Monday, September 10, 2007

Three Coins flipping

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What an interesting week. First, words from Osama Bin Laden [OBL] -- that was the first coin.

Then, before General Petreaus' testimony before Congress, places an ad in the "A" section of the New York Times. This is before the General spoke.

Today, for three hours, General Petreaus gave his report before the House Armed Services Committee. That is the second coin.

The third coin flying is Iraq.
For anyone to say that OBL is a Republican supporter is laughable. Let's go over the views he mentions:

Republican issues
Lower taxes

Democratic issues
Global warming (Al Gore is not a Republican)
Supports the US leaving Iraq
Noam Chomsky (so does Hugo Chavez and the Heathlander)
Does not believe in Democracy overseas
Fights Corporate Power
A week before, Senator Schumer, slammed US troops as a way of attacking President Bush. He threw another coin up in the air; the Democrats' coin. In this Blog, we have discussed how the modern Democratic party believes in Nixonian Realism in foreign policy. I have yet to hear the answer on how leaving behind a failed state or a dictatorship in Iraq helps the War on terror. Anyone? overplayed their hand -- complain about the General after he speaks, not before. OBL allies with Democrats because they both hate President Bush. And General Petreaus acted like an adult and gave the picture of Iraq. Not perfect, but again I ask, would the Democrats want to leave behind a failed state or a dictatorship?

Once upon a time, Senator Vandenburg, said in dealing with the intellectually challanged President Harry Truman: Politics stops at the Waters Edge. The coins are in the air, do the Democrats want their coin to land with OBL's?


  1. I REALLY hate it when I have to agree with bin Laden on anything. If he would drop the religiousity and run for office instead of killing people, I'd vote for him over Bush.

  2. Anonymous10:02 PM PDT


    Thought this news might be of some interest to your readers:

    NEW TV ad coming out on Monday Sept 17th...basically calling President Bush a traitor.

    Catch it here: TV Ad

    For General David Betray Us fans or not:
    General David Betray Us

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hey darling, shana tova :). I think you make an interesting point about the way society works or doesn't work as it relates to Iraq. Pakistan is having similar issues now it seems. Failed states or dictatorships seem to be cropping up everywhere. None of these things are good for the region, or for the US security interests. I think that bin laden is crazy, but we as Americans need to look a little bit harder at the way we interact with the world and the world with us.

  4. Jason said I'd vote for him over Bush.
    Are you for real?

  5. Anonymous what's the 'Betray us' all about? Seriously I don't get it. The only people Petraeus has 'betrayed' are the idiot Democrats who would prefer we were annihilated in Iraq and at home.
    You people are seriously evil to the core.
    JSF, your blog is overrun with the dark side.

  6. Aurora, way to take out my disclaimer. Here's a list of people who I would vote for over Bush:
    Charles Manson
    Marilyn Manson
    The Son of Sam
    Paris Hilton
    Some alcoholic bum on the sidewalk
    Howard Stern and any member of his wack pack (except for the klansman or the Phelps family - otherwise Gary the Retard, Wendy the Retard, Jeff the Vomit Guy, Bigfoot, Beetlejuice, Debbie the Queefer, Will the Farter, John the Stutterer, High Pitch Eric, Eric the Midget, Henry Hill, Crackhead Bob and the rest of them would all be a better choice to run our government than the bunch of criminals in there now).

  7. Jason, I'm sure glad you cleared that up. A genocidal, mass murderer who would impose sharia law on Americans might be a nice fun change as leader of the free world, but, then again it might get old once the Islamic thought police found you with a can of beer in the fridge and hauled your butt out for a public flogging.
    It sure is nice having a serious discussion with you Lefties. You really know how to view the forest amongst the trees.

  8. But quite a cute, amusing little list you've managed to compile there, Jason. What you lack in political acumen you make up for with your wit. ;)

  9. Face it Aurora, you just love fighting with me. You can't resist. What part of "drop the religiousity and run for office instead of killing people" isn't getting past that wall of far right bias? I hate any theocracy whether it be Muslim, Christian or what have you. And I'm no fan of using mass murder to get things done either. It's a damn shame that a theocratic mass murdering piece of shit like bin Laden is better on some of the issues than Bush. And probably smarter too.

  10. Jason, what you would really like is a murderous, secularist regime like Communist China (which has killed tens of millions since its inception) or even better, North Korea. You could also have that excellent little socialist experiment Sweden which has a dropping GDP, a rising crime rate and pure leftist idiocy in the schools. (For example, one school forced the little boys to wear dresses to school for a week as a Feminist/Marxist experiment). Oh yes, Left is the way to go. I wonder what the current Left Utopia looks like as all the past models have failed. Perhaps, as Hillary supports, a one world Marxist style government. No opposition at all. You'd never have to hear a Conservative voice again. We'll be silenced by the thought police if Hillary has her way. (And yes, she did say she supports global Federalism back at a public event for Walter Cronkite in the 90s).

  11. Aurora, you're putting me to sleep with your blathering. Let's talk about something interesting for once. Have you seen Superbad?


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