Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cui Bono, again.

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Last year, when no one was watching, I wrote this post about who was going to succeed as the dollar falls. Their was only one name on the list. A currency trader whose background had him affect the British and Asian Economies to his benefit. A currency trader whose primary mission is to attack Conservatives (in the UK) and Republicans (in the US); Yet the (American) Democratic party is his supplicant.

What do the Conservatives (UK) and the Republicans know about George Soros that the Democrats ignore?

As the American Dollar continues to fall, again I ask, Cui Bono? Who benefits from the situation? After all, it is Soros' JOB to make money from falling economies. Has he ever benefited from a stable economy?

I argued last year that Soros doesn't hate President Bush for his political views, but his Economic ones. Does anyone know how much Soros will make if the US Economy has another crisis of confidence?

If the Democrats have a Trifecta next November, how much say will Soros have in Economic and US Federal Reserve policy?


  1. I'm against big money buying its way past the will of the people in our government. But if that's going to be the way the game is played, I'd much rather somebody like Soros have more sway than the current crop of corporate bloodsuckers.

    Of course if you don't want one side having too much vested financial interest in our political system, the solution is that no side be allowed to buy into the system. And the solution a series of heavy overhauls on campaign finance. McCain-Fiengold doesn't even begin to scratch the surface.

  2. Jason,

    But with Soros, the Democrats are getting something in exchange for his money. I tried here (and earlier) to discuss that thought.

    Since the begining of Democracy, there have been different theories on how to keep money out of politics -- Every time I hear "reform", I look at my watch. People in power don't change. The means will always be money.

    However, do you trust Soros with the Democratic Party? What will happen when his bill comes due?

  3. JSF, I don't trust anybody. It's all about who I distrust the least. And the only people who I trust less than republicans and corporations are religious extremists. So yes, given our current puppets in government and their puppet masters, I would say that democrats, as maddeningly wussilly wishy-washy as they are, and with or without George Soros pulling the strings, they couldn't do any worse when it comes to policies that affect me, my family and my wallet. And that's really what it all boils down to.

    I go between truly believing that someday we can fix this broken system of ours and giving up all hope of ever having a government to be proud of all the time.


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