Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Walking Back the Cat

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What was going to happen in March, then May, then September, and finally October of this year has been pushed back to June 2008. The move Eastward has been postponed.

I realized I was acting like the Democratic Party in foreign Policy. I wanted to get out of L.A. but I did not have a good plan, and the finances were trashed by a car that always needs work. My problem was: I was trying to make a date certain for leaving, not heeding the situation going on. Like in Iraq, it will not work.

My plan is to stay with my company and eventually get to work in their PR department. Then move in June 2008 with the PR skills refreshed. I am still watching the political tides and waiting to see if I can fit in the political world before November 2008. Until that point, I will work for my company for a while (at least a year [until 2009 if you're following], if not longer) when I am in Metro distance from the Capitol and the White House.

The skills that will help me in DC are worthless in L.A. My background is in political strategy (i.e. The California Encyclicals), Policy studies (Ask me about Appropriations), Event Fundraising (what I did back in NYC), Public Relations (No more shameless self-promoter than I), and Congressional Rules.

So, I am re-setting the clock. First, I need to make a "small jump" within LA before I move. Sorry, personal reasons here. Also, I have to stay local to see my sister's marriage. (Yay!)

But, if you work in the Beltway and in the same political party and wish to see my Resume, send me an email. Until then, keep reading.


  1. I misread your post title for a moment and was wondering when you were going to get to talking about the Black Cat. That's one place I definitely miss in DC.

  2. Jason,

    In Adams Morgan, my favorite place was Club Heaven and Hell. Bar on the bottom, jazz in the middle and a cool bar on top.

    Did you have a favorite restarent in DC?

  3. I've been to Hell a bunch of times, but never went upstairs. Black Cat is on 14th and a great music venue.

    There are so many great restaurants in DC, so it's hard to pick just one favorite. I really loved Fio's. It was a family-run extremely authentic Italian place on the ground floor of the apartment building I lived in (The Woodner - way up 16th St past Mt. Pleasant) but people came from all over the city to eat there. They wound up having to close over a rent dispute. Their cousins own AV Restaurant which if I recall correctly is on NY near 13th or 14th NW, and they say Scalia eats there regularly.


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