Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Honor, Politics and Friendship

I've had a busy few days, the rates for writing pieces,, the Blogroll and candidates can wait a day.

My friend Lynne (the dreaded Red Sox fan/joke :} )  needed an ear today and help tomorrow.  She is my friend, I am there.  An ex-Girlfriend called me today and told me her situation.  I was please to support her (and her husband) too.  And l will defend my family because I have been blessed with them. 

Earlier in my Blog, I defended my friend Alexandra Chartier and her Dad, Jack Chartier (and by default, Alan Hevesi) from the New York Post.  Alex's dad introduced me to politics and I think she is one of the coolest people I know.   The kicker: Her dad and his former boss were very high level Democrats in new York City and State. 

Politics, which is something I've been involved at one level or another since I was 15, is a business that you cannot succeed in without a touch of idealism and pragmatism

Politics is about coalitions.  On the Hill, if you want a bill passed, you need to convince others that your bill is important to them.  There is negotiations and debate, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.  In the campaign side, things get thrown back and forth.  But guess what? After a Primary, after a General, when the voters choose a champion (even if you don't like that champion), everyone kisses and makes up. 

My personal view of politics is that we are facing other Americans with different visions of Utopia.  The Left believes more Government will mean more people will be satisfied.  We on the Right believe commerce will save the country.  I believe in Democracy Overseas means more peace.  I believed that when I was a Liberal Democrat in New York City protesting Bush pere; I believed it twelve years later when Bush fils when into Iraq. 

Honor is about believing in something and sticking by your beliefs.  I also believe once I get a full time job (or get paid very well as a Blogger -- To be Continued), then I can work on settling down, then after I get married, I want to give my Mom grand kids.  That's my order, I'm not telling anyone else to do it, but it does help.

If you;'re smart and reading this so far, you can guess another of my rules:

I stick up for my friends

There is no asterisk; There is no fine print; There are only those six words.

If you are a friend (or girlfriend) who are not involved with politics, live your life the way you believe.  I don't judge.  You can be anywhere politically and if you are my friend, I will support you in your endevors.  

But, and here again when honor comes into play, when you venture onto territory that I have worked on since I was 15, be careful who you insult.  I have friends all over who have been Emmanuel Goldsteined, I know them as human beings who are working in the same mission (with their own visions of Utopia) as I am. 

Read those six words in Red again. 

Doug, who I mentioned in the Tarkin post, said offhandedly, that my friend Rich from Three Beers Later, who protests in support of Republicans and the troops is a "racist," Doug said he engaged with him before and thought it so. 

I know Rich and I know Doug -- neither are racists. 

However, Doug in all my engagements with him, scares me as a partisan.  If more people had his attitude, America would be in another civil war.

What is his attitude?
Democrats in Congress should be in power forever and ever. Conservatives, Republicans and tea Partiers should shut up.  If you are not a social Conservative, you can be smeared with knowing them (Emmanuel Goldstein again).  If you are not a Liberal, you are a racist, misogynistic, homophobe who should die.  If the public does something with he disagrees with, they should not be allowed to vote.  If the public does something he agrees with, the voting public is smart, great and wonderful.  Every Conservative or tea partier is an evil person who does not deserve to be supported by other Americans.  It's fine to wish death on Republican officials, but G-d forbid you dissent under Democratic ones. We on the Right are the true enemy of America. 

None of these are quotes, it's what I learned from engaging with him on Facebook. He will never come out and say these things, but in my last engagement, I am worried.

Re-read those six words in red again.

Doug attacked Rich.  I defended Doug last week, I defend Rich this week.  Everyone is treated the same by me. 

Before I engaged this morning, I sent him an email talking off politics trying to re-affirm friendship.  Then I went and engaged his wall (where he attacked Rich). 

Today, Doug chose to attack first. Let me repeat: He chose to attack first

Again, as a partisan I look upon as Democrats as opponents.  I would not cheer any Foreign Dictator who wishes ill upon him.  I am an American first.  During the Bush years, that rule was suspended by the Left. 
There is no needle threading.  There is no asterisks.  Against a Foreign Dictator, support the American first.  Doug was fine with Ahmadinijad's attack on Bush.

Whisky Tango Foxtrot?!?!?

During campaigns things do get heated, but when it's over.  Both parties go back to their corners and start again.  One side in Power, one side in opposition.  To deny either is to deny the American system. 

I respect people who have their beliefs.  I respect people who respect my beliefs. And I respect people who have consistency in their beliefs.  If you cannot build coalitions, you cannot win politically or in policy. 

Hating other Americans does not get you a "win,"  No one on the Right has ever forgotten how Bush was treated, and to deny it or treat it lightly (as the Democrats, all currently running things in 09 -10 did) brought out the anger in the Tea parties. 

My question, if people like Doug think we on the Right (in all forms) are the "True Enemy of America," is it worth debating or answering his questions? Why should someone who denies the humanity of Political opponents be allowed to insult other friends, even offhandedly?

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