Thursday, April 08, 2010

The D in Democrat stands for Domestic policy

And this is why we on the Right call President Obama, Carter II: The Wrath of Wuss.

Rescinding the idea of striking back when attacked; Cutting deals lowering our Nuclear stockpiles; Insulting our closest allies (India, UK, and Israel) and seeing no evil against non-state entities that have attacked us.

And let's not forget his war against the Intelligence agencies. Not. Helping.

Can someone tell me again what made Senator Obama smart in foreign policy? Bueller? Bueller?

I remember President Clinton going after Netanyahu too. What is it about the Democratic party and their hatred for Likud (which Conor Friedersdorf shares)? Not. Helping.

In fact, let's go back through three Democratic Presidents:

President Clinton: Succeeded in budget issues with the help of a Republican Congress. Without Speaker Gingrich, Clinton would not have gotten re-elected. Conducted the Bosnian war without a War Powers Act from Congress (Where were the anti-war protesters?) and left Al-Queda to attack since the first WTC bombing (list here).

President Carter: The Iranian hostage crisis, and helping Israel and Eygpt with peace accords. But for those who grew up during Carter, long gas lines and high inflation. Under Obama, high unemeployment.

President Lyndon Johnson: Vietnam, but he did pass civil rights and the Great Society. Yay Civil Rights (with more Republican votes then Democrats hmmm..), but the Great Society had the Law of Unintended Consequences (Inner city slums and lacks of fathers in the same communities). President Obama's health care bill, meet Law of Unitended Consequences. America worries her brow, knowing how this story ends.

Another reason President Sarah Palin is more likely each day we get to 2012, her work as a Governor exposed her to foreign policy. Quick liberals, what states border Alaska? Hint: They ain't states. Trade and security with Canada and Russia are not things a Governor from Hawaii has to worry about.

It seems all Republican presidents have been tagged with "warmonger," and "Cowboy," to quote Public Enemy: Don't believe the Hype.

Both President Bush's built coalitions against Iraq.(I and II); President Reagan was a supporter of Thatcher and those who wanted freedom (can you Lech Walesa?).

Where is President Obama's coalitions?
Where is President Obama's support of Democracies Overseas?
Why does President Obama coddle Dictators?
Why does Presidnt Obama hate Israel?

No answer exists. But if you want to convince me otherwise, go ahead.

Let's watch a President do foreign policy. Someone who is helping.

That's how it's done. A President and Prime minister of the UK talking of freedom in the world and how to get there. It's very hard to imagine President Obama being able to have a civil conversation with Netanyahu.

Again, Democrats know domestic policy (and still get it wrong), but keep them the hell away from International policy.

Can you imagine if, on the next Jewish holiday, President Obama gives a speech saying the many ways he will support the only Jewish State in the world? Never going to happen.

My questions: What international coalitions has President Obama built? If Democrats are so smart on foreign policy, why are they losing allies under President Obama?

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