Thursday, April 08, 2010

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Sorry for the lack of posts, just been a busy week.

This week I was interviewed by my good friend Aaron Proctor for his weekly Podcast. If you want some insight into the thinking that goes into the Valley, listen and download to your iPod here.

Some subjects Aaron and I touched on were the Washington Redskins (Dan Snyder, please let the coaches coach), the big hoax known as Global warming, Israel and domestic politics, Wilsonianism as a key towards Peace and more trading partners, President Obama's lack of salesmanship, how to defeat the Health care Bill when the GOP takes over Congress next year and Harold Saxon (series 3) of Doctor Who.

To quote Frosty, Heidi and Frank, you really have to hear the whole thing.

And this week, I was at the SFVRC and the LAGOP touching base with a few candidates discussing Capitol Hill staffing (including yours truly) and Fundraising (both "Moneybombs," and the Southland fundraiser).

And kudos to Jane Barnett and Gary Aminoff, Los Angeles is in play, but until the Southland Fundraiser, no one knows yet. There is a news story I'm investigating that ties into my Southland Fundraiser gig; Only the Chairman and Matt Schumsky will help decide what story shows up on the Blog next week. Either praise of my start or the news I've been following.

Watch this space.

Before I do a policy post, here is a tune to enjoy. Goth band HIM performing "Wicked game," Yes, this version kicks too.

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