Wednesday, September 08, 2010

In the Dark: The Worlds of Goths and Spies

[Sorry for the delay. Real life intervened. Also, L'shana Tovah!]

If it wasn't for my late father, I would not have an interest in either the Goth world or the Spy world. 

For the Spy World, my dad used to tell me of Codebreaking work he did for General Westmoreland in the Pentagon and in Saigon.  Then I found LeCarre's Smiley vs. Karla books and I was hooked.  And to me, the only James Bonds who were worth a damn were Sean Connery and Roger Moore.  (Diamonds are Forever and Octopussy are my favorites from the series).

My introduction to the Goth World occurred after my dad died and I was introduced to one of my best friends, Lynne.  I can forgive her being a Democrat, but I can't look past that she is a Boston Red Sox fan (Boo! Go Yankees!). /Joke :}

She took me to Bar Sinister after my dad died, and learned to love the scene.  Goths are very non-pretentious and intelligent (and dare I say to the Goth girls in the scene, very beautiful and smart)  Now I can be found at Ruin/Malediction -- Very Old School and enjoyable.  (and a BIG hat tip to my friend Ron. Go Blue Devils!)

Now, how do these Worlds meet?

Spies work in the shadows, whether engaging with Diplomats or sources, the men and woman of the Agencies (the Military Intelligences, the Agencies and The Agency) work without recognition.  When they feel supported by the Executive Branch (with budgeting from the Legislative), our men and women in the dark can save the world. 

Without our spies, other nations will take advantage of our foreign policy and leverage an invasion or an attack.  Does anyone remember the 90's (Both Bush I and mostly Clinton)? 

As Sun Tzu says:
"What is called 'foreknowledge' cannot be elicited from spirits, nor from G-ds, nor by analogy with past events, nor from calculations. It must be obtained from men who know the enemy situation,"
-- Sun Tzu, The Art of War, pg. 145

Now, here is my partisan rant (I hope you folks in the Outer Dark [Spies] are listening):

After the Democrats ran the Church Committee in the 70's, Liberals and Hollywood both made our Spies the Antagonists in the story rather then the protagonists for Our Country.  I hear the words from the Left that our spies, our military is important, but when it comes time for rhetoric, our men and women in the Outer Dark lose.  One agent who was based in Langley and exposed during the last administration is the only red Flag the Left has against the Right.   

Meanwhile, the Right can cite the many times the current President (It's Obama in 2010, not Bush fils) and current Speaker (Still Pelosi in 2010) have attacked our men and women in the Outer Dark.  Crickets from the media and Left.

What does Sun Tzu say about Goths?
"Go into emptiness, strike voids, bypass what he defends, hit him where he does not expect you,"
-- Sun Tzu, The Art of War, pg. 96

Goths dance and fall in love in the Dark. Their darkness is within (hence the term: Inner Dark), but they use the dark as their own.  Whether it is found in the fashion (Check out Lady of the Manners aka Jillian Venters twitter feed for fashion geekiness), the music (h/t DJ Amanda Jones and DJ Xian Vox) or just the people, Goths adapt to the "mundy," world as good as Spies adapt to their world. 

However, American Goths have something that American Spies do not have: A celebration. 

I'm sure you are asking Whisky Tango Foxtrot? What do you mean JSF?

Simple, in the late spring, a gathering of Goths end up in Disneyland and celebrate with music and enjoyment.  It is called: Bats Day at Fun Park.  Everyone ends up in Anaheim down in the OC and has a great time (this is from friends whom I have met at the clubs, I personally have not gone yet.  Once Pay Pal is ready, you can always help).

American Spies have spent the last half century as enemies in their own backyard.  No, no and no.  Our friends in the Outer Dark need our support. And the people in the Inner Dark, the Goths are a good, nice group of people.  When the clubs do charity, they help. Goths are very considerate people, the a*holes are few and far between. 

So here is my suggestion: American Spies should have a celebration for them.

Might I suggest the date of first American Spy Operation? December 16th, the day of the Boston Tea Party.  There can be a public celebration in schools and in the public of what spies do, and there should be a celebration in the White House with our retired Agents toasting there work in the Outer Dark.

In the darkness of Winter, our men and women in the Outer Dark should be celebrated.  The White House Diplomatic Room should be used every year, with members of the House and Senate Intelligence (and equivalent Appropriations) Committees in attendance.

Two questions, for those within the Intelligence Community: What would you consider a good way for Americans to say "Thank You?"   Would you ever consider meeting a Goth in his natural environment, a Los Angeles club?

For those outside the Intelligence Community: Do you stereotype Goths and/or Spies? What would you do to celebrate the men and women of the Outer dark?

 And a tune to tie both worlds together, enjoy!

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