Friday, April 16, 2010

How Los Angeles Water and Power Gives Los Angeles to the GOP

We are still in Los Angeles week, and the biggest thing that is hitting the city is the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power raising rates 4.8% across the city in July.

Even though any tax rates for the City have to be voted on by the public, the all Democratic run Los Angeles City Council voted for the rate hike.

Mayor Villaraigosa, already weakened by scandal and awaiting appointment into the Obama Administration, backed DWP because he does not have to face the voters again. The City Council is all Democrat since the flood (water issues will pop up in the second cycle of Los Angeles week) and they are never thrown out.

The public, the public employees (teachers, police and firemen) are getting screwed by DWP. There are many empty offfice buildings throughout Los Angeles and many empty storefronts too. Add the DWP rate hike to the mix and bye bye business' and hello Federal Recievership! Why are teachers losing jobs? The DWP IBEW. Why are the LAPD struggling with adding police? DWP IBEW. Why are the firemen being laid off? DWP IBEW.

This November, the Republicans will win many federal offices in both the Senate and the House, and the Tea partiers will help them. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. Why should any Los Angeles Republican House member save the seat of any Los Angeles City Council member whose idiocy brought them into this mess?

If the GOP want to be really smart, let Los Angeles remain at the edge of bankruptcy until 2013 and allow President Palin's administration take the Federal receievership of Los Angeles. Are you Los Angeles Liberals awake now?

Does the City want to help against the DWP? Here's a hint:

1) The Mayor and City Council work pro bono (with no stipends) until Los Angeles is in the black financially.

That's it.

Want to stop DWP?

1) The LAPD should not respond to any call from someone who works at DWP IBEW. The Los Angeles Public should call open season on any DWP IBEW stealing from their hard earned money and the LAPD have no reason to help them.

2) Call a General Strike for everyone on May 5, 2010. Everyone protests in this town, well, every protester who still wants to live in Los Angeles, meet up the Tea Partiers (who believe it or not, share the views on this) and protest at 111 North Hope Street in Downtown LA on May 5th at 10AM. Every Union not DWP IBEW (including the Hollywood unions) get down there and ask why they want to take your money?

Bring the protest inside at 11AM, with support from the LAPD Unions who are hurting too from the DWP IBEW.

Because of the City Council and Mayor Villaraigosa, Los Angeles will be under Federal recievership after 2013. Under President Palin's Federal Recievership.

Unless everyone in Los Angeles votes for Republicans to sit on the City Council next year.

What other solutions do you have against the LADWP?

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