Sunday, September 23, 2007

Welcome. Music. Doctor Who.

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It's been a while since I introduced new Links to the Valley. Before I begin, enjoy some music from my friend Jon Winquist (whose band, The Trophy Wive$ is playing the Viper Room on 9/25). Now, the new links:

A) On Holy Sarcasm, a twist of political humor and shallow Hollywood stars. Very good for a laugh or a thought.

B) Visiting Liberty Just in Case is a trip to a clearinghouse of Republican Blogs, ideas and ideals. They call shenanigans when the GOP loses its way and the Democrats go over the line. This is a Blog I visit regularly and enjoy (and agree) with the posts there.

C) Here is a pure discussion Website: Argue with Everyone Forum. It is what it says; Get involved and argue for your views.

D) Armon Israel is a blog done by my old friend from DC (now living in Michigan, soon to be moving). A Pro-Israel Blog to counter the Anti-Israel diatribes out on the Daily Kos. I'll call you this week.

Now, some Blogs of note that are worth a visit:

E) Jason, filmmaker, musician and Blogger, writes at Washington Interns Gone Bad. He comments at the Valley and represents the Left Leaning side of the Blogosphere. If you are in Senator Reid's or Speaker Pelosi's office, read this Blog.

F) Aurora is an Australian-American Blogger who runs a group Blog at The Midnight Sun. She battles Jason here at the Valley and the Left Down Under. Toughness, with some Aussie humor.
G) Chessnovice writes like a Grandmaster and discusses Politics, Chess and Life at Shades of Grey and Black; he is also a friend of Malcot at Armon Israel. Chess is also a major commenter in the Valley. These latter four Bloggers I'm pleased to call friends.

I am pleased to introduce all these Blogs to the Valley. Welcome!

Now, I am a Doctor Who fan from the Tom Baker days. In these new seasons, old enemies and characters are returning. This segment is where the Doctor is talking with his Arch-enemy, who has taken the name Harold Saxon -- Saxon's real identity is The Doctor's equal and opposite. Oh, and Saxon is the newly elected Prime Minister of England. This is from the episode "The Sound of Drums," Enjoy the phone call.

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  1. JSF, thanks for the kind words, though while I am a leftist blogger I don't represent anybody other than myself.

    I keep hearing good things about this new Dr. Who. I may have to tune in and see what they're able to do now that they actually have a decent budget.


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