Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fisking 60 Minutes 9/26/10 Edition

To test any theory, you follow the Scientific Method. 
If you remember your Junior High School Science, the Scientific method works this way:
Now, here is what I am considering with 60 Minutes:
1. Does 60 Minutes produce stories sympathetic to Democratic Partisans?
2. They do.  A week by week inventory of the 43rd season's stories will prove that democrats get treated better the Republicans; Whether individuals or issues.
3.  And here we are!
Now let's start:
Story 1)  A Relentless Enemy -- Lara Logan discuses the effects of battle on the US Soldiers in Afghanistan. 
Lara Logan focuses on what's going on the ground, but who is in charge of the mission? Commander in Chief President Obama.  Even though Bob Woodward's book questions Obama's loyalty to the mission of Afghanistan, Ms. Logan does not.  Ask yourself, who is the real journalist? Hint: Not Ms. Logan.
This story was designed to protect President Obama's flank in Afghanistan
The answer is yes.
Story 2) The People Behind the Mosque --  Scott Pelley talks about the Battle of the Ground Zero Mosque. 
As I have said earlier, Pamela Geller is my friend; Scott Pelley took President Obama's side, against my friend.  Here is Pamela Geller's responce.
If the Producers of 60 Minutes were smart, they would hire Pamela Geller to be the interviewer not the interviewee. And they would pay her at least eight figures before the decimal point per year.  But that would require this hypothosis to be proven false. 
Again, the answer is 60 Minutes shills for Democratic partisans. 
Story 3) Super Bowl MVP Brees -- Steve Kroft highlights New Orleans saints QB Brees. 
This story is another way to attack President Bush over Hurricane Katrina (yet silence over Obama's vacations and the BP spill). 
And tonight, 60 Minutes is 3 - 0 for supporting Democrats.
Read more next week. 
My question; If the hypothesis proves true, should the GOP Congress fine CBS news for an in-kind contribution to the Democrats?
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Blogging through the (Computer) Virus

I've been complimented on my writing a few times today; And the opinion is that, no matter how bad the Computer Virus is now, keep writing.

If you want to contribute to fixing one Compter, hit the Tip jar for $80.00; If you want to Contribute to fixing two Compters, please hit the Tip Jar for $300. 

And now, fighting against the Virus,  Matrix style:

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

No Doctor Who Post Tonight -- Computer Needs Fixing

As the title says, since my email was hacked, the Desktop is having problems upon problems (The Laptop needs upgrading, so I cannot even bring it outside yet).

Later this week, I am bringing the Desktop to Best Buy Geek Squad.  

If you want me to go back to writing sooner, please hit my Tip jar for $80.00 (Fix + tax).  If you want me to write well on both Computers, the price is $300. (Fix Desktop + Upgrade Laptop  and Fix Email +tax)

Thank you in advance for any help. 

Tomorrow's post (before I shut down the Blog to fix the computer) will be about rates for writing, speaking and consulting.  

Here is a video about another Computer that failed:

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Change in Program

The post about rates will published Sunday.
Tonight, a policy post. 

The Desktop I'm on is hit with a lot of error messages and computer issues. 

I will be taking it in to Best Buy's  geek squad this week. If you want me to get back to writing sooner, please hit the Tip Jar  for $80.00 (Fix + Tax).  Thank you.

Enjoy the video:

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Honor, Politics and Friendship

I've had a busy few days, the rates for writing pieces,, the Blogroll and candidates can wait a day.

My friend Lynne (the dreaded Red Sox fan/joke :} )  needed an ear today and help tomorrow.  She is my friend, I am there.  An ex-Girlfriend called me today and told me her situation.  I was please to support her (and her husband) too.  And l will defend my family because I have been blessed with them. 

Earlier in my Blog, I defended my friend Alexandra Chartier and her Dad, Jack Chartier (and by default, Alan Hevesi) from the New York Post.  Alex's dad introduced me to politics and I think she is one of the coolest people I know.   The kicker: Her dad and his former boss were very high level Democrats in new York City and State. 

Politics, which is something I've been involved at one level or another since I was 15, is a business that you cannot succeed in without a touch of idealism and pragmatism

Politics is about coalitions.  On the Hill, if you want a bill passed, you need to convince others that your bill is important to them.  There is negotiations and debate, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.  In the campaign side, things get thrown back and forth.  But guess what? After a Primary, after a General, when the voters choose a champion (even if you don't like that champion), everyone kisses and makes up. 

My personal view of politics is that we are facing other Americans with different visions of Utopia.  The Left believes more Government will mean more people will be satisfied.  We on the Right believe commerce will save the country.  I believe in Democracy Overseas means more peace.  I believed that when I was a Liberal Democrat in New York City protesting Bush pere; I believed it twelve years later when Bush fils when into Iraq. 

Honor is about believing in something and sticking by your beliefs.  I also believe once I get a full time job (or get paid very well as a Blogger -- To be Continued), then I can work on settling down, then after I get married, I want to give my Mom grand kids.  That's my order, I'm not telling anyone else to do it, but it does help.

If you;'re smart and reading this so far, you can guess another of my rules:

I stick up for my friends

There is no asterisk; There is no fine print; There are only those six words.

If you are a friend (or girlfriend) who are not involved with politics, live your life the way you believe.  I don't judge.  You can be anywhere politically and if you are my friend, I will support you in your endevors.  

But, and here again when honor comes into play, when you venture onto territory that I have worked on since I was 15, be careful who you insult.  I have friends all over who have been Emmanuel Goldsteined, I know them as human beings who are working in the same mission (with their own visions of Utopia) as I am. 

Read those six words in Red again. 

Doug, who I mentioned in the Tarkin post, said offhandedly, that my friend Rich from Three Beers Later, who protests in support of Republicans and the troops is a "racist," Doug said he engaged with him before and thought it so. 

I know Rich and I know Doug -- neither are racists. 

However, Doug in all my engagements with him, scares me as a partisan.  If more people had his attitude, America would be in another civil war.

What is his attitude?
Democrats in Congress should be in power forever and ever. Conservatives, Republicans and tea Partiers should shut up.  If you are not a social Conservative, you can be smeared with knowing them (Emmanuel Goldstein again).  If you are not a Liberal, you are a racist, misogynistic, homophobe who should die.  If the public does something with he disagrees with, they should not be allowed to vote.  If the public does something he agrees with, the voting public is smart, great and wonderful.  Every Conservative or tea partier is an evil person who does not deserve to be supported by other Americans.  It's fine to wish death on Republican officials, but G-d forbid you dissent under Democratic ones. We on the Right are the true enemy of America. 

None of these are quotes, it's what I learned from engaging with him on Facebook. He will never come out and say these things, but in my last engagement, I am worried.

Re-read those six words in red again.

Doug attacked Rich.  I defended Doug last week, I defend Rich this week.  Everyone is treated the same by me. 

Before I engaged this morning, I sent him an email talking off politics trying to re-affirm friendship.  Then I went and engaged his wall (where he attacked Rich). 

Today, Doug chose to attack first. Let me repeat: He chose to attack first

Again, as a partisan I look upon as Democrats as opponents.  I would not cheer any Foreign Dictator who wishes ill upon him.  I am an American first.  During the Bush years, that rule was suspended by the Left. 
There is no needle threading.  There is no asterisks.  Against a Foreign Dictator, support the American first.  Doug was fine with Ahmadinijad's attack on Bush.

Whisky Tango Foxtrot?!?!?

During campaigns things do get heated, but when it's over.  Both parties go back to their corners and start again.  One side in Power, one side in opposition.  To deny either is to deny the American system. 

I respect people who have their beliefs.  I respect people who respect my beliefs. And I respect people who have consistency in their beliefs.  If you cannot build coalitions, you cannot win politically or in policy. 

Hating other Americans does not get you a "win,"  No one on the Right has ever forgotten how Bush was treated, and to deny it or treat it lightly (as the Democrats, all currently running things in 09 -10 did) brought out the anger in the Tea parties. 

My question, if people like Doug think we on the Right (in all forms) are the "True Enemy of America," is it worth debating or answering his questions? Why should someone who denies the humanity of Political opponents be allowed to insult other friends, even offhandedly?

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Doctor Who Double Feature II: Amy's Choice and The Lodger

As I will have a busy week working on the empty sidebar --->

Let's watch two interesting Doctor Who's from this current season, the great Matt Smith.

Tomorrow night, I will be putting up rates for posts, inspired by DaTechGuy's rates.  I am currently a full time Blogger and partisan, there are ways to alleviate the pain while I am on the quest for the Dream and day job.

Presently, I will be working on putting together a rally for my candidate friends in North Hollywood.  As always, the Gonzo Journalist Robert Stacy Mc Cain is helping with the project.   I will write the proposal tomorrow. 

So, busy week ahead.  Now let's enjoy some Who.

Amy's Choice is a great character driven piece with Toby Jones snarking as the Dream Lord.  He gets some of the funniest lines in this episode.  The mystery is, who is the Dream Lord?  Which world is real? Upper Leadworth with a pregnent Amy Pond and Dr. Rory? Or the freezing TARDIS?

And the funniest line? "If you had any more tawdry quirks, you'd open a tawdry quirk shop!" 

Enjoy Amy's Choice!

The Second episode tonight is The Lodger.  Imagine the Doctor trying to integrate to day to day life.  It's funny and quaint.  A love story and emotional growth here (Let's all say "awwww,")

Enjoy The Lodger!

Funniest lines?

Doctor: All I have to do is fit in like an ordinary human being....
Amy Pond: Have you seen you?
Doctor: So you're just going to be snide and give no helpful hints?
Amy Pond:  Here's one.  Bow tie -- GET RID! 

And the question for tonight: Is history made because of Great Events or Great Men and Women? Tell me why.

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Blogrolling is Dying and Blog Explosion is Dead -- The only way to be a good Blogger is be a Good Blogger

As of tonight, I had to clean out the sidebar. 

First I heard from Rich from Three Beers Later that there was a problem with the Valley.  Then, I followed the problem to the Jawa Report.  It was traced back to the Blog Rolling site itself.

Here is what was written at Jawa:

Some malware detection algorithms don't like the way Blogrolling links your site and the sites in your blogroll. If the OTHER site has malware on it, Blogrolling gets caught in the middle and gets flagged. Sometimes YOUR blog may be labelled as suspicious, depending on the algorithm.

Because we're now finally in the process of shutting down Blogrolling we won't be working on a fix for this. If you still have the widget code on your site, you should remove it now.
Best of luck and sorry for the hassle.

So, right now I am re-doing my Blog roll under Blogger itself.  I sent the list to my email it might take me a bit to finish, but I will do it from A to Z (Email me if you want on the Blogger list).

Also on the sidebar will be a list of California candidates (and a link to give donations), the top of the ticket to the State Assembly and Senate, and of course the federal races.  All Congressional and below are located within Los Angeles or San Diego. Volunteer or donate.  This election counts.

Now, Blogexplosion. 

Because of BlogExplosion, I met Jason Buckley, Aurora (no link) and Octobia.  For about 6 months, I was unable to "surf" the blogs.  No one seemed to answer my calls for "help," so it goes the way of the dodo bird. 

It will be mourned. 

For your quick enjoyment, here are ways to be a great Blogger (Don't worry, the Doctor Who post is coming up later):

1) Write what you are passionate about, the audience will follow.   If you like robots, the technological singularity, fashion or Hollywood, write about it.  '

2)   Network with other Bloggers.  This is very important.  If you want to be linked, link to others.  If you want to be friends with Bloggers, email them.  Find local bloggers to eat and drink with and compare notes.  get to know national Bloggers and be sure to support them when they are in your town.

3)  Be interesting.  If 20 people are writing about the subject of the day, find something to make your Blog stand out.  Find your voice as a writer and it will flow.

4) Tell a Story.  When you write, have a beginning, middle and end.  To help with your storytelling, read an early edition of Strunk and White's Elements of Style. 

5) Read Robert Mc Cain's rules of Blogging.  Follow the link.

6)  If you know full time Bloggers, hit their Tip jar. 

7)  Videos or pictures also help tell the storyYouTube is your friend.  So is your digital camara.  Here's a video to close out;

See you in the Blogosphere!

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Fighting the Empire, Part Two: Defeating the Tarkin Doctrine (Conservatives vs. Leftists)

I have two good friends, both are sci-fi geeks and Goths like me. 

With my friend Ron (Go Blue Devils!), we discuss the obscure details of Star Wars; One thing we are talking about (usually on the terrace at RUIN) is the Tarkin Doctrine.  (Start at 2:42)

My friend Doug is a cool guy.  He knows a lot about the music industry, he's also a Goth and he is a Whovian.  Trust me, comparing Doctors and episodes is a cool thing, he even met Louise Jameson (Leela) in real life.  So, I give him a lot of slack.

However, when it comes to politics, he is a perfect example of the Tarkin Doctrine going on today.  I look upon Democrats as opponents; Some election seasons and areas you win against them, and sometimes you don't.  That is a partisan.

Doug looks upon the Right (all versions) as the Enemy.  Sorry but true.  It makes conversations hard.  When I debated with Jason Buckley during one of the earlier iterations of the valley, he argued from the point of view from a partisan.  It would go back and forth, and I still think him a good guy (see his band Ichobad Bardo in the Bay Area!).  With Doug, he never sees where the errors come from, as do most people on the Left who are ideologues.  An ideologue always wants to be right and never understands the other side.  That's why I'm a partisan.

Let me show you how Leftists use the Tarkin Doctrine:

1)  "The people are confused when they vote for the Right,"  Let's take issue of Prop 8 here in California.  I voted against it for Conservative reasons.  It didn't pass because more people voted for it.  Liberals, instead of sending it for another vote and convincing the public, sent it through the courts.  Like Abortion.  I trust the voters and Legislatures more then the judges.  Judges are supposed to define the laws already passed, not create them.  If the voters don't do what you want, convince them.  The Left has a problem with this.  Gay Patriot has the same view

2)  "All Conservatives/Republicans/Tea Partiers are crazy/evil/stupid,"  As anyone who understands Soviet history, calling your opponent crazy is one of the best ways Stalin sent people away.  The same tactic in America is disgusting.  Again, think opponents, not enemies.  For a party and a world view that screams "Tolerance!", by not showing the same open mind before, during and after a campaign (See Democrats need an Emmanuel Goldstein post -- re-read to understand.  Orwell was right about INGSOC, I mean Democrats). Whomever the Democrats hate, my friend Doug joins in and thinks he is original.  As someone who works with, supports, and is friends with many people who are Conservatives, Republicans and tea partiers, can I say those doing the stereotyping need to look in a mirror before they call us names

3) "All Conservative/Republican/Tea Party Women are Nuts or sluts,"  This was the same tactic used by Clinton Administration against their accusers of Sexual harassment, NOW joined in.  (But NOW made sure Senator Packwood (R-OR) was thrown out over the same charges -- the word hypocrisy rings true here). It is the same tactic used against Rep. Michele Bachmann; the same tactic used against Christine O'Donnell, and, of course, ad inifitium, against Former Governor Sarah Palin.  For a party that supports choice, they don't support women who don't support them.

4) "The Conservatives/Republicans/Tea Partiers are racists/misogynists/etc. et. al,". For the Left, especially my friend Doug, this election cycle, read this:

Michael Ramirez
Yeah, you can say that about the Right -- but during earlier iterations of the Valley, I kept on pointing out Leftist Anti-semitism and no one on the Left stood up and said it was wrong.  During the Bush fils years, Leftists were making allies of Ahmadijad, President of a country that remains in the 12th Century.  Again, this is a debate tactic used to shut up debate.  See "Guilt by Association," tactic as well.  And since the Left allied themselves with Ahmadinijad, they are true misogynists and gay haters.  Who would ally themselves with Ahamadinijad?  Code Pink for one. 

5) "No matter the corruption or crimes of a Democrat in office, Conservatives/republicans/tea Partiers are always worse,"  When Speaker Pelosi took over the House, she talked of cleaning the swampLook at how many Democrats are in trouble.  But even if a Democratic member is corrupt or shows personal hypocrisy (Sen. John Edwards, anyone?), I never hear a Liberal say, "That was wrong," Instead, the line of attack is "Well, see #'s 2, 3, 4, 5"   And one more thing, only Democrats can think that 5 - 6% unemployment under the Bush Administration is worse then 10% or more during the Obama Administration.  Is this new math?

I have a saying, "When leftists become Liberals again, then we compromise,"  The hatred spewed at our people 24-7 means we don't back down and we on the Right treat them as they treat us.

For compromise to happen even again, Democrats activists at all levels should read that Right Wing nut, Speaker Tip O'Neill's book, All Politics is LocalHis book and his success was due to the fact he treated Republicans like opponents not enemies. 

And Doug, my friend, all Conservatives/Republicans/tea partiers believe in a "Leave us alone," coalition.  Not all Conservatives are Social Conservatives, and I have yet to meet anyone in my political sphere who wants to shut down my enjoyment of the Goth sceneOnly the Democratically run Los Angeles City Council can do that. 

My question, to the Left this time: When will you give up the Tarkin Doctrine in dealing with Americans who disagree with you? What do you gain by hating them?

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fighting the Empire, Part One: The Sleeper Awakes (Tea Party v. Establishment GOP)

The rise of Delaware Republican candidate Christine O'Donnell, AK Senate candidate Joe Miller and MA Senator Scott Brown shows how the establishment GOP has lost it's way. 

This post is for my friends and candidates who are working this election cycle, Democrats will feel the heat in the next post.

I am a sci-fi and political geek; The story of the Fremens taking the power from Padishiah Emperor Shaddam IV ties into how the Tea Party (and local activists) can fight the establishment GOP. 

Mattie Fein (no relation) starts the discussion here

The Fremen of Dune were under the hands of the Harkonnans, before and after the Atriedies arrived on Arrakis.  They used guerrilla warfare until Paul "Maud'dib" Atriedies came in. 

But we in the Tea Party (i.e. Fiscal Conservatives)  who are fighting the establishment Republicans (Dan Foster and Karl Rove to name two) must use both guerrilla warfare and the power of monies and new media. 


"Congressional Campaign Committee:  Partisan unit working to promote the re-election of sitting party members and the election of new ones. The first Congressional Campaign Committee was created by Radical Republicans who did not trust the National Committee of the Party. "(Emphasis mine)

If the Tea Party and local activists want to win, set up mirror organizations of the National Party in 50 States.  The point of elections is that "The people speak,"  If the Tea Parties (again, Fiscal Conservatives) want to be heard before and after elections, build a financial and farm team network.  This even goes to the local activists who feel slighted.

How do you build said network?

Start funding the most local level of all: City Councils, Mayoral races and State Assembly and State Senate candidates, they are our future.  These are the future warriors against the Sardukars [Establishment candidates].  In your town, city or county, have a Tea Party PAC ready to fund your local candidates (See Pasadena, California).

And every candidate that rises, they can teach future candidates how to win and how to govern.

And who is our Maud'dib?  Former Governor Palin.  Because she stakes her endorsements early, she has ridden the sandworms of events. 

Yet Former Governor Romney thinks he has a chance.  He does not try to ride the worm, he waits for others and waits till it's safe.   Mitt Romney is the Baron

That is why he will lose the 2012 Primary.  And if he runs, the general election too.

My question: How are the Tea Parties and local activists working together against the  Establishmentarian GOP's (i.e. Country club Republicans)?

For now, hear the words of Maud'dib!

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nine Years Hence

On the morning of September 11, 2001, New York City had a mayoral Primary race going on (where Alan Hevesi, Jack Chartier's [my friends father] boss, was running).  It was another morning for the Pentagon and those in Congress and the new White House.  Even though the Administration had a delay in having their people appointed (by the Election Overtime), life still moved forward. 

At 8:46 AM, the world shifted on its axis.  (Timeline here)

Anyone who reads books knows the lesson of "Foreshadowing,"  Bin Ladin and Al Queda made their message known in 1993 and throughout the multiple bombings in the 90's. 

No one knew what to expect on that Autumn Morning. And those who use the partisan attack "Bush knew," seem to forget that there was no detail on how the attacks were to happen or what Bush should have done.

Should President Bush have arrested every single Muslim on September 10th?  Those who protested against Gitmo would have surely raised a stink if President Bush did that.  The hypocrisy is that thick.

On the morning of the attacks, President Bush was in a school in Sarasota, Florida with Rep. Dan Miller (FL-13), the man whom I interned with during the beginning of the 104th Congress.  Again, the partisans who hated Bush would have attacked the former President whatever his actions.  No matter what he did, it how he did it, he would still have been attacked. 

Politics used to stop at the Water's edge; No longer.

Those who, nine years hence, ask for "unity and support," during this current Administration have forgotten their actions during the last one.  Don't ask if you cannot give, and if you couldn't give during the former Administration, don't be surprised that no one is giving alms today.

The GZM and the Koran burnings are the flip side of the same coin.  Remember when Theo van Gogh was killed? Remember the fire of the "Mohammad cartoons?"  Or "Draw a Mohammad day?"  Or South Park's creators being under attack for the  same issue?

During the last Administration, the talking class said whatever the Bush Administration did created more "terrorists,"  Looking at the examples above, anything is a provocation, so the arguement fails. 

No Koran burnings and no GZM is the only answer.  But tolerance is a two way street.  When there are multiple Minyans in Mecca and Israel is recognized, in toto, by the Arab League, then I will listen kindly on Islam's worries. 

As long as there are stonings, hangings, and "Honor killings,"  (all under Sharia Law), then I don't want Americans to ally with those whose thinking is not beyond  the 12th Century.

In the end, we can only pray that no more attacks occur.  But if everything we do is a provacation, then do anything you want. 

Nine years from today, I hope the Towers are built by Wall Street and Liberals re-learn how to love Americans of both political persuasions by the Waters edge. 

Your thoughts?

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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

In the Dark: The Worlds of Goths and Spies

[Sorry for the delay. Real life intervened. Also, L'shana Tovah!]

If it wasn't for my late father, I would not have an interest in either the Goth world or the Spy world. 

For the Spy World, my dad used to tell me of Codebreaking work he did for General Westmoreland in the Pentagon and in Saigon.  Then I found LeCarre's Smiley vs. Karla books and I was hooked.  And to me, the only James Bonds who were worth a damn were Sean Connery and Roger Moore.  (Diamonds are Forever and Octopussy are my favorites from the series).

My introduction to the Goth World occurred after my dad died and I was introduced to one of my best friends, Lynne.  I can forgive her being a Democrat, but I can't look past that she is a Boston Red Sox fan (Boo! Go Yankees!). /Joke :}

She took me to Bar Sinister after my dad died, and learned to love the scene.  Goths are very non-pretentious and intelligent (and dare I say to the Goth girls in the scene, very beautiful and smart)  Now I can be found at Ruin/Malediction -- Very Old School and enjoyable.  (and a BIG hat tip to my friend Ron. Go Blue Devils!)

Now, how do these Worlds meet?

Spies work in the shadows, whether engaging with Diplomats or sources, the men and woman of the Agencies (the Military Intelligences, the Agencies and The Agency) work without recognition.  When they feel supported by the Executive Branch (with budgeting from the Legislative), our men and women in the dark can save the world. 

Without our spies, other nations will take advantage of our foreign policy and leverage an invasion or an attack.  Does anyone remember the 90's (Both Bush I and mostly Clinton)? 

As Sun Tzu says:
"What is called 'foreknowledge' cannot be elicited from spirits, nor from G-ds, nor by analogy with past events, nor from calculations. It must be obtained from men who know the enemy situation,"
-- Sun Tzu, The Art of War, pg. 145

Now, here is my partisan rant (I hope you folks in the Outer Dark [Spies] are listening):

After the Democrats ran the Church Committee in the 70's, Liberals and Hollywood both made our Spies the Antagonists in the story rather then the protagonists for Our Country.  I hear the words from the Left that our spies, our military is important, but when it comes time for rhetoric, our men and women in the Outer Dark lose.  One agent who was based in Langley and exposed during the last administration is the only red Flag the Left has against the Right.   

Meanwhile, the Right can cite the many times the current President (It's Obama in 2010, not Bush fils) and current Speaker (Still Pelosi in 2010) have attacked our men and women in the Outer Dark.  Crickets from the media and Left.

What does Sun Tzu say about Goths?
"Go into emptiness, strike voids, bypass what he defends, hit him where he does not expect you,"
-- Sun Tzu, The Art of War, pg. 96

Goths dance and fall in love in the Dark. Their darkness is within (hence the term: Inner Dark), but they use the dark as their own.  Whether it is found in the fashion (Check out Lady of the Manners aka Jillian Venters twitter feed for fashion geekiness), the music (h/t DJ Amanda Jones and DJ Xian Vox) or just the people, Goths adapt to the "mundy," world as good as Spies adapt to their world. 

However, American Goths have something that American Spies do not have: A celebration. 

I'm sure you are asking Whisky Tango Foxtrot? What do you mean JSF?

Simple, in the late spring, a gathering of Goths end up in Disneyland and celebrate with music and enjoyment.  It is called: Bats Day at Fun Park.  Everyone ends up in Anaheim down in the OC and has a great time (this is from friends whom I have met at the clubs, I personally have not gone yet.  Once Pay Pal is ready, you can always help).

American Spies have spent the last half century as enemies in their own backyard.  No, no and no.  Our friends in the Outer Dark need our support. And the people in the Inner Dark, the Goths are a good, nice group of people.  When the clubs do charity, they help. Goths are very considerate people, the a*holes are few and far between. 

So here is my suggestion: American Spies should have a celebration for them.

Might I suggest the date of first American Spy Operation? December 16th, the day of the Boston Tea Party.  There can be a public celebration in schools and in the public of what spies do, and there should be a celebration in the White House with our retired Agents toasting there work in the Outer Dark.

In the darkness of Winter, our men and women in the Outer Dark should be celebrated.  The White House Diplomatic Room should be used every year, with members of the House and Senate Intelligence (and equivalent Appropriations) Committees in attendance.

Two questions, for those within the Intelligence Community: What would you consider a good way for Americans to say "Thank You?"   Would you ever consider meeting a Goth in his natural environment, a Los Angeles club?

For those outside the Intelligence Community: Do you stereotype Goths and/or Spies? What would you do to celebrate the men and women of the Outer dark?

 And a tune to tie both worlds together, enjoy!

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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Doctor Who Labor Day Double feature

If you're reading the Blog over the long end of summer weekend, here is something to enjoy.
Two (yes, TWO!) episodes from Doctor Who. 

Meanwhile, I am planning a rally with my friend Robert Mc Cain (And note his post about the hatred of Palin, Wife AND Husband -- I'll believe the Left is tolerant when they stop attacking them.).  Guess who I'm trying to bring to town?  Hint: It will be in Merlin Froyd's district (Donate!). 

The Goth and Spy post will be written on Monday night;

Tomorrow night I will be at Malediction, next Saturday at Ruin.  As always, if you want to meet and talk with the author of the Valley, find me there.  Wear your best black.

Now the first Doctor Who episode is called Inferno.  A story about the Third Doctor in an Alternate world, with the Brigadier now a Brigade Leader.

Enjoy Inferno!

The Second Doctor Who Episode is a Fifth Doctor story caslled Mardwyn Undead.  Here is an episode starring the Black Guardian and the Brig in retirement

Now enjoy Mardwyn Undead!

The debate question, if you dare: Why do the Leftists Hate Americans of differing politics so much? Speaker O'Neil and Presidents Truman, Kennedy and Johnson loved their fellow Americans even if they disagreed with them.  And hint: Don't blame those you hate, look within yourself and answer. 

Happy Labor Day!
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Friday, September 03, 2010

Why Fiorina Won last Night's Debate

I was among friends and allies at Galpin Ford to watch the debate between Fiorina and Senator "Ma'am" Boxer.  Now, as a partisan, of course I'm going to say Fiorina won, but watching the video (still unembeddable), you'll understand why. 
First, watch it here

Did you see the whole thing? Good! 

Here are some quotes that I enjoyed:

Fiorina: In the last 20 months alone, our unemployment rate has grown from 10.2% to 12.3%., 8 trillion to 13 trillion, on its way -- trillion, on its way to 20 trillion. Barbara Boxer may say she's fighting hard for Californians, but the truth is, she is fighting hard for another six years in Washington, DC.

Fiorina: . You know, Senator Boxer's last two answers are a perfect illustration of her rhetoric versus reality. Let's take a look at her record supporting men and women in uniform.; She voted against body armor. She voted against support for brain trauma and post traumatic stress syndrome; She voted against extended family leave for their familie --  And the vote she cast so upset Senator Joe Biden, he said, "This is a political vote. Nothing is worse," In that case, his son's life.

Fiorina:   The truth is, the small business bill she supported could have been a great bill, but they threw in there TARP jr., the opportunity for the federal government to take equity positions in community banks. We all know how well that worked out with TARP sr. It didn't work so well.  It didn't get credit flowing so well. As for this, we are playing political footsie with this.

Fiorina: And they have been fighting over who gets the money. And the vast majority of teachers won't be employed until 2012. And some of it may go to reducing the deficit.

 Mr Tim Tam, Oakland: Senator Boxer, you have been staying in the office three terms. Why don't you let other people try?

Fiorina: I think the Senator is right. We both need to run on our records. And I am proud to run on my record at Hewlett Packard. And I think the Senator must run on her record.

Fiorina: And the truth is, hear record is long on talk and very short on achievement. And the reason it is short on achievement is because she is one of the most bitterly partisan members of the US.Senate.  That is why, after 18 long years in the senate, 28 years , she only has four relatively insignificant bills with her name on them.  The truth is, her piece of legislation as the Chairman of Environment and Public Works, she could not shepherd that to a conclusion.  That bill was taken away from her and given to John Kerry because it was believed that he had a better chance of getting bipartisan support. I don't happen to support her cap and trade bill. It has been called the most expensive piece of regulation and legislation in US.History. But nevertheless, I think it's telling that her bitter partisanship prevented her from getting her top priority accomplished in the US Senate.

Fiorina: Her track record is very clear. And while our 88,000 farms here in California, most of them family owned, struggled with water, with a lack of water, Senator Boxer refused to lift a finger. As Chairwoman of Environment and Public Works, she could have put an amendment forward to waive a biological assessment to turn the water back on in our Central Valley. She refused. When a colleague put that amendment forward, she voted against it. When Senator Feinstein stepped forward to put an amendment on the table that would waive that assessment and provide needed water, she pressured her colleague to drop that amendment.

Fiorina: Here is the truth,  Central Valley struggles with record unemployment. They need water, And Senator Barbara Boxer, the Chairwoman of Environment and Public Works, has stood in their way. And she has over and over again refused to give them death tax relief.

(H/t Livedash for the quick transcript)

What did Senator Boxer say? Rhetoric. 

She couldn't (in a general election) say anything nice about Former President Bush and could not even be personable with the audience. 

Fiorina smiled and engaged with the audience at the debate and on TV.  The reason why people win elections is an x factor known as personaility.  If the voters feel you are talking AT them, or a you are a  know-it--all, say goodbye. 

Fiorina made her debate a conversation with the audience. 

I might be a partisan, but I recognize when opponents can win and have that x factor.  Boxer was a humorless scold and Fiorina, a fond Aunt.

Why will Fiorina win? Our activists in LA and across the State are fighting for her.  (Most activists I know are working harder for Fiorina then Whitman, again x factor).

My question: What did you think of the debate?  
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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Update and a Tune

I had a checkup earlier this week (yay!) and found out I suffer from High Blood Pressure (Boo!).

The docs prescribed me pills for the AM which knock me out while I am getting used to them.  Once I'm used to them, I'll be ready to go.

Two posts tonight, last nights Boxer-Fiorina debate and Goths and Spies.

Now, a great Blues tune done by Robert Pant and Jimmy Page, When the Levee Breaks:

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