Saturday, September 04, 2010

Doctor Who Labor Day Double feature

If you're reading the Blog over the long end of summer weekend, here is something to enjoy.
Two (yes, TWO!) episodes from Doctor Who. 

Meanwhile, I am planning a rally with my friend Robert Mc Cain (And note his post about the hatred of Palin, Wife AND Husband -- I'll believe the Left is tolerant when they stop attacking them.).  Guess who I'm trying to bring to town?  Hint: It will be in Merlin Froyd's district (Donate!). 

The Goth and Spy post will be written on Monday night;

Tomorrow night I will be at Malediction, next Saturday at Ruin.  As always, if you want to meet and talk with the author of the Valley, find me there.  Wear your best black.

Now the first Doctor Who episode is called Inferno.  A story about the Third Doctor in an Alternate world, with the Brigadier now a Brigade Leader.

Enjoy Inferno!

The Second Doctor Who Episode is a Fifth Doctor story caslled Mardwyn Undead.  Here is an episode starring the Black Guardian and the Brig in retirement

Now enjoy Mardwyn Undead!

The debate question, if you dare: Why do the Leftists Hate Americans of differing politics so much? Speaker O'Neil and Presidents Truman, Kennedy and Johnson loved their fellow Americans even if they disagreed with them.  And hint: Don't blame those you hate, look within yourself and answer. 

Happy Labor Day!
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