Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Democrats, in lockstep

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I keep hearing from Democrats how all Republicans think the same, how Republicans vote in lockstep. Wrong.

History tells us (again and again), any scandalized (congressional and Presidential) Republican end up being shamed by their own party and asked to leave. The best example is Senator Goldwater (R-AZ) going to President Nixon in July 1974. Sen. Goldwater told President Nixon that there were no Republican votes to stop impeachment. Days later, President Nixon resigned.

Had there been a Democratic Senator in the early 90's to tell President Clinton, "There are no Democratic party votes to stop the impeachment on perjury," Then we might be talking about how the field was open because 2004 was the final term of President Gore.(Sorry, but the power of incumbency for the position of President is very high.) But, no Democratic politician under any circumstances ever asks for another Democratic politician to resign.

Now, thanks to the highlight from Althouse, the Goyim Shiksa's of Firedoglake are enforcing the rule that all Democrats must march in lockstep. (Remember these same people kicked Senator Lieberman out of the Democratic Party) First Moveon went after Representative Brian Baird because he went to Iraq and had a different view upon his return. Than Moveon attacks General Petraus before he spoke. Now, Jane Hamsher says "No Democrat can criticize any other Democrat under any circumstances,"

Daily Kos, Moveon and Firedoglake are the first wave of SA's across the Democratic Party. When they take over the power of the State, these same groups will tell others that if they oppose them, "It is Hate Speech," And the door is open for prosecuting those that do not love Big Brother.


  1. Anonymous3:33 AM PDT

    SA's. Really? That's a pretty strong thing to write. A lot of us don't agree with MoveOn etc., and won't abide their tactics. But they are hardly the brown shirts. Geez.

  2. JSF, I like you. But I am really getting bored with the same old same old stuff over and over again.

  3. Jason,

    The last post was a theory, than Jane Hamsher posts on how "Democrats are not supposed to criticize democrats." This proves my point. If you don't believe me, ask that University of Florida kid who was tasered for asking a question of Senator Kerry (D-MA).


    I'm glad you disagree w/Moveon but the fact that you can't post your name shows how much fear Moveon has installed in the Democrats who do not support them or their views.


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