Thursday, April 29, 2010

Breakdown of the 30th CD GOP Debate

Last night I saw Five candidates stand up against Rep. Waxman's indifference to Los Angeles.

At this debate at Beverly Hils High School was Larry Greenfield to ask questions; Also Robert Pedersen of the Westside Republicans and Gary "Mr. Republican," Aminoff of the San Fernando Valley Republican Club to support the candidates.

[When the Video is posted of the debate I will put it here]

Now each candidate, I will give my impression and why that person will do well against Rep. Waxman. I will go in seat order, from Right to Left:

Chuck Wilkerson: Mr. Wilkerson is a solid guy, but not the best candidate. He came down on the Right issues, but was reliant on his website for detail a few times. Going up against Waxman, we need a fighter who is knowledgeable about the issues and can get supporters. I call him a mensch, and he belongs in the DoD in the next Republican Administration, but not against Waxman.

Chris Kolski: Mr. Kolski came from nowhere to put himself into the race. He has shown up in a few meetings at the SFVRC at the beginning of 2010, but no one knew him. G-d bless his immigrant story, but when he railed against "Neo-cons," [Neo-cons believe in Democracy Overseas Mr Kolski, Reagan was a neo-con], he lost me for good. No charisma and no one knew his background before he started. Long odds here, but I was very happy that he will back the winner of the primary (as did every other candidate).

Robert Flutie: Now we get to the meat of the program. Robert Flutie, a former New Yorker and fireman, had stories to tell and has a network of people supporting him. He knew how to debate and he is good fiscal Conservative. One of three worth supporting.

**Ari David: Media-savvy, young and Jewish. He is based in Malibu so he knows The Industry and The City. Everyone in the Los Angeles Republican scene knows Ari. He spent the night focused on fighting Henry Waxman, he knows he is not running for higher office. Focused against his target, Ari David is another one worth supporting. When he hits Waxman on Obama's Israeli policy, it will hurt.

David Benning: Well established in the republican scene, and he was the only politician at the Woodland Hills tea party to give a speech. Solid credentials and very funny at times, again the third candidate worth supporting. Another fiscal Conservative.

[**Ari David has offered me his Congressional Chief of Staff position after election day in November; It helps that I have knowledge of the Appropriations process]

The latter three are worth supporting. Waxman will be retired in November.

Please support our Los Angeles candidates!

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