Sunday, April 11, 2010

Los Angeles week in the Valley!

This week I'm going to show everyone the good, the bad and the ugly of the Politics in my hometown, including Right, Left and idiots (the latter two groups share a lot, but so do some on the Right, but waaaaay fewer). Hint: You Ron Paul people in Los Angeles? Not. Helping.

How do you think Mike Judge got the inspiration for his movie Idiocracy? (joking!)

From the Valley to the PCH and taking the 10 to Downtown, stopping by to have a #3 at In and Out Burger.

Two things to note: This week from Tuesday to Thursday is the First Official Los Angeles candidate Moneybomb. Donate! Donate! Donate!

And also, G-d willing, I start work in the California Republican Party Magnolia Office putting together the Southland Fundraiser/Great Right Wing Hollywood Meet-up! (Of course if you Blog and from out of town, you will get the info).

My only (non-political) question for the week: What do you Love about LA? It can be anything, restaurants, scenes, or just your neighborhood. Let me know.

I love seeing the beautiful women walking around the city. And dirty dog's after going Gothing. And Venice Boardwalk. Also, driving down Olympic to the water, and riding the PCH. Ok, you get the hint.

Get ready. And now, a song to get you ready for the week:

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