending those funds on defending lawsuits or getting frivolous suits thrown out?

"You might be wondering how Robert Vaughn and Rick Williams got to know each other. Robert Vaughn was the Los Angeles Chairman of the Ron Paul for President campaign in 2008. Rick Williams also worked on the Ron Paul campaign. Rick Williams’ law partner is the former State Chairman of the California Democratic Party."

Now if you are consistent reader of the Valley, I always talk of coalitions with the different parts of the Republican Party, from Social Conservatives to the Libertarians (1, 2, 3). What the "Freedom Slate," is doing is attacking Republicans determined to win back Los Angeles in a very good year. Any Republican candidate that loses in Los Angeles (Congressional, State Senate, State Assembly) this year should sue the "Freedom Slate," for working for the Democrats.

I surround myself with intelligent friends. Aaron Proctor is a Libertarian who "gets it," He talks of making alliances with Republicans and Conservatives. Heck, he even talks about it in the third section of the Podcast I was on. If you are a Libertarian, listen to The Proc school you in the Old School. What is "the Freedom Slate's" excuse?

And if you are a reader of the Valley since 2007, you might have read (in full) The California Encyclicals. The Boyds who threw away a gimme mayoral Election should be forced to pay for not fighting for Los Angeles. Their karmic payment: Put down the funds (in full) for the Reagan Museum Southland Fundraiser Event and expect not one dime back. Any success from the Southland Fundraiser they can claim, but nothing before 2008. (The Boyds can speak to Gary Aminoff about their Karmic debt to Los Angeles activists)

Here is what else Gary wrote:

It is my belief, along with many others, that the Freedom Slate is an attempt to gain control of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County through the back door. If they can get enough of the Robert Vaughn group on the 42nd AD central committee, it will give them a foothold to take over the Party. This is not just conjecture. It is a stated objective on their web site.

Further, the so-called Freedom Slate is coming from a place of intolerance. Rick Williams has been heard to comment at RWF meetings he has spoken at, that it is time to remove the gays from the 42nd AD central committee. Rick may be unaware that West Hollywood – home to many gays, Republican and Democrat – makes up a substantial part of the 42nd Assembly District. Is he saying that West Hollywood should not have representation on the Central Committee? The following is a comment from an article Rick Williams wrote which appears on their website:

“Four of the incumbent candidates are special
interest advocates-- interested in only the single issue of advancing the cause
of gay marriage. Well . . . with all due respect to our four incumbent friends,
the issue of gay marriage ranks pretty close to the bottom of the political
priority list in a time where the state of California and the city of Los
Angeles are bankrupt, and good hearted people are losing their jobs and their
homes in an avalanche of economic collapse.”

"This type of rhetoric is an attempt to disguise an intolerance for gay Republicans. I sit on the 42nd AD central committee and work with its members. While there are a handful of gay members on the current central committee, I can tell you that the furthest thing from their mind is gay marriage. They are not single interest advocates. I have not heard the words gay marriage once during any central committee meeting in the past year and one half that this central committee has been active. These men are more interested in loss of liberty, economic concerns, employment concerns, getting Republicans elected, and preventing the enormous expansion of government. Hurtful rhetoric from “freedom slate” candidates reveals their true agenda

I am a Social Libertarian, which means: If there are two consenting adults over 21, they can do what they want together. Heck, I'm a Goth and certain parts and people of the scene go off the beaten path (no you do not get a link here, sorry). If anyone from that scene says "I like the GOP," I would welcome them in.

I've met and supported Dan Blatt of Gaypatriot. His endgame is the same as mine, Freedom for Americans and for people overseas.

The Old School knows, Elections are about addition not subtraction.

Since Jane Barnett has taken over the LAGOP, she has pushed every candidate to reach out and get the votes and support. She does not stint in her effort to make Los Angeles Red, if the "Freedom Slate," cared about winning in Los Angeles, they would rescind the lawsuit and back her.

Simple, for the "Freedom Slate," it is not about victory for Republicans in Los Angeles, but about Robert Vaughn and Rick Williams.

For the next LAGOP meeting I want to put this up to a vote:

1) BE IT RESOLVED that any Libertarian who supports "The Freedom Slate," will be Blacklisted from California politics until such time as decided by the Executive Staff of the CAGOP.

2) If any Los Angeles Libertarian wants to help Los Angeles become Republican, we will accept them.

3) For those who are on the "Freedom Slate," unless they work on throwing Andrew Sullivan out of the United States for going after the family of a great Republican, former Governor Sarah Palin, they will be Blacklisted in Los Angeles.

The Old School comes down to loyalty to your allies under almost every circumstance (the Boyds have a record of not showing loyalty, they must earn it). I am loyal to Gary Aminoff and Jane Barnett. Even though I am a Social Libertarian, I am disgusted by the Libertarians in Los Angeles betraying their principles of "Live and Let Live,"

The only person of the "Freedom Slate," who I trust is David Hernandez. I will have a private conversation with him and Gary before his "moneybomb," comes up. He has done more good things for Los Angeles then the whole Freedom Slate has ever dreamed.

My question: Are you wiling to step up and help Jane Barnett and Gary Aminoff of the LAGOP? Donate here.

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Los Angeles week in the Valley!

This week I'm going to show everyone the good, the bad and the ugly of the Politics in my hometown, including Right, Left and idiots (the latter two groups share a lot, but so do some on the Right, but waaaaay fewer). Hint: You Ron Paul people in Los Angeles? Not. Helping.

How do you think Mike Judge got the inspiration for his movie Idiocracy? (joking!)

From the Valley to the PCH and taking the 10 to Downtown, stopping by to have a #3 at In and Out Burger.

Two things to note: This week from Tuesday to Thursday is the First Official Los Angeles candidate Moneybomb. Donate! Donate! Donate!

And also, G-d willing, I start work in the California Republican Party Magnolia Office putting together the Southland Fundraiser/Great Right Wing Hollywood Meet-up! (Of course if you Blog and from out of town, you will get the info).

My only (non-political) question for the week: What do you Love about LA? It can be anything, restaurants, scenes, or just your neighborhood. Let me know.

I love seeing the beautiful women walking around the city. And dirty dog's after going Gothing. And Venice Boardwalk. Also, driving down Olympic to the water, and riding the PCH. Ok, you get the hint.

Get ready. And now, a song to get you ready for the week:

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Thursday, April 08, 2010

The D in Democrat stands for Domestic policy

And this is why we on the Right call President Obama, Carter II: The Wrath of Wuss.

Rescinding the idea of striking back when attacked; Cutting deals lowering our Nuclear stockpiles; Insulting our closest allies (India, UK, and Israel) and seeing no evil against non-state entities that have attacked us.

And let's not forget his war against the Intelligence agencies. Not. Helping.

Can someone tell me again what made Senator Obama smart in foreign policy? Bueller? Bueller?

I remember President Clinton going after Netanyahu too. What is it about the Democratic party and their hatred for Likud (which Conor Friedersdorf shares)? Not. Helping.

In fact, let's go back through three Democratic Presidents:

President Clinton: Succeeded in budget issues with the help of a Republican Congress. Without Speaker Gingrich, Clinton would not have gotten re-elected. Conducted the Bosnian war without a War Powers Act from Congress (Where were the anti-war protesters?) and left Al-Queda to attack since the first WTC bombing (list here).

President Carter: The Iranian hostage crisis, and helping Israel and Eygpt with peace accords. But for those who grew up during Carter, long gas lines and high inflation. Under Obama, high unemeployment.

President Lyndon Johnson: Vietnam, but he did pass civil rights and the Great Society. Yay Civil Rights (with more Republican votes then Democrats hmmm..), but the Great Society had the Law of Unintended Consequences (Inner city slums and lacks of fathers in the same communities). President Obama's health care bill, meet Law of Unitended Consequences. America worries her brow, knowing how this story ends.

Another reason President Sarah Palin is more likely each day we get to 2012, her work as a Governor exposed her to foreign policy. Quick liberals, what states border Alaska? Hint: They ain't states. Trade and security with Canada and Russia are not things a Governor from Hawaii has to worry about.

It seems all Republican presidents have been tagged with "warmonger," and "Cowboy," to quote Public Enemy: Don't believe the Hype.

Both President Bush's built coalitions against Iraq.(I and II); President Reagan was a supporter of Thatcher and those who wanted freedom (can you Lech Walesa?).

Where is President Obama's coalitions?
Where is President Obama's support of Democracies Overseas?
Why does President Obama coddle Dictators?
Why does Presidnt Obama hate Israel?

No answer exists. But if you want to convince me otherwise, go ahead.

Let's watch a President do foreign policy. Someone who is helping.

That's how it's done. A President and Prime minister of the UK talking of freedom in the world and how to get there. It's very hard to imagine President Obama being able to have a civil conversation with Netanyahu.

Again, Democrats know domestic policy (and still get it wrong), but keep them the hell away from International policy.

Can you imagine if, on the next Jewish holiday, President Obama gives a speech saying the many ways he will support the only Jewish State in the world? Never going to happen.

My questions: What international coalitions has President Obama built? If Democrats are so smart on foreign policy, why are they losing allies under President Obama?

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Find Me

Sorry for the lack of posts, just been a busy week.

This week I was interviewed by my good friend Aaron Proctor for his weekly Podcast. If you want some insight into the thinking that goes into the Valley, listen and download to your iPod here.

Some subjects Aaron and I touched on were the Washington Redskins (Dan Snyder, please let the coaches coach), the big hoax known as Global warming, Israel and domestic politics, Wilsonianism as a key towards Peace and more trading partners, President Obama's lack of salesmanship, how to defeat the Health care Bill when the GOP takes over Congress next year and Harold Saxon (series 3) of Doctor Who.

To quote Frosty, Heidi and Frank, you really have to hear the whole thing.

And this week, I was at the SFVRC and the LAGOP touching base with a few candidates discussing Capitol Hill staffing (including yours truly) and Fundraising (both "Moneybombs," and the Southland fundraiser).

And kudos to Jane Barnett and Gary Aminoff, Los Angeles is in play, but until the Southland Fundraiser, no one knows yet. There is a news story I'm investigating that ties into my Southland Fundraiser gig; Only the Chairman and Matt Schumsky will help decide what story shows up on the Blog next week. Either praise of my start or the news I've been following.

Watch this space.

Before I do a policy post, here is a tune to enjoy. Goth band HIM performing "Wicked game," Yes, this version kicks too.

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Monday, April 05, 2010

Memo to the RNC: How to do Business

Dear Chairman Steele,

Given the news that you sent a fundraiser out to LA and he blanked up miserably, and you are having problems keeping your staff, let me help you folks on First Street get your "mojo" back (as Austin Powers would say).

I plan on working for the CAGOP, they run a good shop. I will compliment the Chairman and Mr. Schumsky on a moments notice. Learn from the locals here. Read on:

1) If you travel around the country for the RNC (or NRCC and NRSC), fly coach. Meet the people around you and learn the issues of the day. People liked to be listened to, especially from a representative of One of the two major political parties.

1A) If you are traveling within the Northeast and South from DC, take the bus or drive your own vehicle.

2) When you send someone into an area (say Los Angeles), it is incumbent of the RNC staffer to meet with a representative from the County party. The locals know better then anybody where the parties are (and where the bodies are buried). NEVER, EVER GO TO LOS ANGELES WITHOUT HAVING A CONTACT HERE OTHERWISE YOU WILL BESMIRCH THE NAME OF THE RNC!

3) Don't hire people who have grown up within the Party to be your communicators -- hire converts. They can argue the case against the Democrats better then anyone else (I speak as a convert from Summer 92).

4) Be accessible to the activists from around the country. I tried to do a Blog post and received no help from the RNC in trying to build a case against the Congressional Democrats; To quote Lex Luthor: Wrong!

5) As Chairman, it is your job to fight for the Republicans and Conservatives. Your second job is to raise funds and get more candidates. Convince the Bloggers and activists that you have our back, we will have yours. DON'T GIVE THE LEFT WEAPONS AGAINST US!!!!

6) The RNC must have a relationship with the Conservative Bloggers around the country. Take our advice (those who are respected, the 3x3 rule in effect) and have your staff call us when a good post hits the ether. Or let us know (individually) which piece we should take off the board.

7) Email me if you have any questions!


To my readers: Any rules that should be added?

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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Fool's Day 2010

This is still charity day at the Valley so please donate to Freedom House or Fisher House.

As I am not a Comedian (in either the Alan Moore or Graham Greene sense), but a straight man in most humorous situations, I bring you something that is funny.

It is still the funniest movie in the world (bar none): It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World.

Any famous comedian living before 1963 was in this film. Watch this scene and enjoy!

Don't forget to donate to Freedom House and Fisher House!

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