Friday, April 30, 2010

Question the Timing

Politics is my bread and butter (just waiting to get paid so it can pay for my bread and butter; Southland Fundraiser news this weekend), I don't believe in conspiracy theories but in the realm of politics and policy (with an intersection of the media), some coincidences are not coincidences.

The day I interviewed with Matt Schumsky at the Magnolia office, we both heard news that the water issue (which was hurting one of the valleys in California) was now fixed for two Democratic Congressmen because the President needed a vote. See, a coincidence that was no coincidence.

And during the Clinton impeachment, how many tales came out about Thomas Jefferson and his mistress as the debate was taking place? Shall I continue?

Now, drilling for oil in America has always been an issue Democrats have always opposed. With the fiscal crisis (and the attacks on Goldman Sachs all at once, again coincidence?)in full swing, how to bring the gas prices down? Hint: drilling and cleaning the oil from domestic areas is a lot easier then importing from the (still) risky region of the Persian Gulf.

Now we have an oil spill in Louisiana and President Obama took his time to address it. Why? Read the first line of the above paragraph.

With the respect of the media at an all time low (because there are no Woodward and Bernstein's during Democratic administrations), the blogosphere questions the Administration.

One more example, when the Obama Administration started to nationalize the banks in 2009, the tea parties came into existence, just like Iran 1953. Because the same playbook that used in Iran 1953 was used by the same agency for the same endgame; say hello to the Intelligence Agencies under fire by Obama and the Democrats. No coincidence.

The Tea partiers and Conservatives will win in 2010 and 2012, because the MSM refused to question the timing.

(h/t Rush Limbaugh for this piece)

My question: Can you think of other examples since 2009 where you can "question the timing?"

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  1. Thank you for posting this! I find you blog VERY interesting!!

    Common Cents

    ps. Link Exchange???

  2. Drilling for oil in America? Perish the thought! Actually, great minds think alike...


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