Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fighting the Empire, Part One: The Sleeper Awakes (Tea Party v. Establishment GOP)

The rise of Delaware Republican candidate Christine O'Donnell, AK Senate candidate Joe Miller and MA Senator Scott Brown shows how the establishment GOP has lost it's way. 

This post is for my friends and candidates who are working this election cycle, Democrats will feel the heat in the next post.

I am a sci-fi and political geek; The story of the Fremens taking the power from Padishiah Emperor Shaddam IV ties into how the Tea Party (and local activists) can fight the establishment GOP. 

Mattie Fein (no relation) starts the discussion here

The Fremen of Dune were under the hands of the Harkonnans, before and after the Atriedies arrived on Arrakis.  They used guerrilla warfare until Paul "Maud'dib" Atriedies came in. 

But we in the Tea Party (i.e. Fiscal Conservatives)  who are fighting the establishment Republicans (Dan Foster and Karl Rove to name two) must use both guerrilla warfare and the power of monies and new media. 


"Congressional Campaign Committee:  Partisan unit working to promote the re-election of sitting party members and the election of new ones. The first Congressional Campaign Committee was created by Radical Republicans who did not trust the National Committee of the Party. "(Emphasis mine)

If the Tea Party and local activists want to win, set up mirror organizations of the National Party in 50 States.  The point of elections is that "The people speak,"  If the Tea Parties (again, Fiscal Conservatives) want to be heard before and after elections, build a financial and farm team network.  This even goes to the local activists who feel slighted.

How do you build said network?

Start funding the most local level of all: City Councils, Mayoral races and State Assembly and State Senate candidates, they are our future.  These are the future warriors against the Sardukars [Establishment candidates].  In your town, city or county, have a Tea Party PAC ready to fund your local candidates (See Pasadena, California).

And every candidate that rises, they can teach future candidates how to win and how to govern.

And who is our Maud'dib?  Former Governor Palin.  Because she stakes her endorsements early, she has ridden the sandworms of events. 

Yet Former Governor Romney thinks he has a chance.  He does not try to ride the worm, he waits for others and waits till it's safe.   Mitt Romney is the Baron

That is why he will lose the 2012 Primary.  And if he runs, the general election too.

My question: How are the Tea Parties and local activists working together against the  Establishmentarian GOP's (i.e. Country club Republicans)?

For now, hear the words of Maud'dib!

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