Sunday, September 30, 2007

Throwing Food in the Temple of Democracy

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During the Clinton and Nixon Impeachments, there was a sense of decorum in the House and Senate Committees. Agree or disagree, the Members of Congress did their jobs; Forceful protests were left to actual meetings between constituents and Members or protests on the East Front of the Capitol.

Now with advent of and Code Pink, the street theatre of Protests are now inside the walls of the Republic. Let me be clear, I support free speech. Protest on the Mall; in Lafayette Park (across from the White House); on First Street, North East,by the Supreme Court. All fine, all good.

However, if your work says you come in a suit, you don't wear a bathing suit and flip-flops. What the Code Pink and's have forgotten is: They have a right to be heard, but so do the rest of us. Protests inside working committees or in the audience at the State of the Union (or just at the audience level of the US House of Representatives or the US Senate) is the equivalent of taking the bathing suit and flip-flops to work.

The Members of Congress are people, just like us. In the Capitol and Committee rooms, they are trying to do their work. Shouting down witness', shouting down members, or making a scene in the Gallery should keep you and your organization out of Washington, DC for a full Presidential term -- and if it is continued, be fined $1,000,000 per outburst.

Why don't Republicans (save for the dead-enders like the Buchaninites/Ron Paul acolytes) get into trouble like or Code Pink? Simple. They believe in Institutions. During the Clinton Impeachment, most Republicans believed in a Gore ascendancy. They had differing opinions with the Executive Branch, but work still got done.

These new protesters don't care about Institutions, or civility. Until they do, pardon my French Code Pink and Moveon, but STFU.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Praying that Gnomes don't steal your Underpants

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In the South Park episode, Gnomes, the aforementioned characters steal Tweak's underpants to make a profit, but it is never explained how. I enjoyed the episode, and like all South Park episodes, tweaks (yes, I said it) some big institutions. Here, it is Starbucks and the anti-Wal-mart crowd. And if I have to explain the latter, I'll just tell you, watch the show.

Using the same logic as the Gnomes, the Anti-war crowd is planning to protest the war on October 27, 2007. From Answer to United for Peace and Justice, they will gather. They will gather people, who aren't focused in on the Iraq War -- but, like in pictures 5, 6 and 7 -- support Hamas' rights to blow people up, rather then say, the export of Democracy to third world nations; In other words, these protest groups support dealing with dictators under Nixonian Realism rather try to follow Wilsonian idealism. Strange for a band of idealists.

Another protest group, Code Pink, uses Gnome logic too. Look at how they act in Senator Byrd's (D-WV) Appropriations Committee hearing:

Unfortunately, now that Marcel Marceau is gone, this is modern street theatre. But it fails to have either humor or vision.

How does interrupting a Senate hearing accomplish the goal of "ending the war"? How do protests by Pro-Palestinian groups aid in "stopping the war"? If the election of 2006 was so important to stopping the war, shouldn't the votes already be there?

There is a saying in Washington: The President proposes, the Congress disposes. In short, the President can authorize anything he wants, but Congress has to be there to budget it. If the Democrats want to stop the war, all it takes is two Appropriations bills.

And how do these protests win converts? I have yet to see one vote change after a protest. Throughout the websites I visited, not one word on what the vision of what Iraq should be when we "leave,"

OK all you peace protesters, do you envision a world made peaceful by dictators (Darfur, anyone) or peace with a world filled with Democracies (Thomas Friedman's Golden Arches theory)?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cui Bono, again.

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Last year, when no one was watching, I wrote this post about who was going to succeed as the dollar falls. Their was only one name on the list. A currency trader whose background had him affect the British and Asian Economies to his benefit. A currency trader whose primary mission is to attack Conservatives (in the UK) and Republicans (in the US); Yet the (American) Democratic party is his supplicant.

What do the Conservatives (UK) and the Republicans know about George Soros that the Democrats ignore?

As the American Dollar continues to fall, again I ask, Cui Bono? Who benefits from the situation? After all, it is Soros' JOB to make money from falling economies. Has he ever benefited from a stable economy?

I argued last year that Soros doesn't hate President Bush for his political views, but his Economic ones. Does anyone know how much Soros will make if the US Economy has another crisis of confidence?

If the Democrats have a Trifecta next November, how much say will Soros have in Economic and US Federal Reserve policy?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Walking Back the Cat

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What was going to happen in March, then May, then September, and finally October of this year has been pushed back to June 2008. The move Eastward has been postponed.

I realized I was acting like the Democratic Party in foreign Policy. I wanted to get out of L.A. but I did not have a good plan, and the finances were trashed by a car that always needs work. My problem was: I was trying to make a date certain for leaving, not heeding the situation going on. Like in Iraq, it will not work.

My plan is to stay with my company and eventually get to work in their PR department. Then move in June 2008 with the PR skills refreshed. I am still watching the political tides and waiting to see if I can fit in the political world before November 2008. Until that point, I will work for my company for a while (at least a year [until 2009 if you're following], if not longer) when I am in Metro distance from the Capitol and the White House.

The skills that will help me in DC are worthless in L.A. My background is in political strategy (i.e. The California Encyclicals), Policy studies (Ask me about Appropriations), Event Fundraising (what I did back in NYC), Public Relations (No more shameless self-promoter than I), and Congressional Rules.

So, I am re-setting the clock. First, I need to make a "small jump" within LA before I move. Sorry, personal reasons here. Also, I have to stay local to see my sister's marriage. (Yay!)

But, if you work in the Beltway and in the same political party and wish to see my Resume, send me an email. Until then, keep reading.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

President Bollinger and the Free Speech Party

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I was originally going to title this post "President Bollinger, late to the Free Speech Party," But read on for the answer to the change.

Unlike and the Democratic Party, I listen to opposing views (such as Mahmoud Ahmadinijad and President Bollinger) before I decide to chastise their words. I listened, I read. Free speech lives everywhere except in Iran, US College campuses and the Democratic party.

Mahmoud Ahmadinjad, President of Iran spoke at Columbia University on Monday. Before he spoke, President Bollinger, of Columbia University chastised the president of Iran.

Did he do it because he was brave and in front of an easy audience? Partly. Did he do it because he believes in the War on Terror? No. Like every Upper West Side Liberal, he doesn't vote for Republicans. So, why did President Bollinger attack the President of Iran?

The invitation to an Anti-Semite, homophobic, who rules a country trying to gain nuclear weapons to attack Israel and fight a proxy war in Iraq (as per General Petraus' testimony) offended a majority of Americans. The day before, the New York State Assembly (run by Democrats) and the New York State Senate (run by Republicans) both threatened to cut off funding to Columbia University.

The true test of Free Speech, is not to defend your right to speak, but someone whose views are opposite yours. Defending the president of Iran is a cakewalk -- he is not an American, but he is given the same opportunity. However, in an earlier era, Columbia would have invited Sakharov or Alexander Solzenitzen not Brezhnev. Why not any Iranian Dissidents?

Last year, the Minutemen tried to speak at Columbia University. The College Democrats stopped their speech. Here is the video:

President Bollinger responded with this press release. He took the side of freedom of speech. I may disagree with Jason of Washington Interns Gone Bad, but I would not expect the power of the State to be used to stop his speech or mine.

Disagree all you want with a speaker, but let them talk, than argue. Code Pink's protest in the middle of Congressional Committee Rooms is not "Speaking Truth to Power," It is chilling speech they oppose. When Democrats, their protest cabals and understand the power of first listening, then responding; Political discussions will gain some maturity.

While there is no free speech in Iran, I hope to hear how Democrats propose to make free speech a reality there. I'm listening.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Welcome. Music. Doctor Who.

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It's been a while since I introduced new Links to the Valley. Before I begin, enjoy some music from my friend Jon Winquist (whose band, The Trophy Wive$ is playing the Viper Room on 9/25). Now, the new links:

A) On Holy Sarcasm, a twist of political humor and shallow Hollywood stars. Very good for a laugh or a thought.

B) Visiting Liberty Just in Case is a trip to a clearinghouse of Republican Blogs, ideas and ideals. They call shenanigans when the GOP loses its way and the Democrats go over the line. This is a Blog I visit regularly and enjoy (and agree) with the posts there.

C) Here is a pure discussion Website: Argue with Everyone Forum. It is what it says; Get involved and argue for your views.

D) Armon Israel is a blog done by my old friend from DC (now living in Michigan, soon to be moving). A Pro-Israel Blog to counter the Anti-Israel diatribes out on the Daily Kos. I'll call you this week.

Now, some Blogs of note that are worth a visit:

E) Jason, filmmaker, musician and Blogger, writes at Washington Interns Gone Bad. He comments at the Valley and represents the Left Leaning side of the Blogosphere. If you are in Senator Reid's or Speaker Pelosi's office, read this Blog.

F) Aurora is an Australian-American Blogger who runs a group Blog at The Midnight Sun. She battles Jason here at the Valley and the Left Down Under. Toughness, with some Aussie humor.
G) Chessnovice writes like a Grandmaster and discusses Politics, Chess and Life at Shades of Grey and Black; he is also a friend of Malcot at Armon Israel. Chess is also a major commenter in the Valley. These latter four Bloggers I'm pleased to call friends.

I am pleased to introduce all these Blogs to the Valley. Welcome!

Now, I am a Doctor Who fan from the Tom Baker days. In these new seasons, old enemies and characters are returning. This segment is where the Doctor is talking with his Arch-enemy, who has taken the name Harold Saxon -- Saxon's real identity is The Doctor's equal and opposite. Oh, and Saxon is the newly elected Prime Minister of England. This is from the episode "The Sound of Drums," Enjoy the phone call.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Senate, in Action

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First, I want to thank my Beltway readers for following the discussion on this Blog -- I think the Valley has had some effect on the residents in the 69 miles. Is that why I'm gleeful? Keep reading.

It started earlier today, when Revolutionary Jimmy (the guy who likes Chavez and Castro) complained about the Senate not having enough votes on the Webb Amendment, and also voting to chastise for the General "Betray Us" Ad.

I explained to him regarding the Webb Amendment, the Senate Democrats opened the door when, as the Minority Party, decided to block President Bush's Judicial nominees by filibuster. When the GOP found itself as a minority party, they used the same rules against the Majority Democrats. If you don't want your policy decided by the Minority, don't open the door by blocking EVERY majority issue when the positions are reversed.

And regarding the Moveon ad votes (i.e. the Cornyn Amendment), I can thank all the Beltway Readers for giving the Democrats their first "Goldwater to Nixon" moment since the Sister Souljah moment in 1992.

The best way to fix the Senate impasse of 60 votes is simple: Allow a majority vote on all of President Bush's Judicial nominees, and never threaten to filibuster a President's prerogative to pick his people. It will be easier then finding 60 votes. Remember, even if the GOP does not win the Senate next year, all they need is 41 votes. Fix it now, and that number will not haunt the next Senate Majority.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thank you Senator Kerry

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....for proving my point. Here is the theory of how Democrats don't believe in dissent; And here is the post where Jane Hamsher says, "Democrats should not criticize other Democrats,"

Now, even though I don't believe one whit that Andrew Meyer believes -- There was no reason for him to be arrested and tasered. In a room with Senator John Kerry (D-MA), did the Senator do anything for Andrew Meyer? No. That is why he didn't win in 2004.

Personal Anecdote
Back when I was in SUNY-Stonybrook, I was appointed University Senator. In that position, I represented 10,000 Undergraduate students. The major issue during my term was: Should campus police have guns?

I queried everyone. Students, staff, professors, TA's, RA's and commuters. If the campus police did not have guns, it would take 45 minutes before Suffolk County PD could enter the situation. If the Campus Police did have guns, they can enter the situation. Most people wanted to be protected immediately, so even the most Leftist College Democrat wanted the Campus Police to have guns. The Professors, since they did not live on campus, felt no need to ruin the "ideal" of a peaceful campus.

I made a motion of putting the vote to the floor of the University Senate; And it was punted. The Administration and Professors shut down the debate, even though lives were in balance. Let us not forget, the Long Island Rail Road Shooting happened one county over. Would Campus police have handled this situation differently? The County Police did overreact. But Andrew Meyer still acted like an asshole. Senator Kerry can't protect his own people.

Here is the video:

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Democrats, in lockstep

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I keep hearing from Democrats how all Republicans think the same, how Republicans vote in lockstep. Wrong.

History tells us (again and again), any scandalized (congressional and Presidential) Republican end up being shamed by their own party and asked to leave. The best example is Senator Goldwater (R-AZ) going to President Nixon in July 1974. Sen. Goldwater told President Nixon that there were no Republican votes to stop impeachment. Days later, President Nixon resigned.

Had there been a Democratic Senator in the early 90's to tell President Clinton, "There are no Democratic party votes to stop the impeachment on perjury," Then we might be talking about how the field was open because 2004 was the final term of President Gore.(Sorry, but the power of incumbency for the position of President is very high.) But, no Democratic politician under any circumstances ever asks for another Democratic politician to resign.

Now, thanks to the highlight from Althouse, the Goyim Shiksa's of Firedoglake are enforcing the rule that all Democrats must march in lockstep. (Remember these same people kicked Senator Lieberman out of the Democratic Party) First Moveon went after Representative Brian Baird because he went to Iraq and had a different view upon his return. Than Moveon attacks General Petraus before he spoke. Now, Jane Hamsher says "No Democrat can criticize any other Democrat under any circumstances,"

Daily Kos, Moveon and Firedoglake are the first wave of SA's across the Democratic Party. When they take over the power of the State, these same groups will tell others that if they oppose them, "It is Hate Speech," And the door is open for prosecuting those that do not love Big Brother.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Three Coins flipping

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What an interesting week. First, words from Osama Bin Laden [OBL] -- that was the first coin.

Then, before General Petreaus' testimony before Congress, places an ad in the "A" section of the New York Times. This is before the General spoke.

Today, for three hours, General Petreaus gave his report before the House Armed Services Committee. That is the second coin.

The third coin flying is Iraq.
For anyone to say that OBL is a Republican supporter is laughable. Let's go over the views he mentions:

Republican issues
Lower taxes

Democratic issues
Global warming (Al Gore is not a Republican)
Supports the US leaving Iraq
Noam Chomsky (so does Hugo Chavez and the Heathlander)
Does not believe in Democracy overseas
Fights Corporate Power
A week before, Senator Schumer, slammed US troops as a way of attacking President Bush. He threw another coin up in the air; the Democrats' coin. In this Blog, we have discussed how the modern Democratic party believes in Nixonian Realism in foreign policy. I have yet to hear the answer on how leaving behind a failed state or a dictatorship in Iraq helps the War on terror. Anyone? overplayed their hand -- complain about the General after he speaks, not before. OBL allies with Democrats because they both hate President Bush. And General Petreaus acted like an adult and gave the picture of Iraq. Not perfect, but again I ask, would the Democrats want to leave behind a failed state or a dictatorship?

Once upon a time, Senator Vandenburg, said in dealing with the intellectually challanged President Harry Truman: Politics stops at the Waters Edge. The coins are in the air, do the Democrats want their coin to land with OBL's?

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

An Electoral College Degree

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Here in California, there is an Proposed Initiative campaign to break up the winner-take-all status of California Electors. Thus, out of the 55 electors, a percentage from each Congressional district will be given to the second past the post.

Around the Coastal States (again, in California), another initiative is going around to disband the Electoral College.

Both are wrong. Let me explain why:

Disbanding the Electoral College: Even in the disputed election of 1960, there was no talk of overturning the current system. Back then, both parties believed Institutions had a habit of righting themselves. No lawsuits in Chicago, no prolonged electoral challenges against a man whose father boasted "I did not buy a landslide,"

Instead, there was acknowledgement that the Founders had it right. Why? Every great change in the Electoral System required a compromise. If the popular votes was allowed, only the voters in NYC, LA, SF and all the big cities would have a say. And, from one who knows, not all urban votes are clean. What is the compromise for those not being able to participate? There is none. Power for Democrats means only power for Democrats; Democrats have never devolved power from themselves. Every great Electoral change requires a Compromise; there is none, thus this proposal should die a nasty death.

Loss of California Winner-take-all: I've been a Democrat, I am a Republican. In both times, I've been in counting rooms tallying up the vote at the end of election night. I look at it like this: When a football team wins a game, there is no divvying a percentage of points afterword. If the California Republicans want to win the State, I suggest reading the California Encylcicals. It won't work when California proposes it; It won't work when another state proposes it either.

In the end, the founders had a belief that small states must count as well as large urban cities and that one winner is found at the end of Election night. Changing either the Electoral College or the Winner-take -all systems show that both parties, instead of playing by the rules of the game, wish to change them. No. Institutions must outlast electoral wins.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Music and debate

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First, if you're here today -- it's either too hot or your too busy. Enjoy this video to cool down. I've seen Blue Man Group perform in New York City and Las Vegas (at the Luxor Hotel). Eventually, I'd like to see Moby. Jill Scott, I just couldn't get into, but that's not her fault.

Second, the contest for the $25.00 Gift Certificate goes forward. More promotion after Monday.

Third, debate this issue: An old trick I used when I was a Democratic partisan in NYC was, compare every opposite politician to the last besmirched politician of that Party (During protests of Gulf War I [for not supporting Middle Eastern democracies, my how times change,] President George HW Bush was compared to Nixon -- thirty years of Nixon gives the GOP full rights and responsibilities to call and compare every Democrat to Clinton), argue three positives of the last two Presidencies. What makes and made President Bush and President William Clinton good for America? I'll join in after.

Now, enjoy the video:

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Weekly Roundup #4

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I would have published earlier this week, but this was the last of the Summer Movie season, and work got very busy (I blame Balls of Fury). Here's what I missed, with song titles:

A) Smokin' in the Boys Room (performed by Motley Crue): Senator Larry Craig caught toe-taping in the men's bathroom in the Minnesota Airport. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor of improper conduct. The Republicans, in the end, had their Goldwater moment. Yet, the Left asks, what about Senator Vitter? Here is the answer: Vitter acknowledged his guilt, he pleaded for charity from his family and received it. The issue was mooted early. Craig lied to himself and his voters, thus he had to leave. In the 90's, the Democrats pushed the idea that a bad personal life does not equate to a good professional life; If the Democrats believe their own rhetoric, Mayor Giuliani and Senator Fred Thompson have a good shot at the Presidency.

B) Goodnight, it's time to go (Performed by Chuck Berry): Senator Warner, the last Patrician of the US Senate declared he will retire. The Democrats have been salivating over veto-proof majority status for a dozen years. If 2008 should be a sweep of Executive and Legislative branches by Democrats, guess what, how much of the Rhetoric will be thrown away once in power?

C) Life During Wartime (Performed by Talking Heads): I keep on hearing Democrats say they want "Out" of Iraq (even though we haven't been out of Germany and Japan for over 60 years); I would like to know how Peace will occur if Iraq becomes a replay of Afghanistan 1995? Or do massacres only count if they are Democratic constituents (Read: Darfur)? Wasn't it President John Kennedy who said "We will pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and success of Liberty," Or does Liberty overseas only count in Democratic administrations?

D) Summer in the City (Performed by Lovin' Spoonful): The NY Yankees swept Boston, own the Wild Card spot. Will they go all the way?


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